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23-Oct-2018Erratum: A self-similar solution for thermal disc windsClarke, C. J.; Alexander, R. D.Journal Article
25-Jul-2018Does slow and steady win the race? Investigating feedback processes in giant molecular cloudsGarratt-Smithson, Lilian; Wynn, Graham A.; Power, Chris; Nixon, Chris J.Journal Article
20-Jul-2018Interhemispheric Survey of Polar Cap AuroraReidy, JA; Fear, RC; Whiter, DK; Lanchester, B; Kavanagh, AJ; Milan, SE; Carter, JA; Paxton, LJ; Zhang, YJournal Article
22-Jun-2017Understanding the environment around the intermediate mass black hole candidate ESO 243-49 HLX-1Webb, N. A.; Guérou, A.; Ciambur, B.; Detoeuf, A.; Coriat, M.; Godet, O.; Barret, D.; Combes, F.; Contini, T.; Graham, A. W.; Maccarone, T. J.; Servillat, M.; Schroetter, I.; Wiersema, K.Journal Article
26-Dec-2018Chandra Observations of NuSTAR Serendipitous Sources near the Galactic PlaneTomsick, JA; Lansbury, GB; Rahoui, F; Aird, J; Alexander, DM; Clavel, M; Cuturilo, A; Fornasini, FM; Hong, J; Klindt, L; Stern, DJournal Article
15-Nov-2018Transport of Mass and Energy in Mercury's Plasma SheetPoh, G; Slavin, JA; Jia, X; Sun, WJ; Raines, JM; Imber, SM; DiBraccio, GA; Gershman, DJJournal Article
9-Aug-2018Circumbinary discs around merging stellar-mass black holesMartin, Rebecca G.; Nixon, Chris; Xie, Fu-Guo; King, AndrewJournal Article
16-Jul-2019Currents Associated With Saturn's Intra-D Ring Azimuthal Field PerturbationsHunt, GJ; Cowley, SWH; Provan, G; Cao, H; Bunce, EJ; Dougherty, MK; Southwood, DJJournal Article
30-Jul-2019The summertime diurnal cycle of precipitation derived from IMERGWatters, Daniel; Battaglia, AlessandroJournal Article
30-Apr-2019A New Approach to Defining Uncertainties for MODIS Land Surface TemperatureGhent, Darren; Veal, Karen; Trent, Tim; Dodd, Emma; Sembhi, Harjinder; Remedios, JohnJournal Article