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11-Apr-2012Polarimetry of the transient relativistic jet of GRB 110328/Swift J164449.3+573451van der Horst A. J.; Levan, A. J.; Tanvir, N. R.; Karjalainen, R.; Kamble, A.; Kouveliotou, C.; Metzger, B. D.; Russell, D. M.; Skillen, I.; Starling, R. L. C.; Wijers, R. A. M. J.Journal Article
21-Mar-2012The dark GRB080207 in an extremely red host and the implications for gamma-ray bursts in highly obscured environmentsLevan, A. J.; Wheatley, P. J.; Tanvir, N. R.; Page, K. L.; Perley, D. A.; Bloom, J. S.; Cenko, S. B.; Michalowski, M. J.; Hjorth, J.; Watson, D.; Jakobsson, P.Journal Article
21-Nov-2011GRB070125 and the environments of spectral-line poor afterglow absorbersVreeswijk, P. M.; Björnsson, G.; Jakobsson, P.; Schulze, S.; Starling, R. L. C.; Wiersema, K.; Tanvir, N. R.; van der Horst A. J.; de Ugarte Postigo A.; Levan, A. J.; Rol, E.Journal Article
1-Sep-2011The first observation of optical pulsations from a soft gamma repeater: SGR0501+4516Littlefair, S. P.; Kerry, P.; Savoury, C. D. J.; Marsh, T. R.; Copperwheat, C. M.; Hickman, R. D .G.; Levan, A. J.; Rea, N.; Tanvir, N. R.; Wiersema, K.; Turolla, R.Journal Article
11-Jun-2011Variable Lyα sheds light on the environment surrounding GRB 090426Campana, S.; de Ugarte Postigo A.; Lazzati, D.; de Ugarte Postigo A.; Fynbo, J. P. U.; Hjorth, J.; Malesani, D.; Milvang-Jensen, B.; Christensen, L.; Levan, A. J.; Aloy, M. A.; Jakobsson, P.; Levesque, E. M.; Roming, P. W. A.; Tanvir, N. R.; Wiersema, K.; Gladders, M.; Wuyts, E.; Dahle, H.Journal Article
1-May-2011A tale of two GRB-SNe at a common redshift of z = 0.54Bersier, D.; Guidorzi, C.; Kobayashi, S.; Melandri, A.; Bibby, J. L.; Clay, N.; Mottram, C.; Mundell, C. G.; Small, E.; Smith, R. J.; Steele, I.; Guidorzi, C.; Margutti, R.; Melandri, A.; Svensson, K. M.; Levan, A. J.; Volvach, A.; Wiersema, K.; O'Brien, P. T.; Starling, R. L. C.; Tanvir, N. R.; Pozanenko, A.; Loznikov, V.; van der Horst A. J.; Pooley, G. G.; Fernandez-Soto, A.; Castro-Tirado, A. J.; Gorosabel, J.; de Ugarte Postigo A.; Im, M.; Jeon, Y.; Park, W-K.; Kamble, A. P.; Rol, E.; Strom, R. G.; Wijers, R. A. M. J.; Sahu, D.; Anupama, G.; Gurugubelli, U.; Alonso-Lorite, J.; Peris, V.; Bibby, J. L.; Burgdorf, M. J.; Curran, P. A.; Fatkhullin, T. A.; Moskvitin, A. S.; Sokolov, V. V.; Fruchter, A. S.; Graham, J. F.; Nysewander, M.; Garnavich, P.; Gomboc, A.; Gomboc, A.; Haislip, J.; Ivarsen, K.; LaCluyze, A.; Reichart, D.; Huang, K.; Huxor, A.; Ibrahimov, M.; Jeon, Y-B.; Kasen, D.; Woosley, S. E.; Klunko, E.; Kouveliotou, C.; Mazzali, P, A.; Pian, E.; Nugent, P, E.; Pian, E.; Rhoads, J, E.; Rumyantsev, V.; Shakhovskoy, D.; Scowcroft, V.; Strom, R, G.; Tsapras, Y.; Urata, Y.; Vaduvescu, O.; Volnova, A.; Young, D. R.Journal Article
21-May-2011Implications for the origin of short gamma-ray bursts from their observed positions around their host galaxiesDavies, M. B.; Levan, A. J.; Tanvir, N.Journal Article
21-Jan-2011Constraining the molecular gas in the environs of a z ~ 8 gamma-ray burst host galaxyBremer, M. N.; Davies, L. J. M.; Tanvir, N. R.; Levan, A. J.Journal Article
11-May-2010Limits on radioactive powered emission associated with a short-hard GRB 070724A in a star-forming galaxyKocevski, D.; Thöne, C. C.; Modjaz, M.; Cobb, B. E.; Covino, S.; Ramirez-Ruiz, E.; Bloom, J. S.; Butler, N. R.; Perley, D. A.; Modjaz, M.; Granot, J.; Lee, W. H.; Levan, A. J.; Tanvir, N.Journal Article
11-Oct-2010Discovery of the afterglow and host galaxy of the low-redshift short GRB 080905AWiersema, K.; Tanvir, N. R.; O'Brien, P. T.; Pagani, C.; Levan, A. J.; Rol, E.; Hjorth, J.; Fynbo, J. P. U.; Thöne, C. C.; De Ugarte Postigo A.; Jakobsson, P.; Pagani, C.; Stamatikos, M.Journal Article