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1-Feb-2003Serendipitous active galactic nuclei in the XMM–Newton fields of Markarian 205 and QSO 0130−403Page, Kim L.; Turner, Martin J. L.; Reeves, J. N.; O'Brien, Paul T.; Sembay, S.Journal Article
Dec-2005XMM-Newton observations of the Lockman Hole IV: spectra of the brightest AGNMateos, S.; Barcons, X.; Carrera, F.J.; Ceballos, M.T.; Hasinger, G.; Lehmann, I.; Fabian, A.C.; Streblyanska, A.Article
Jul-2003Fe K emission and absorption features in XMM-Newton spectra of Markarian 766: evidence for reprocessing in flare ejectaPounds, Kenneth A.; Reeves, J.N.; Page, Kim L.; Wynn, Graham A.; O'Brien, Paul T.Article
Mar-2005XMM-Newton observations of the Lockman Hole. III. A relativistic Fe line in the mean X-ray spectra of type-1 and type-2 AGNStreblyanska, A.; Hasinger, G.; Finoguenov, A.; Barcons, X.; Mateos, S.; Fabian, A.C.Article
2005An XMM-Newton observation of Mkn 3 - a Seyfert galaxy just over the edgePounds, Kenneth A.; Page, Kim L.Article
Nov-2003A high-velocity ionized outflow and XUV photosphere in the narrow emission line quasar PG1211+143Pounds, Kenneth A.; Reeves, J. N.; King, Andrew R.; Page, Kim L.; O'Brien, Paul T.; Turner, Martin J. L.Article
May-2006X-ray reflection in the nearby Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 1068Pounds, Kenneth A.; Vaughan, Simon A.Article
Dec-2003Evidence of a high-velocity ionized outflow in a second narrow-line quasar PG 0844+349Pounds, Kenneth A.; King, Andrew R.; Page, Kim L.; O'Brien, Paul T.Article
1-Jan-2014Quasar broad absorption line variability measurements using reconstructions of unabsorbed spectraWildy, Conor; Goad, Michael R.; Allen, J. T.Journal Article
20-Jul-2009THE CHANDRA DEEP PROTOCLUSTER SURVEY: Ly alpha BLOBS ARE POWERED BY HEATING, NOT COOLINGGeach, JE; Alexander, DM; Lehmer, BD; Smail, I; Matsuda, Y; Chapman, SC; Scharf, CA; Ivison, RJ; Volonteri, M; Yamada, T; Blain, AW; Bower, RG; Bauer, FE; Basu-Zych, AJournal Article