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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Mar-1998Mass models of the Milky WayDehnen, W; Binney, JJournal Article
20-Jun-1996Improved evidence for a 3x10(6) M(circle dot) black hole in M32: Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope spectroscopy with FWHM=0''47 resolutionBender, R; Kormendy, J; Dehnen, WJournal Article
1-Jun-1998The distribution of nearby stars in velocity space inferred from Hipparcos dataDehnen, WJournal Article
1-Aug-1998Local stellar kinematics from Hipparcos dataDehnen, W; Binney, JJJournal Article
1990Radiation Effects in CCD X-Ray DetectorsHolland, Andrew DavidThesis
1999Land Surface Temperature derived from the Along Track Scanning RadiometerShepherd, AndrewThesis
20-Jan-1998A search for optical afterglow from GRB 970828Groot, PJ; Galama, TJ; van Paradijs J; Kouveliotou, C; Wijers, RAMJ; Bloom, J; Tanvir, N; Vanderspek, R; Greiner, J; Castro-Tirado, AJ; Gorosabel, J; von Hippel T; Lehnert, M; Kuijken, K; Hoekstra, H; Metcalfe, N; Howk, C; Conselice, C; Telting, J; Rutten, RGM; Rhoads, J; Cole, A; Pisano, DJ; Naber, R; Schwarz, RJournal Article
1995Global atmospheric chemistry from satellites: Results from UARS/ISAMSTaylor, FW; Rodgers, CD; Remedios, JJ; Grainger, RG; Lambert, A; Lopez-Valverde, M; Goss-Custard, M; Reburn, JJournal Article
1992A SPAN MCP detector for the SOHO coronal diagnostic spectrometerBreeveld, AA; Edgar, ML; Smith, A; Lapington, JS; Thomas, PDJournal Article
1992The spatial extent of gain depression for MCP-based photon detectorsEdgar, ML; Lapington, JS; Smith, AJournal Article