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5-Sep-2008Origin of Saturn's aurora: Simultaneous observations by Cassini and the Hubble Space TelescopeBunce, EJ; Arridge, CS; Clarke, JT; Coates, AJ; Cowley, SWH; Dougherty, MK; Gerard, J-C; Grodent, D; Hansen, KC; Nichols, JD; Southwood, DJ; Talboys, DLJournal Article
19-May-2009Response of Jupiter's and Saturn's auroral activity to the solar windClarke, JT; Nichols, J; Gerard, J-C; Grodent, D; Hansen, KC; Kurth, W; Gladstone, GR; Duval, J; Wannawichian, S; Bunce, E; Cowley, SWH; Crary, F; Dougherty, M; Lamy, L; Mitchell, D; Pryor, W; Retherford, K; Stallard, T; Zieger, B; Zarka, P; Cecconi, BJournal Article
28-Sep-2006Characteristics of Jovian morning bright FUV aurora from Hubble Space Telescope/Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph imaging and spectral observationsGustin, J; Cowley, SWH; Gerard, J-C; Gladstone, GR; Grodent, D; Clarke, JTJournal Article
16-Dec-2006Saturn's auroral morphology and activity during quiet magnetospheric conditionsGerard, J-C; Grodent, D; Cowley, SWH; Mitchell, DG; Kurth, WS; Clarke, JT; Bunce, EJ; Nichols, JD; Dougherty, MK; Crary, FJ; Coates, AJJournal Article
16-Feb-2007Response of Jupiter's UV auroras to interplanetary conditions as observed by the Hubble Space Telescope during the Cassini flyby campaignNichols, JD; Bunce, EJ; Clarke, JT; Cowley, SWH; Gerard, J-C; Grodent, D; Pryor, WRJournal Article
6-Aug-2010Variation of Saturn's UV aurora with SKR phaseNichols, JD; Cecconi, B; Clarke, JT; Cowley, SWH; Gerard, J-C; Grocott, A; Grodent, D; Lamy, L; Zarka, PJournal Article