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23-Jan-2018Rings and gaps in the disc around Elias 24 revealed by ALMADipierro, G.; Ricci, L.; PĂ©rez, L.; Lodato, G.; Alexander, R. D.; Laibe, G.; Andrews, S.; Carpenter, J. M.; Chandler, C. J.; Greaves, J. A.; Hall, C.; Henning, T.; Kwon, W.; Linz, H.; Mundy, L.; Sargent, A.; Tazzari, M.; Testi, L.; Wilner, D.Journal Article
Jun-2018Saturn's Seasonally Changing Atmosphere: Thermal Structure, Composition and AerosolsFletcher, L. N.; Greathouse, T. K.; Moses, J. I.; Guerlet, S.; West, R. A.Chapter
15-Mar-2018Hydrogen dimers in giant-planet infrared spectraFletcher, Leigh N.; Gustafsson, Magnus; Orton, Glenn S.Journal Article
9-Mar-2018A study of observations of Ionospheric upwelling made by theEISCAT Svalbard Radar during the International Polar Year campaign of 2007David, T; Wright, Darren. M; Milan, S; Cowley, S; Davies, J; McCrea, IJournal Article
16-Jan-2018Variations of High-Latitude Geomagnetic Pulsation Frequencies: A Comparison of Time-of-Flight Estimates and IMAGE Magnetometer ObservationsSandhu, J. K.; Yeoman, Timothy; James, M. K.; Rae, I. J.; Fear, R. C.Journal Article
23-Feb-2018A Precise Distance to the Host Galaxy of the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817 Using Surface Brightness FluctuationsCantiello, M.; Jensen, J. B.; Blakeslee, J. P.; Berger, E.; Levan, A. J.; Tanvir, Nial; Raimondo, G.; Brocato, E.; Alexander, K. D.; Blanchard, P. K.; Branchesi, M.; Cano, Z.; Chornock, R.; Covino, S.; Cowperthwaite, P. S.; D'Avanzo, P.; Eftekhari, T.; Fong, W.; Fruchter, A. S.; Grado, A.; Hjorth, J.; Holz, D. E.; Lyman, J. D.; Mandel, I.; Margutti, R.; Nicholl, M.; Villar, V. A.; Williams, P. K. G.Journal Article
13-Feb-2018Exoplanet-induced Radio Emission from M DwarfsTurnpenney, Sam; Nichols, Jonathan D.; Wynn, Graham A.; Burleigh, Matthew R.Journal Article
14-Mar-2018Superhumps linked to X-ray emission The superoutbursts of SSS J122221.7-311525 and GW LibNeustroev, V. V.; Page, K. L.; Kuulkers, E.; Osborne, Julian P.; Beardmore, A. P.; Knigge, C.; Marsh, T.; Suleimanov, V. F.; Zharikov, S. V.Journal Article
31-Jan-2018The first sub-70 minute non-interacting WD-BD system: EPIC212235321Casewell, S. L.; Braker, I. P.; Parsons, S. G.; Hermes, J. J.; Burleigh, M. R.; Belardi, C.; Chaushev, A.; Finch, N. L.; Roy, M.; Littlefair, S. P.; Goad, M.; Dennihy, E.Journal Article
8-Jan-2018Dust reddening and extinction curves toward gamma-ray bursts at z > 4Bolmer, J.; Greiner, J.; Kruehler, T.; Schady, P.; Ledoux, C.; Tanvir, N. R.; Levan, A. J.Journal Article