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31-Jul-2006Early multi-wavelength emission from gamma-ray bursts : from gamma-ray to X-rayO'Brien, Paul T.; Willingale, Richard; Osborne, Julian P.; Goad, Michael R.Journal Article
Jun-2002Magnetism in exposed and coated nanoclusters studied by dichroism in X-ray absorption and photoemissionBinns, C; Baker, SH; Edmonds, KW; Finetti, P; Maher, MJ; Louch, SC; Dhesi, SS; Brookes, NBJournal Article
Feb-2002Magnetism in fe nanoclusters - From isolated particles to nanostructured materialsBinns, C; Baker, SH; Maher, MJ; Louch, S; Thornton, SC; Edmonds, KW; Dhesi, SS; Brookes, NBJournal Article
Dec-2004Magnetisation dynamics of Fe nanoclusters exchange-coupled to magnetic substratesBinns, C; Baker, SH; Thornton, SC; Sirotti, F; Bellier, JD; Cruguel, H; Prieto, PJournal Article
11-Sep-2002Magnetically warped discs in close binariesMurray, JR; Chakrabarty, D; Wynn, GA; Kramer, LJournal Article
1-Mar-2001Mass estimates in short-period compact binariesKolb, U; King, AR; Baraffe, IJournal Article
1-Oct-2004Long time-scale variability in GRS 1915+105Truss, MR; Wynn, GAJournal Article
8-Aug-2008Magnetotail dipolarization and associated current systems observed by Cluster and Double StarVolwerk, M; Lui, ATY; Lester, M; Walsh, AP; Alexeev, I; Cao, X; Dunlop, MW; Fazakerley, AN; Grocott, A; Kistler, L; Lun, X; Mouikis, C; Pu, Z; Shen, C; Shi, JK; Taylor, MGGT; Baumjohann, W; Nakamura, R; Runov, A; Voeroes, Z; Zhang, TL; Takada, T; Reme, H; Klecker, B; Carr, CMJournal Article
31-Mar-2008Massive spin-1 gravity and the gravitational flux quantumBrandt, D; Raine, DJ; Fraser, GWJournal Article
2004Modeling the disruption of the globular cluster Palomar 5 by Galactic tidesDehnen, W; Odenkirchen, M; Grebel, EK; Rix, HWJournal Article