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Title: Diverse Agendas at Work in the Jesus Quest
Authors: Marsh, Clive.
First Published: 2010
Publisher: Brill
Citation: Marsh Clive, , Diverse Agendas at Work in the Jesus Quest, ed. Holmén, T;Porter, SE, 'Handbook for the Study of the Historical Jesus Volume 2', Brill, 2010, pp. 985-1020
Abstract: The Quest of the Historical Jesus has never only been about the quest for Jesus. This simple yet significant conclusion is a major legacy of the Quest’s history. A reading of the Quest’s history as a story of the search for the grail of historical objectivity in the face of the obfuscating irritations of ideology or subjectivity proves both oversimplified and dangerously misleading. However laudable the quest for historical objectivity might have been and be, it remains elusive. Objectivity needs to be respected lest the narratives or pictorial portrayals of Jesus which continue to prove culturally (religiously, socially, ethically and politically) influential lose all connection with the man from Nazareth. Attention to the many “interests” at work alongside the quest for historical objectivity is, however, essential. These interests may not prove of equal weight or be worth commending. But as some of these “interests” might coincide with Jesus’ interests, the historical task of narrating the life of this hugely significant figure entails teasing out what interests these might have been, and whether such interests are worth pressing in the way that the story of Jesus itself is written. The historical Quest for Jesus is thus always also an ideological Quest too. How the “agendas” at work within the various quests are to be understood is the focus of this chapter.
ISBN: 9789004163720
Type: Chapter
Rights: Copyright © 2010 Brill.
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