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7-Dec-2018Computation and analysis of atmospheric carbon dioxide annual mean growth rates from satellite observations during 2003-2016Buchwitz, M; Reuter, M; Schneising, O; Noel, S; Gier, B; Bovensmann, H; Burrows, JP; Boesch, H; Anand, J; Parker, RJ; Somkuti, P; Detmers, RG; Hasekamp, OP; Aben, I; Butz, A; Kuze, A; Suto, H; Yoshida, Y; Crisp, D; O'Dell, CJournal Article
21-Dec-2018Attribution of recent increases in atmospheric methane through 3-D inverse modellingMcNorton, J; Wilson, C; Gloor, M; Parker, RJ; Boesch, H; Feng, W; Hossaini, R; Chipperfield, MPJournal Article
19-May-2016A self-similar solution for thermal disc windsClarke, C.; Alexander, RichardJournal Article
16-Jan-2019The First Swift Intensive AGN Accretion Disk Reverberation Mapping SurveyEdelson, R; Gelbord, J; Cackett, E; Peterson, BM; Horne, K; Barth, AJ; Starkey, DA; Bentz, M; Brandt, WN; Goad, M; Joner, M; Korista, K; Netzer, H; Page, K; Uttley, P; Vaughan, S; Breeveld, A; Cenko, SB; Done, C; Evans, P; Fausnaugh, M; Ferland, G; Gonzalez-Buitrago, D; Gropp, J; Grupe, D; Kaastra, J; Kennea, J; Kriss, G; Mathur, S; Mehdipour, M; Mudd, D; Nousek, J; Schmidt, T; Vestergaard, M; Villforth, CJournal Article
6-Jul-2018Multi-Instrumental Observations of Nonunderdense Meteor TrailsKozlovsky, A; Shalimov, S; Kero, J; Raita, T; Lester, MJournal Article
24-May-2018Fallback accretion on to a newborn magnetar: long GRBs with giant X-ray flaresGibson, S. L.; Wynn, G. A.; Gompertz, B. P.; O'Brien, P. T.Journal Article
6-Aug-2018Recognition of Meteor Showers From the Heights of Ionization TrailsLukianova, R; Kozlovsky, A; Lester, MJournal Article
13-Aug-2018Area and extraction field analysis of the analogue saturation of 40 mm microchannel plate photomultiplier tubesMilnes, J. S.; Conneely, T. M.; Horsfield, C. J.; Lapington, J.Journal Article
23-Oct-2018Erratum: A self-similar solution for thermal disc windsClarke, C. J.; Alexander, R. D.Journal Article
25-Jul-2018Does slow and steady win the race? Investigating feedback processes in giant molecular cloudsGarratt-Smithson, Lilian; Wynn, Graham A.; Power, Chris; Nixon, Chris J.Journal Article