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11-May-2017Overdensities of SMGs around WISE-selected, ultraluminous, high-redshift AGNsJones, S. F.; Blain, Andrew W.; Assef, R. J.; Eisenhardt, P.; Lonsdale, C.; Condon, J.; Farrah, D.; Tsai, C-W.; Bridge, C.; Wu, J.; Wright, E. L.; Jarrett, T.Journal Article
11-Jan-2018Eddington-limited Accretion in z similar to 2 WISE-selected Hot, Dust-obscured GalaxiesWu, J.; Jun, H. D.; Assef, R. J.; Tsai, C-W.; Wright, E. L.; Eisenhardt, P. R. M.; Blain, Andrew; Stern, D.; Diaz-Santos, T.; Denney, K. D.; Hayden, B. T.; Perlmutter, S.; Aldering, G.; Boone, K.; Fagrelius, P.Journal Article
9-Feb-2018Observational constraints on the physical nature of submillimetre source multiplicity: chance projections are commonHayward, Christopher C.; Chapman, Scott C.; Steidel, Charles C.; Golob, Anneya; Casey, Caitlin M.; Smith, Daniel J. B.; Zitrin, Adi; Blain, Andrew W.; Bremer, Malcolm N.; Chen, Chian-Chou; Coppin, Kristen E. K.; Farrah, Duncan; Ibar, Eduardo; Michałowski, Michał J.; Sawicki, Marcin; Scott, Douglas; Van der Werf, Paul; Fazio, Giovanni G.; Geach, James E.; Gurwel, Mark; Petitpas, Glen; Wilner, David J.Journal Article
11-Oct-2018THE MOSDEF SURVEY: The Nature of Mid-Infrared Excess Galaxies and a Comparison of IR and UV Star Formation Tracers at z ~ 2Azadi, Mojegan; Coil, Alison; Aird, James; Shivaei, Irene; Reddy, Naveen; Shapley, Alice; Kriek, Mariska; Freeman, William R.; Leung, Gene C. K.; Mobasher, Bahram; Price, Sedona H.; Sanders, Ryan L.; Siana, Brian; Zick, TomJournal Article
23-Aug-2019Investigating the physical properties of galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization with MIRI/JWST spectroscopyAlvarez-Marquez, J; Colina, L; Marques-Chaves, R; Ceverino, D; Alonso-Herrero, A; Caputi, K; Garcia-Marin, M; Labiano, A; Le Fevre, O; Norgaard-Nielsen, HU; Ostlin, G; Perez-Gonzalez, PG; Pye, JP; Tikkanen, TV; van der Werf, PP; Walter, F; Wright, GSJournal Article