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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1992A SPAN MCP detector for the SOHO coronal diagnostic spectrometerBreeveld, AA; Edgar, ML; Smith, A; Lapington, JS; Thomas, PDJournal Article
1992The spatial extent of gain depression for MCP-based photon detectorsEdgar, ML; Lapington, JS; Smith, AJournal Article
1992Appearance of surface magnetic moments on vanadium thin films and sensitivity to contaminationBinns, C; Norris, C; Derbyshire, HS; Bayliss, SCJournal Article
1992Finite-size evidence for Wigner crystallization of 2D electrons in a magnetic fieldMaksym, PAJournal Article
Jan-1992150 years of magnetic observatories: Recent researches on world dataBarraclough, DR; Clark, TDG; Kerridge, DJ; Stuart, WF; Cowley, SWH; Runcorn, SK; Hibberd, FH; Hide, R; Lowes, FJ; Malin, SRC; Murphy, T; Rishbeth, H; Soffel, HC; Stewart, DN; Whaler, KA; Winch, DEJournal Article
1992Structural study of amorphous SiNi:H alloys by EXAFS and infrared spectroscopyAsal, R; Baker, SH; Gurman, SJ; Bayliss, SC; Davis, EAJournal Article
Sep-1992SXRP: an X-ray polarimeter for the SPECTRUM-X-Gamma MissionCosta, E; Piro, L; Soffitta, P; Massaro, E; Matt, G; Perola, GC; Giarrusso, S; La Rosa G; Manzo, G; Santangelo, A; Hamilton, T; Kaaret, P; Martin, C; Novick, R; Shaw, P; Silver, E; Elsner, R; Weisskopf, M; Chanan, G; Fraser, G; Lapshov, I; Sunyaev, RJournal Article
1992Effect of electron-electron interactions on the magnetization of quantum dotsMaksym, PA; Chakraborty, TJournal Article
1992The growth and atomic structure of the silicon(111)-indium interface determined by surface x-ray diffraction.Finney, Mark Simon.Thesis
1992Electron counting using proportional counters.Mir, Jamil Akhtar.-