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30-Oct-2018Doppler W-band polarization diversity space-borne radar simulator for wind studiesBattaglia, Alessandro; Dhillon, Ranvir; Illingworth, AnthonyJournal Article
15-Jan-2019Implementation of polarization diversity pulse-pair technique using airborne W-band radarWolde, Mengistu; Battaglia, Alessandro; Nguyen, Cuong; Pazmany, Andrew L.; Illingworth, AnthonyJournal Article
25-Jun-2015Meteorology, Air Quality, and Health in London: The ClearfLo ProjectBohnenstengel, SI; Belcher, SE; Aiken, A; Allan, JD; Allen, G; Bacak, A; Bannan, TJ; Barlow, JF; Beddows, DCS; Bloss, WJ; Booth, AM; Chemel, C; Coceal, O; Di Marco, CF; Dubey, MK; Faloon, KH; Fleming, ZL; Furger, M; Gietl, JK; Graves, RR; Green, DC; Grimmond, CSB; Halios, CH; Hamilton, JF; Harrison, RM; Heal, MR; Heard, DE; Helfter, C; Herndon, SC; Holmes, RE; Hopkins, JR; Jones, AM; Kelly, FJ; Kotthaus, S; Langford, B; Lee, JD; Leigh, RJ; Lewis, AC; Lidster, RT; Lopez-Hilfiker, FD; McQuaid, JB; Mohr, C; Monks, PS; Nemitz, E; Ng, NL; Percival, CJ; Prevot, ASH; Ricketts, HMA; Sokhi, R; Stone, D; Thornton, JA; Tremper, AH; Valach, AC; Visser, S; Whalley, LK; Williams, LR; Xu, L; Young, DE; Zotter, PJournal Article
13-Apr-2015The first UK measurements of nitryl chloride using a chemical ionization mass spectrometer in central London in the summer of 2012, and an investigation of the role of Cl atom oxidationBannan, TJ; Booth, AM; Bacak, A; Muller, JBA; Leather, KE; Le Breton, M; Jones, B; Young, D; Coe, H; Allan, J; Visser, S; Slowik, JG; Furger, M; Prevot, ASH; Lee, J; Dunmore, RE; Hopkins, JR; Hamilton, JF; Lewis, AC; Whalley, LK; Sharp, T; Stone, D; Heard, DE; Fleming, ZL; Leigh, R; Shallcross, DE; Percival, CJJournal Article