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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-May-2011Radiation Damage Effects on X-Ray Detectors for Future Planetary and Astronomy MissionsBrown, Craig WilliamThesis
13-Apr-2012First in-situ measurements of HF radar echoing targetsMoen, J.; Oksavik, K.; Abe, T.; Lester, Mark; Saito, Y.; Bekkeng, T. A.; Jacobsen, K. S.Journal Article
1-Dec-2011Planetary-period oscillations in Saturn’s magnetosphereAndrews, David JeremyThesis
3-Jul-2013Limits on the Dependence of the Fine-Structure Constant on Gravitational Potential from White-Dwarf SpectraBerengut, J. C.; Flambaum, V. V.; Ong, A.; Webb, J. K.; Barrow, J. D.; Barstow, Martin A.; Preval, Simon P.; Holberg, J. B.Journal Article
1-Jul-2011Cassini observations of the ring current in Saturn’s magnetosphereKellett, StephanieThesis
5-Apr-2011Size and Isotope Effects of Helium Clusters and Droplets: Identification of Surface and Bulk-Volume Excitationsvon Haeften, Klaus; Laarmann, Tim; Wabnitz, Hubertus; Möller, Thomas; Fink, KarinArticle
11-Apr-2011Methane band and Spitzer mid-IR imaging of L and T dwarf candidates in the PleiadesCasewell, S. L.; Jameson, Richard F.; Burleigh, M. R.; Dobbie, P. D.; Roy, Mervyn; Hodgkin, S. T.; Moraux, E.Article
15-Dec-2010A Macroscopic Approach to Determine Electron Mobilities in Low-Density HeliumAitken, F.; Bonifaci, N.; Denat, A.; von Haeften, KlausArticle
1-Jun-2013Sir Patrick Moore, 'The Sky at Night' and modern astronomy in the UKAbel, Paul; Lintott, C; Barstow, Martin A.Journal Article
1-Jul-2011The Optically Dark Gamma Ray Burst PopulationDuke, James BenjaminThesis