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2011ULIRS, an optimal estimation retrieval scheme for carbon monoxide using IASI spectral radiances: sensitivity analysis, error budget and simulationsIllingworth, S.M.; Remedios, John J.; Boesch, H.; Moore, D.P.; Sembhi, H.; Dudhia, A.; Walker, J.C.Journal Article
7-Mar-2013HDO/H₂O ratio retrievals from GOSATBoesch, H.; Deutscher, N.M.; Warneke, T.; Byckling, K.; Cogan, Austin James; Griffith, D.W.T.; Notholt, J.; Parker, R.J.; Wang, Z.Journal Article
30-Apr-2014Atmospheric composition and thermodynamic retrievals from the ARIES airborne FTS system - Part 1: Technical aspects and simulated capabilityIllingworth, S. M.; Allen, G.; Newman, S.; Vance, A.; Marenco, F.; Harlow, R. C.; Taylor, J.; Moore, David P.; Remedios, John J.Journal Article
14-Aug-2014Spatially resolving methane emissions in California: constraints from the CalNex aircraft campaign and from present (GOSAT, TES) and future (TROPOMI, geostationary) satellite observationsWecht, K. J.; Jacob, D. J.; Sulprizio, M. P.; Santoni, G. W.; Wofsy, S. C.; Parker, Robert; Boesch, H.; Worden, J.Journal Article
7-Oct-2010Assimilation of land surface temperature into the land surface model JULES with an ensemble Kalman filterGhent, D.; Kaduk, J.; Remedios, J.; Ardo, J.; Balzter, H.Journal Article
1-Jan-2015Quantifying lower tropospheric methane concentrations using GOSAT near-IR and TES thermal IR measurementsWorden, J. R.; Turner, A. J.; Bloom, A.; Kulawik, S. S.; Liu, J.; Lee, M.; Weidner, R.; Bowman, K.; Frankenberg, C.; Parker, Robert; Payne, V. H.Journal Article
22-Dec-2014Satellite-inferred European carbon sink larger than expectedReuter, M.; Buchwitz, M; Hilker, M.; Heymann, J.; Schneising, O.; Pillai, D.; Bovensmann, H.; Burrows, J. P.; Boesch, Hartmut; Parker, Robert; Butz, A.; Hasekamp, O.; O'Dell, C. W.; Yoshida, Y.; Gerbig, C.; Nehrkorn, T.; Deutscher, N. M.; Warneke, T.; Notholt, J.; Hase, F.; Kivi, R.; Sussmann, R.; Machida, T.; Matsueda, H.; Sawa, Y.Journal Article
16-Sep-2014Sea surface temperature datasets for climate applications from Phase 1 of the European Space Agency Climate Change Initiative (SST CCI)Merchant, C. J.; Embury, O.; Roberts-Jones, J.; Fiedler, E.; Bulgin, C. E.; Corlett, Gary, K.; Good, S.; McLaren, A.; Rayner, N.; Morak-Bozzo, S.; Donlon, C.Journal Article
12-Aug-2015New and improved infrared absorption cross sections for dichlorodifluoromethane (CFC-12)Harrison, J. J.Journal Article
19-May-2015An intercomparison of inverse models for estimating sources and sinks of CO2 using GOSAT measurementsHouweling, S.; Baker, D.; Basu, S.; Boesch, Hartmut; Butz, A.; Chevallier, F.; Deng, F.; Dlugokencky, E. J.; Feng, L.; Ganshin, A.; Hasekamp, O.; Jones, D.; Maksyutov, S.; Marshall, J.; Oda, T.; O'Dell, C. W.; Oshchepkov, S.; Palmer, P. I.; Peylin, P; Poussi, Z.; Reum, F.; Takagi, H.; Yoshida, Y.; Zhuravlev, R.Journal Article