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9-Jun-1997Discrete Visible Luminescence of Helium Atoms and Molecules Desorbing from Helium Clusters: The Role of Electronic, Vibrational, and Rotational Energy Transfer.von Haeften, Klaus; de Castro, A.R.B.; Joppien, M.; Moussavizadeh, L.; von Pietrowski, R.; Möller, ThomasArticle
28-May-1999Photochemistry with fast sample renewal using cluster beams: formation of rare-gas halides in charge-transfer reactions in NF3-doped rare-gas clustersMoussavizadeh, L.; von Haeften, Klaus; Museur, L.; Kanaev, A. V.; Castex, M. C.; von Pietrowski, R.; Möller, ThomasArticle
Dec-1999Photochemistry in rare gas clustersMöller, Thomas; von Haeften, Klaus; Laarmann, Tim; von Pietrowski, R.Article
Jun-1999Electronic structure and excited state dynamics of clusters: What can we learn from experiments with synchrotron radiation?Möller, Thomas; De Castro, A. R. B.; von Haeften, Klaus; Kolmakov, A.; Laarmann, Tim; Löfken, O.; Nowak, C.; Picucci, F.; Riedler, M.; Rienecker, C.; Wark, A.; Wolff, M.Article
May-1997Fluorescence excitation spectroscopy of Xenon doped Neon clusters: size and site effects, and cluster meltingvon Pietrowski, R.; Rutzen, M.; von Haeften, Klaus; Kakar, S.; Möller, ThomasArticle
1995Hundert Jahre drahtlose Telegrafievon Haeften, KlausArticle
May-1999Amplitude Reduction in EXAFS.Roy, Mervyn; Gurman, Steve J.Article
Apr-1997The amplitude reduction factor in EXAFS.Roy, Mervyn; Gurman, Steve J.; van Dorssen, G.Article
Aug-1996A morphological catalog of galaxies in the Hubble Deep FieldAbraham, RG; Ellis, RS; Tanvir, NR; Santiago, BX; Glazebrook, KG; Van Den Bergh SJournal Article
15-May-1996Magic numbers and optical-absorption spectrum in vertically coupled quantum dots in the fractional quantum Hall regimeImamura, H; Maksym, PA; Aoki, HJournal Article