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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
1-Jan-2015X-ray observations of MercuryLindsay, Simon ThomasThesis
4-Feb-2015Total Electron Content in the martian atmosphere: a critical assessment of the Mars Express MARSIS datasetsSánchez-Cano, B.; Morgan, D. D.; Witasse, O.; Radicella, S. M.; Herraiz, M.; Orosei, R.; Cartacci, M.; Cicchetti, A.; Noschese, R.; Kofman, W.; Grima, C.; Mouginot, J.; Gurnett, D. A.; Lester, M.; Blelly, P-L.; Opgenoorth, H.; Quinsac, G.Journal Article
28-Feb-2015SDSS J1138+3517: A quasar showing remarkably variable broad absorption linesWildy, Conor; Goad, Michael R.; Allen, J. T.Journal Article
1-Feb-2015Development of a Fabry-Perot Etalon spectrometer for high-resolution aerosol observations in the oxygen A-bandGeddes, Alexander GordonThesis
1-Mar-2015Metal Cluster Production by Condensation of Metal Vapour in Supersonic Expansions and by Aggregation in DropletsAkraiam, Atea I. BubakerThesis
10-Mar-2015Solving the Puzzle of Subhalo SpinsWang, Y.; Lin, W.; Pearce, F.; Lux, H.; Muldrew, Stuart I.; Onions, J.Journal Article
14-Mar-2015Misaligned gas discs around eccentric black hole binaries and implications for the final-parsec problemAly, Hossam; Dehnen, Walter; Nixon, Chris; King, AndrewJournal Article
20-Feb-2015Black hole feedback in the luminous quasar PDS 456Nardini, E.; Reeves, J. N.; Gofford, J.; Harrison, F. A.; Risaliti, G.; Braito, V.; Costa, M. T.; Matzeu, G. A.; Walton, D. J.; Behar, E.; Boggs, S. E.; Christensen, F. E.; Craig, W. W.; Hailey, C. J.; Matt, G.; Miller, J. M.; O'Brien, Paul T.; Stern, D.; Turner, T. J.; Ward, M. J.Journal Article
4-Mar-2015Accessing the population of high redshift gamma ray burstsGhirlanda, G.; Salvaterra, R.; Ghisellini, G.; Mereghetti, S.; Tagliaferri, G.; Campana, S.; Osborne, J. P.; O'Brien, PT; Tanvir, N.; Willingale, D.; Amati, L.; Basa, S.; Bernardini, M. G.; Burlon, D.; Covino, S.; D'Avanzo, P.; Frontera, F.; Gotz, D.; Melandra, A.; Nava, L.; Prio, L.; Vergani, S. D.Journal Article
1-Apr-2015Studies of Saturn’s ultraviolet auroras using the hubble space telescopeMeredith, Calum JamesThesis