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7-Aug-2019Modelling Tidal Streams from Galactic SatellitesHasanuddinThesis
20-Jul-2019The Microphysics of Stratiform Precipitation During OLYMPEX: Compatibility Between Triple-Frequency Radar and Airborne In Situ ObservationsTridon, F; Battaglia, A; Chase, RJ; Turk, FJ; Leinonen, J; Kneifel, S; Mroz, K; Finlon, J; Bansemer, A; Tanelli, S; Heymsfield, AJ; Nesbitt, SWJournal Article
31-Jul-2019Spatially Resolved Neutral Wind Response Times During High Geomagnetic Activity Above SvalbardBillett, DD; Wild, JA; Grocott, A; Aruliah, AL; Ronksley, AM; Walach, MT; Lester, MJournal Article
6-Nov-2018Planetary Period Modulation of Reconnection Bursts in Saturn's MagnetotailBradley, TJ; Cowley, SWH; Bunce, E; Smith, AW; Jackman, CM; Provan, GJournal Article
17-Aug-2018Precipitating Electron Energy Flux and Characteristic Energies in Jupiter's Main Auroral Region as Measured by Juno/JEDIClark, G; Tao, C; Mauk, BH; Nichols, J; Saur, J; Bunce, EJ; Allegrini, F; Gladstone, R; Bagenal, F; Bolton, S; Bonfond, B; Connerney, J; Ebert, RW; Gershman, DJ; Haggerty, D; Kimura, T; Kollmann, P; Kotsiaros, S; Kurth, WS; Levin, S; McComas, DJ; Murakami, G; Paranicas, C; Rymer, A; Valek, PJournal Article
17-Jul-2018Saturn's Northern Aurorae at Solstice From HST Observations Coordinated With Cassini's Grand FinaleLamy, L; Prangé, R; Tao, C; Kim, T; Badman, SV; Zarka, P; Cecconi, B; Kurth, WS; Pryor, W; Bunce, E; Radioti, AJournal Article
2019Reverse Shocks in the Relativistic Outflows of Gravitational Wave Detected Neutron Star Binary MergersLamb, Gavin P.; Kobayashi, ShihoJournal Article
31-Aug-2018A Multimessenger Picture of the Flaring Blazar TXS 0506+056: Implications for High-energy Neutrino Emission and Cosmic-Ray AccelerationKeivani, A; Murase, K; Petropoulou, M; Fox, DB; Cenko, SB; Chaty, S; Coleiro, A; DeLaunay, JJ; Dimitrakoudis, S; Evans, PA; Kennea, JA; Marshall, FE; Mastichiadis, A; Osborne, JP; Santander, M; Tohuvavohu, A; Turley, CFJournal Article
2-Aug-2018A New, Long-Lived, Jupiter Mesoscale Wave Observed at Visible Wavelengths.Simon, AA; Hueso, R; Iñurrigarro, P; Sánchez-Lavega, A; MoralesJuberías, R; Cosentino, R; Fletcher, LN; Wong, MH; Hsu, AI; de Pater, I; Orton, GS; Colas, F; Delcroix, M; Peach, D; Gómez-Forrellad, J-MJournal Article
20-Nov-2018The Large-scale Structure of the Halo of the Andromeda Galaxy. II. Hierarchical Structure in the Pan-Andromeda Archaeological SurveyMcConnachie, AW; Ibata, R; Martin, N; Ferguson, AMN; Collins, M; Gwyn, S; Irwin, M; Lewis, GF; Mackey, AD; Davidge, T; Arias, V; Conn, A; Cote, P; Crnojevic, D; Huxor, A; Penarrubia, J; Spengler, C; Tanvir, N; Valls-Gabaud, D; Babul, A; Barmby, P; Bate, NF; Bernard, E; Chapman, S; Dotter, A; Harris, W; McMonigal, B; Navarro, J; Puzia, TH; Rich, RM; Thomas, G; Widrow, LMJournal Article