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9-Jun-1997Discrete Visible Luminescence of Helium Atoms and Molecules Desorbing from Helium Clusters: The Role of Electronic, Vibrational, and Rotational Energy Transfer.von Haeften, Klaus; de Castro, A.R.B.; Joppien, M.; Moussavizadeh, L.; von Pietrowski, R.; Möller, ThomasArticle
May-1997Fluorescence excitation spectroscopy of Xenon doped Neon clusters: size and site effects, and cluster meltingvon Pietrowski, R.; Rutzen, M.; von Haeften, Klaus; Kakar, S.; Möller, ThomasArticle
Apr-1997The amplitude reduction factor in EXAFS.Roy, Mervyn; Gurman, Steve J.; van Dorssen, G.Article
Nov-1997Steps toward determination of the size and structure of the broad-line region in active galactic nuclei. XI. Intensive monitoring of the ultraviolet spectrum of NGC 7469Wanders, I; Peterson, BM; Alloin, D; Ayres, TR; Clavel, J; Crenshaw, DM; Horne, K; Kriss, GA; Krolik, JH; Malkan, MA; Netzer, H; O'Brien, PT; Reichert, GA; Rodríguez-Pascual, PM; Wamsteker, W; Alexander, T; Anderson, KSJ; Benitez, E; Bochkarev, NG; Burenkov, AN; Cheng, F-Z; Collier, SJ; Comastri, A; Dietrich, M; Dultzin-Hacyan, D; Espey, BR; Filippenko, AV; Gaskell, CM; George, IM; Goad, MR; Ho, LC; Kaspi, S; Kollatschny, W; Korista, KT; Laor, A; Macalpine, GM; Mignoli, M; Morris, SL; Nandra, K; Penton, S; Pogge, RW; Ptak, RL; Rodríguez-Espinoza, JM; Santos-Lleó, M; Shapovalova, AI; Shull, JM; Snedden, SA; Sparke, LS; Stirpe, GM; Sun, W-H; Turner, TJ; Ulrich, M-H; Wang, T-G; Wei, C; Welsh, WF; Xue, S-J; Zou, Z-LJournal Article
1997Simple techniques for detection of Martian micro-organismsSims, MR; Cole, RE; Grant, WD; Mills, AA; Powell, K; Ruffles, RWJournal Article
20-Nov-1997Magnetic flares and the observed pi(T)similar to 1 in Seyfert galaxiesNayakshin, S; Melia, FJournal Article
May-1997Steps toward determination of the size and structure of the broad-line region in active galactic nuclei. IX. Ultraviolet observations of fairallRodríguez-Pascual, PM; Wamsteker, W; Alloin, D; Clavel, J; Barr, P; Crenshaw, DM; Horne, K; Kriss, GA; Krolik, JH; Zheng, W; Malkan, MA; Netzer, H; Alexander, T; Maoz, D; O'Brien, PT; Peterson, BM; Pogge, RW; Wanders, I; Reichert, GA; Blandford, RD; Bregman, JN; MacAlpine, GM; Carone, TE; Carone, TE; Clements, S; Courvoisier, T-J; De Robertis MM; Dietrich, M; Wagner, SJ; Dottori, H; Winge, C; Edelson, RA; Filippenko, AV; Gaskell, CM; Huchra, JP; Wilkes, BJ; Hutchings, JB; Morris, SL; Kollatschny, W; Koratkar, AP; Korista, KT; Laor, A; Martin, PG; McCollum, B; Perola, GC; Ptak, RL; Recondo-González, MC; Rodríguez-Espinoza, JM; Rokaki, EL; Santos-Lleó, M; Sekiguchi, K; Shull, JM; Snijders, MAJ; Sparke, LS; Stirpe, GM; Stoner, RE; Sun, W-HJournal Article
1997Hubble space telescope ultraviolet spectroscopy of two hot white dwarfsHolberg, JB; Barstow, MA; Lanz, T; Hubeny, IJournal Article
1997Transients among binaries with evolved low-mass companionsKing, AR; Ritter, H; Frank, J; Kolb, UJournal Article
1997The variability and spectrum of NGC 5548 in the extreme ultravioletMarshall, HL; Carone, TE; Peterson, BM; Clavel, J; Crenshaw, DM; Korista, KT; Kriss, GA; Krolik, JH; Malkan, MA; Morris, SL; O'Brien, PT; Reichert, GA; Marshall, HL; Carone, TEJournal Article