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Jan-1992150 years of magnetic observatories: Recent researches on world dataBarraclough, DR; Clark, TDG; Kerridge, DJ; Stuart, WF; Cowley, SWH; Runcorn, SK; Hibberd, FH; Hide, R; Lowes, FJ; Malin, SRC; Murphy, T; Rishbeth, H; Soffel, HC; Stewart, DN; Whaler, KA; Winch, DEJournal Article
15-Dec-1999Excitation and decay of magnetospheric lobe cell convection and its associated auroraSandholt, PE; Lybekk, B; Trondsen, E; Farrugia, CJ; Cowley, SWH; Lester, M; Moen, J; Cowley, SWH; Lester, M; Farrugia, CJ; Sandholt, PE; Lybekk, B; Trondsen, E; Moen, JJournal Article
1-Sep-1997Simultaneous observations of the cusp in optical, DMSP and HF radar dataYeoman, TK; Lester, M; Cowley, SWH; Milan, SE; Moen, J; Sandholt, PEJournal Article
1-Jun-1997Northward interplanetary magnetic field cusp aurora and high-latitude magnetopause reconnectionOieroset, M; Sandholt, PE; Denig, WF; Cowley, SWHJournal Article
May-1995PrefaceCowley, SWHJournal Article
1-Nov-1998Pulsating cusp aurora for northward interplanetary magnetic fieldSandholt, PE; Farrugia, CJ; Cowley, SWHJournal Article
Apr-1996Energetic ion and electron observations at Jupiter's dayside magnetopause: Implications for magnetopause location and boundary coupling processesEdwards, TM; Balogh, A; Cowley, SWH; Erdos, G; Forsyth, RJ; Hynds, RJ; Staines, K; Erdos, G; Ferrando, P; Rastoin, C; Raviart, AJournal Article
Apr-1996An overview of the anisotropy telescope observations of MeV ions during the Ulysses Jupiter encounterStaines, K; Balogh, A; Cowley, SWH; Edwards, TM; Forsyth, RJ; Hynds, RJ; Laxton, NFJournal Article
1-Sep-1998Dayside auroral configurations: Responses to southward and northward rotations of the interplanetary magnetic fieldSandholt, PE; Farrugia, CJ; Moen, J; Cowley, SWHJournal Article
1-Sep-1997Origins of the first-order anisotropy of similar to 1 MeV protons in the Jovian magnetosphere during the Ulysses flyby: flux gradients and plasma flowsLaxton, NF; Balogh, A; Cowley, SWH; Dunlop, MW; Forsyth, RJ; Hynds, RJ; Staines, KJournal Article