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Dec-2010Spin-orbit angle measurements for six southern transiting planets: New insights into the dynamical origins of hot JupitersTriaud, AHMJ; Queloz, D; Mayor, M; Pepe, F; Ségransan, D; Udry, S; Cameron, AC; Anderson, DR; Hellier, C; Maxted, PFL; Smalley, B; Gillon, M; Hebb, L; Loeillet, B; Pollacco, D; West, RG; Wheatley, PJJournal Article
Apr-2010Multiple-scattering in radar systems: A reviewBattaglia, A; Simmer, C; Battaglia, A; Tanelli, S; Kobayashi, S; Zrnic, D; Hogan, RJJournal Article
2010Potential for the use of reconstructed IASI radiances in the detection of atmospheric trace gasesAtkinson, N.C.; Hilton, F.I.; Illingworth, Samuel Michael; Eyre, J.R.; Hultberg, T.Journal Article
24-Mar-2010Satellite Observations of Atmospheric Gravity WavesYan, XiupingThesis
1-Oct-2010BALQSOs in SDSS: On the absence of Observational Evidence for Ly-α―N V line-locking and a discussion of the physical conditions within BAL outflowsCottis, Christopher EuanThesis
7-Jul-2010The Nature of Extreme X-ray to Optical Ratio Sources (EXOs)Del Moro, AgneseThesis
1-Oct-2010Radioisotope and Nuclear Technologies for Space ExplorationO’Brien, Robert CharlesThesis
15-Dec-2010A Macroscopic Approach to Determine Electron Mobilities in Low-Density HeliumAitken, F.; Bonifaci, N.; Denat, A.; von Haeften, KlausArticle
4-Nov-2010Electron mobility in liquid and supercritical helium measured using corona discharges : a new semi-empirical model for cavity formationAitken, F.; Li, Z.-L.; Bonifaci, N.; Denat, A.; von Haeften, KlausArticle
6-Oct-2010Fluorescence of silicon nanoparticles suspended in water: reactive co-deposition for the control of surface properties of clustersvon Haeften, Klaus; Akraiam, A.; Torricelli, G.; Brewer, A.Conference paper