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Title: Charred plant remains from an Iron Age and Roman site at Carsington, Derbyshire (CST-96)
Authors: Monckton, Angela
First Published: 1997
Presented at: University of Leicester
Abstract: During the excavation by Trent and Peak Archaeological Trust samples were taken from Late Iron Age, Roman and post Roman ditches and other features in order to recover charred plant remains. A large deposit of barley grains of Late Iron Age to Roman date was recovered and these together with other cereal remains were examined and recorded. These samples provided evidence of the crops exploited and suggest cereal related activities on the site. It was hoped that this information would complement that from the nearby waterlogged deposits. Cereal remains of this period are not generally abundant from the region and this site therefore provides the opportunity to add to our knowledge of agriculture and diet at this time. [Taken from introduction]
Series/Report no.: ULAS Archive Report;
Type: Report
Rights: Copyright © the author, 1997
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