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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
7-Mar-2012Magnetopause energy transfer dependence on the interplanetary magnetic field and the Earth's magnetic dipole axis orientationPalmroth, M.; Fear, R. C.; Honkonen, I.Journal Article
7-Mar-2013HDO/H₂O ratio retrievals from GOSATBoesch, H.; Deutscher, N.M.; Warneke, T.; Byckling, K.; Cogan, Austin James; Griffith, D.W.T.; Notholt, J.; Parker, R.J.; Wang, Z.Journal Article
20-Jan-2014On the consistency between global and regional methane emissions inferred from SCIAMACHY, TANSO-FTS, IASI and surface measurementsCressot, C.; Chevallier, F.; Bousquet, P.; Crevoisier, C.; Dlugokencky, E. J.; Fortems-Cheiney, A.; Frankenberg, C.; Parker, Robert; Pison, I.; Scheepmaker, R. A.; Montzka, S. A.; Krummel, P. B.; Steele, L. P.; Langenfelds, R. L.Journal Article
14-Aug-2014Spatially resolving methane emissions in California: constraints from the CalNex aircraft campaign and from present (GOSAT, TES) and future (TROPOMI, geostationary) satellite observationsWecht, K. J.; Jacob, D. J.; Sulprizio, M. P.; Santoni, G. W.; Wofsy, S. C.; Parker, Robert; Boesch, H.; Worden, J.Journal Article
7-Sep-2017Evaporation in action sensed by multiwavelength Doppler radarsTridon, Frédéric; Battaglia, Alessandro; Watters, DanielJournal Article
29-Nov-2018The asymmetric geospace as displayed during the geomagnetic storm on 17 August 2001Ostgaard, N; Reistad, JP; Tenfjord, P; Laundal, KM; Rexer, T; Haaland, SE; Snekvik, K; Hesse, M; Milan, SE; Ohma, AJournal Article
7-Mar-2017Structural uncertainty in air mass factor calculation for NO2 and HCHO satellite retrievalsLorente, A; Boersma, KF; Yu, H; Doerner, S; Hilboll, A; Richter, A; Liu, M; Lamsal, LN; Barkley, M; De Smedt, I; Van Roozendael, M; Wang, Y; Wagner, T; Beirle, S; Lin, J-T; Krotkov, N; Stammes, P; Wang, P; Eskes, HJ; Krol, MJournal Article
30-Oct-2018Doppler W-band polarization diversity space-borne radar simulator for wind studiesBattaglia, Alessandro; Dhillon, Ranvir; Illingworth, AnthonyJournal Article