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1-Apr-2013X-ray absorption evolution in gamma-ray bursts: intergalactic medium or evolutionary signature of their host galaxiesStarling, R. L. C.; Willingale, R.; Tanvir, N. R.; Scott, A. E.; Wiersema, K.; O'Brien, P. T.; Levan, A. J.; Stewart, G. C.Journal Article
11-Mar-2015Submillimetre observations of WISE/radio-selected AGN and their environmentsJones, S. J.; Blain, Andrew William; Lonsdale, C. J.; Condon, J.; Farrah, D.; Stern, D.; Tsai, C. -. W.; Assef, R. J.; Bridge, C.; Kimball, A.; Lacy, M.; Eisenhardt, P.; Wu, J.; Jarrett, T.Journal Article
29-Apr-2015Half of the most luminous quasars may be obscured : investigating the nature of wise-selected hot dust-obscured galaxiesAssef, R. J.; Eisenhardt, P. R. M.; Stern, D.; Tsai, C-W.; Wu, J.; Wylezalek, D.; Blain, Andrew William; Bridge, C. R.; Donoso, E.; Gonzales, A.; Griffith, R. L.; Jarrett, T. H.Journal Article
29-Aug-2014A SUBMILLIMETER GALAXY ILLUMINATING ITS CIRCUMGALACTIC MEDIUM: Ly alpha SCATTERING IN A COLD, CLUMPY OUTFLOWGeach, J. E.; Bower, R. G.; Alexander, D. M.; Blain, Andrew William; Bremer, M. N.; Chapin, E. L.; Chapman, S. C.; Clements, D. L.; Coppin, K. E. K.; Dunlop, J. S.; Farrah, D.; Jenness, T.; Koprowski, M. P.; Michallowski, M. J.; Robson, E. I.; Scott, D.; Smith, D. J. B.; Spaans, M.; Swinbank, A. M.; van der Werf, P.Journal Article
4-Mar-2016HOT DUST OBSCURED GALAXIES WITH EXCESS BLUE LIGHT: DUAL AGN OR SINGLE AGN UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS?Assef, R. J.; Walton, D. J.; Brightman, M.; Stern, D.; Alexander, D.; Bauer, F.; Blain, Andrew William; Diaz-Santos, T.; Eisenhardt, P. R. M.; Finkelstein, S. L.; Hickox, R. C.; Tsai, C-W.; Wu, J. W.Journal Article
20-Jan-2017NuSTAR OBSERVATIONS OF WISE J1036+0449, A GALAXY AT z similar to 1 OBSCURED BY HOT DUSTRicci, C.; Assef, R. J.; Stern, D.; Nikutta, R.; Alexander, D. M.; Asmus, D.; Ballantyne, D. R.; Bauer, F. E.; Blain, A. W.; Boggs, S.; Boorman, P. G.; Brandt, W. N.; Brightman, M.; Chang, C. S.; Chen, C-T. J.; Christensen, F. E.; Comastri, A.; Craig, W. W.; Diaz-Santos, T.; Eisenhardt, P. R.; Farrah, D.; Gandhi, P.; Hailey, C. J.; Harrison, F. A.; Jun, H. D.; Koss, M. J.; LaMassa, S.; Lansbury, G. B.; Markwardt, C. B.; Stalevski, M.; Stanley, F.; Treister, E.; Tsai, C-W.; Walton, D. J.; Wu, J. W.; Zappacosta, L.; Zhang, W. W.Journal Article
11-May-2017Overdensities of SMGs around WISE-selected, ultraluminous, high-redshift AGNsJones, S. F.; Blain, Andrew W.; Assef, R. J.; Eisenhardt, P.; Lonsdale, C.; Condon, J.; Farrah, D.; Tsai, C-W.; Bridge, C.; Wu, J.; Wright, E. L.; Jarrett, T.Journal Article
16-Jan-2017The MOSDEF Survey: AGN Multi-wavelength Identification, Selection Biases, and Host Galaxy PropertiesAzadi, Mojegan; Coil, Alison L.; Aird, James; Reddy, Naveen; Shapley, Alice; Freeman, William R.; Kriek, Mariska; Leung, Gene C. K.; Mobasher, Bahram; Price, Sedona H.; Sanders, Ryan L.; Shivaei, Irene; Siana, BrianJournal Article
30-Oct-2017The MOSDEF Survey: The Prevalence and Properties of Galaxy-wide AGN-driven Outflows at z ~ 2Leung, Gene C. K.; Coil, Alison L.; Azadi, Mojegan; Aird, James; Shapley, Alice; Kriek, Mariska; Mobasher, Bahram; Reddy, Naveen; Siana, Brian; Freeman, William R.; Price, Sedona H.; Sanders, Ryan L.; Shivaei, IreneJournal Article
11-Oct-2018THE MOSDEF SURVEY: The Nature of Mid-Infrared Excess Galaxies and a Comparison of IR and UV Star Formation Tracers at z ~ 2Azadi, Mojegan; Coil, Alison; Aird, James; Shivaei, Irene; Reddy, Naveen; Shapley, Alice; Kriek, Mariska; Freeman, William R.; Leung, Gene C. K.; Mobasher, Bahram; Price, Sedona H.; Sanders, Ryan L.; Siana, Brian; Zick, TomJournal Article