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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Jul-1996Auroral signature of lobe reconnectionSandholt, PE; Farrugia, CJ; Oieroset, M; Stauning, P; Cowley, SWHJournal Article
1-Jun-1997High spatial and temporal resolution observations of an impulse-driven field line resonance in radar backscatter artificially generated with the Tromsø heaterYeoman, T. K.; Wright, D. M.; Robinson, T. R.; Davies, J. A.; Rietveld, M.Journal Article
1-Jan-1997SABRE observations of Pi2 pulsations: Case studiesBradshaw, E. G.; Lester, M.Journal Article
1-Feb-1997A comparison of field-line resonances observed at the Goose Bay and Wick radarsProvan, G,; Yeoman, T, K,Journal Article
1-Nov-1998CUTLASS Finland radar observations of the ionospheric signatures of flux transfer events and the resulting plasma flowsProvan, G.; Yeoman, Tim K,; Milan, Stephen E.Journal Article
1-May-1998SuperDARN studies of the ionospheric convection response to a northward turning of the interplanetary magnetic fieldTaylor, J. R.; Cowley, Stanley W. H.; Yeoman, Tim K.; Lester, Mark; Jones, T. B.; Greenwald, R. A.; Sofko, G.; Villain, J. P.; Lepping, R. P.; Hairston, M. R.Journal Article
1-Jul-1994EISCAT observations of unusual flows in the morning sector associated with weak substorm activityFox, N. J.; Lockwood, M.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Freeman, M. P.; Friischristensen, E.; Milling, D. K.; Pinnock, M.; Reeves, G. D.Journal Article
1-Jul-1998Interhemispheric contrasts in the ionospheric convection response to changes in the interplanetary magnetic field and substorm activity: a case-studyShand, B. A.; Yeoman, T. K.; Lewis, R. V.; Greenwald, R. A.; Hairston, M. R.Journal Article