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18-Jul-2009Magnetosonic Mach number dependence of the efficiency of reconnection between planetary and interplanetary magnetic fieldsGrocott, A; Badman, SV; Cowley, SWH; Milan, SE; Nichols, JD; Yeoman, TKJournal Article
28-Oct-2005In situ observations of a solar wind compression-induced hot plasma injection in Saturn's tailBunce, EJ; Cowley, SWH; Wright, DM; Coates, AJ; Rymer, AM; Dougherty, MK; Krupp, N; Kurth, WSJournal Article
Mar-2005Implications of rapid planetary rotation for the Dungey magnetotail of SaturnMilan, SE; Bunce, EJ; Cowley, SWH; Jackman, CM; Milan, SE; Bunce, EJ; Cowley, SWH; Jackman, CMJournal Article
Nov-2004Interplanetary magnetic field at ∼9 AU during the declining phase of the solar cycle and its implications for Saturn's magnetospheric dynamicsJackman, CM; Bunce, EJ; Cowley, SWH; Milan, SE; Achilleos, N; Dougherty, MK; Jones, GH; Smith, EJ; Achilleos, N; Dougherty, MK; Jackman, CM; Bunce, EJ; Cowley, SWH; Milan, SE; Jones, GH; Smith, EJJournal Article
17-Feb-2005Morphological differences between Saturn's ultraviolet aurorae and those of Earth and JupiterClarke, JT; Wannawichian, S; Gérard, J-C; Grodent, D; Gustin, J; Connerney, J; Crary, F; Dougherty, M; Kurth, W; Cowley, SWH; Bunce, EJ; Hill, T; Kim, JJournal Article
Jan-2003Modulation of Jovian middle magnetosphere currents and auroral precipitation by solar wind-induced compressions and expansions of the magnetosphere: Initial response and steady stateCowley, SWH; Bunce, EJJournal Article
Jan-2003Modulation of Jupiter's main auroral oval emissions by solar wind induced expansions and compressions of the magnetosphereCowley, SWH; Bunce, EJJournal Article
18-Aug-2009On the character and distribution of lower-frequency radio emissions at Saturn and their relationship to substorm-like eventsJackman, CM; Lamy, L; Freeman, MP; Zarka, P; Cecconi, B; Kurth, WS; Cowley, SWH; Dougherty, MKJournal Article
5-Sep-2008Origin of Saturn's aurora: Simultaneous observations by Cassini and the Hubble Space TelescopeBunce, EJ; Arridge, CS; Clarke, JT; Coates, AJ; Cowley, SWH; Dougherty, MK; Gerard, J-C; Grodent, D; Hansen, KC; Nichols, JD; Southwood, DJ; Talboys, DLJournal Article
11-Apr-2009Phase relation of oscillations near the planetary period of Saturn's auroral oval and the equatorial magnetospheric magnetic fieldProvan, G; Cowley, SWH; Nichols, JDJournal Article