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2012MIPAS detection of cloud and aerosol particle occurrence in the UTLS with comparison to HIRDLS and CALIOPSembhi, H.; Remedios, John J.; Trent, T.; Moore, D.P.; Spang, R.; Massie, S.; Vernier, J.-P.Journal Article
2012Fast cloud parameter retrievals of MIPAS/EnvisatSpang, R.; Arndt, K.; Dudhia, A.; Höpfner, M.; Hoffmann, L.; Hurley, J.; Grainger, R.G.; Griessbach, S.; Poulsen, C.; Remedios, J.J.; Riese, M.; Sembhi, H.; Siddans, R.; Waterfall, A.; Zehner, C.Journal Article
2012Isoprene emissions in Africa inferred from OMI observations of formaldehyde columnsMarais, E.A.; Jacob, D.J.; Kurosu, T.P.; Chance, K.; Murphy, J.G.; Reeves, C.; Mills, G.; Casadio, S.; Millet, D.B.; Barkley, Michael P.; Paulot, F.; Mao, J.Journal Article
2012Global distributions of acetone in the upper troposphere from MIPAS spectraMoore, D.P.; Remedios, J.J.; Waterfall, A.M.Journal Article
2010Intercomparison of slant column measurements of NO[subscript 2] and O[subscript 4] by MAX-DOAS and zenith-sky UV and visible spectrometersRoscoe, H.K.; Van Roozendael M.; Fayt, C.; du Piesanie A.; Abuhassan, N.; Adams, C.; Akrami, M.; Cede, A.; Chong, J.; Clemer, K.; Friess, U.; Ojeda, M.G.; Goutail, F.; Graves, R.; Griesfeller, A.; Grossmann, K.; Hemerijckx, G.; Hendrick, F.; Herman, J.; Hermans, C.; Irie, H.; Johnston, P.V.; Kanaya, Y.; Kreher, K.; Leigh, R.; Merlaud, A.; Mount, G.H.; Navarro, M.; Oetjen, H.; Pazmino, A.; Perez-Camacho, M.; Peters, E.; Pinardi, G.; Puentedura, O.; Richter, A.; Schoenhardt, A.; Shaiganfar, R.; Spinei, E.; Strong, K.; Takashima, H.; Vlemmix, T.; Vrekoussis, M.; Wagner, T.; Wittrock, F.; Yela, M.; Yilmaz, S.; Boersma, F.; Hains, J.; Kroon, M.; Piters, A.; Kim, Y.J.Journal Article
23-Sep-2010EGATEC: A new high-resolution engineering model of the global atmospheric electric circuit-Currents in the lower atmosphereOdzimek, A; Lester, M; Kubicki, MJournal Article
31-Aug-2010Snow scattering signals in ground-based passive microwave radiometer measurementsKneifel, S; Loehnert, U; Battaglia, A; Crewell, S; Siebler, DJournal Article
2010Overview: oxidant and particle photochemical processes above a south-east Asian tropical rainforest (the OP3 project): introduction, rationale, location characteristics and toolsHewitt, C.N.; Lee, J.D.; MacKenzie, A.R.; Barkley, M.P.; Carslaw, N.; Carver, G.D.; Chappell, N.A.; Coe, H.; Collier, C.; Commane, R.; Davies, F.; Davison, B.; DiCarlo P.; Di Marco C.F.; Dorsey, J.R.; Edwards, P.M.; Evans, M.J.; Fowler, D.; Furneaux, K.L.; Gallagher, M.; Guenther, A.; Heard, D.E.; Helfter, C.; Hopkins, J.; Ingham, T.; Irwin, M.; Jones, C.; Karunaharan, A.; Langford, B.; Lewis, A.C.; Lim, S.F.; MacDonald, S.M.; Mahajan, A.S.; Malpass, S.; McFiggans, G.; Mills, G.; Misztal, P.; Moller, S.; Monks, P.S.; Nemitz, E.; Nicolas-Perea, V.; Oetjen, H.; Oram, D.E.; Palmer, P.I.; Phillips, G.J.; Pike, R.; Plane, J.M.C.; Pugh, T.; Pyle, J.A.; Reeves, C.E.; Robinson, N.H.; Stewart, D.; Stone, D.; Whalley, L.K.; Yang, X.Journal Article
2011ULIRS, an optimal estimation retrieval scheme for carbon monoxide using IASI spectral radiances: sensitivity analysis, error budget and simulationsIllingworth, S.M.; Remedios, John J.; Boesch, H.; Moore, D.P.; Sembhi, H.; Dudhia, A.; Walker, J.C.Journal Article
10-May-2011Understanding three-dimensional effects in polarized observations with the ground-based ADMIRARI radiometer during the CHUVA campaignBattaglia, A; Saavedra, P; Morales, CA; Simmer, CJournal Article