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4-Nov-2011Winds and tides in the mid-latitude Southern Hemisphere upper mesosphere recorded with the Falkland Islands SuperDARN radarHibbins, R. E.; Freeman, M. P.; Milan, S. E.; Ruohoniemi, J. M.Journal Article
Apr-2012AXIOM: Advanced X-ray imaging of the magnetosphereBranduardi-Raymont, G.; Forsyth, C.; Kataria, D.; Owen, C. J.; Coates, A. J.; Fazakerley, A. N.; Jones, G. H.; Sembay, S. F.; Abbey, T. A.; Carter, J. A.; Milan, S. E.; Read, A. M.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Fraser, G. W.; Lester, M.; Yeoman, T. K.; Eastwood, J. P.; Brown, P.; Carr, C. M.; Sibeck, D. G.; Collier, M. R.; Porter, F. S.; Kemble, S.; Peacocke, L.; Lallement, R.Journal Article
26-Oct-2010Superposed epoch analysis of the ionospheric convection evolution during substorms: IMF B dependenceGrocott, A.; Milan, S. E.; Yeoman, T. K.; Sato, N.; Yukimatu, A. S.; Wild, J. A.Journal Article
11-Dec-2010Magnetospheric feedback in solar wind energy transferPalmroth, M.; Koskinen, H. E. J.; Pulkkinen, T. I.; Toivanen, P. K.; Janhunen, P.; Milan, S. E.; Lester, M.Journal Article
2-Oct-2010Plasma irregularities adjacent to auroral patches in the postmidnight sectorHosokawa, K.; Motoba, T.; Yukimatu, A. S.; Kadokura, A.; Sato, N.; Milan, S. E.; Lester, M.; Bjornsson, G.Journal Article
10-Nov-2011Bifurcations of the main auroral ring at Saturn: ionospheric signatures of consecutive reconnection events at the magnetopauseRadioti, A.; Grodent, D.; Gerard, J-C.; Milan, S. E.; Bonfond, B.; Gustin, J.; Pryor, W.Journal Article
13-Sep-2011Geomagnetic storms over the last solar cycle: A superposed epoch analysisHutchinson, J. A.; Wright, D. M.; Milan, S. E.Journal Article
9-Jun-2012Simultaneous ground-satellite observations of meso-scale auroral arc undulationsMotoba, T.; Ogawa, Y.; Sato, N.; Kadokura, A.; Hosokawa, K.; Milan, S. E.; Lester, M.Journal Article
25-May-2012Comparison between SuperDARN flow vectors and equivalent ionospheric currents from ground magnetometer arraysWeygand, J. M.; Amm, O.; Angelopoulos, V.; Milan, S. E.; Grocott, A.; Gleisner, H.; Stolle, C.Journal Article
24-Jul-2012The orientation and current density of the magnetotail current sheet: A statistical study of the effect of geomagnetic conditionsDavey, E. A.; Lester, M.; Milan, S. E.; Fear, R. C.; Forsyth, C.Journal Article