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20-May-2017Identifying and analysing protostellar disc fragments in smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulationsHall, Cassandra; Forgan, Duncan; Rice, KenJournal Article
20-Dec-2018Exploring the halo occupation of AGN using dark-matter cosmological simulationsGeorgakakis, A; Comparat, J; Merloni, A; Ciesla, L; Aird, J; Finoguenov, AJournal Article
4-Jan-2019Field Line Resonance in the Hermean Magnetosphere: Structure and Implications for Plasma DistributionJames, Matthew K.; Imber, Suzanne M.; Yeoman, Timothy K.; Bunce, Emma J.Journal Article
20-Sep-2018On the role of magnetic fields in star formationNixon, CJ; Pringle, JEJournal Article
22-May-2019Boundary Detection in Three Dimensions With Application to the SMILE Mission: The Effect of Photon NoiseJorgensen, AM; Sung, T; Wang, C; Dai, L; Sembay, S; Wei, F; Guo, Y; Xu, RJournal Article
20-Aug-2019What is wrong with steady accretion discs?Nixon, C. J.; Pringle, J. E.Journal Article
19-Mar-2019Seasonal and Inter-annual Variation of Evapotranspiration in Amazonia Based on Precipitation, River Discharge and Gravity Anomaly DataSun, L; Baker, JCA; Gloor, E; Spracklen, D; Boesch, H; Somkuti, P; Maeda, E; Buermann, WJournal Article
16-Sep-2019A solution to the proplyd lifetime problemWinter, Andrew J.; Clarke, Cathie J .; Rosotti, Giovanni P.; Hacar, Alvaro; Alexander, RichardJournal Article
23-Nov-2019Mineralogical constraints on the thermal history of martian regolith breccia Northwest Africa 8114MacArthur, JL; Bridges, JC; Hicks, LJ; Burgess, R; Joy, KH; Branney, MJ; Hansford, GM; Baker, SH; Schwenzer, SP; Gurman, SJ; Stephen, NR; Steer, ED; Piercy, JD; Ireland, TRJournal Article
1-Feb-2019The SCUBA-2 Cluster Snapshot Survey - I: Catalogue of Lensed Galaxies and Submillimetre-Bright Central GalaxiesCheale, Ryan A.; Geach, James E.; Edge, Alastair C.; Blain, Andrew W.; Chapman, Scott C.; Egami, Eiichi; Hogan, Mike T.; Rawle, Timothy D.; Webb, Tracy M. A.Journal Article