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Title: Perspectives on Ageing and Attitudes towards Financial Planning for Care in Old Age in the South Asian Communities in the East Midlands
Authors: Katbamna, Savita
Bakht, Shiria
Shah, Jayna
Barker, Geraldine
First Published: Nov-2004
Presented at: University of Leicester
Abstract: This research is an exploratory study of the meaning and expectations of old age, and the attitudes and behaviour towards planning for care in old age, of a middle-aged cohort of South Asians of people, namely the Gujaratis and Bangladeshis in the East Midlands. The report is divided into seven chapters. Chapter one provides a brief overview of the research project and sets out the need for research in the field. This chapter includes a brief overview of selected literature on demographic, social and economic position of South Asian in Britain to provide a contextual background for the empirical chapters. Chapter two, covers our methodological approach, describing the rationale for using for using a qualitative and semi-quantitative approach, and outlines how focus groups and semi- structured in-depth interviews were used for gathering material. The chapter also includes how we selected and recruited the sample, background details about the sample size and characteristics and how the material was translated, transcribed, interpreted and analysed. Chapter three describes participants' understanding of the meaning of old age, their aspirations and expectations for growing old and their concerns about health, social welfare and financial independence and dependency in old age. This chapter also discusses how age, gender and ethnicity impact on participants' attitudes and expectations of ageing. Chapter four focuses on participants' expectations of personal and practical support from 'close' family members and the state. Their expectations of support are examined in the context of intergenerational responsibilities and obligations, potential difficulties and barriers which participants believe people in their age group are likely to encounter in negotiating support from their family. The last section of the chapter examines participants' attitudes to, and justifications for, expecting personal and practical support from the state, and the impediments they feel they are likely to face in negotiating support. Chapter five examines participants' attitudes and plans for financing retirement in terms of pensions and savings, and in terms of their expectations of financial support from state and family. We also examine the issues they believe will prevent them from living a financially secure and comfortable old age. Chapter six discusses participants' attitudes to saving, inheritance and the use of personal financial resources to pay for care in old age. The last section of this chapter examines participants' attitudes to funding long-term care through general taxation or long-term care insurance. The final chapter of the report, Chapter seven, concludes with a summary of issues highlighted by participants. We also examine the implications of these issues, and the impact they may have on future generations of older people, their families and the state.
Series/Report no.: Nuffield Community Care Studies Unit;NF109 11/04 SK
Type: Report
Rights: Copyright © The authors, 2004
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