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6-Jan-2016Investigation of an SFOV hybrid gamma camera for thyroid imagingBugby, S. L.; Lees, John E. W.; Ng, A. H.; Alqahtani, M. S.; Perkins, A. C.Journal Article
18-Mar-2016MESSENGER X-ray observations of magnetosphere–surface interaction on the nightside of MercuryLindsay, S. T.; James, M. K.; Bunce, E.J.; Imber, S. M.; Korth, H.; Martindale, A.; Yeoman, Timothy K.Journal Article
15-Jun-2016Measurement of the charged pion mass using X-ray spectroscopy of exotic atomsTrassinelli, M.; Anagnostopoulos, D. F.; Borchert, G.; Dax, A.; Egger, J.-P.; Gotta, D.; Hennebach, M.; Indelicato, P.; Liu, Y.-W.; Manil, B.; Nelms, Nicholas H.; Simons, L. M.; Wells, A.Journal Article
29-Jun-2016Jupiter’s hydrogen bulge: A Cassini perspectiveMelin, Henrik; Stallard, T. S.Journal Article
4-Nov-2015The interaction between transpolar arcs and cusp spotsFear, R. C.; Milan, Stephen E.; Carter, J. A.; Maggiolo, R.Journal Article
19-Nov-2015The statistical difference between bending arcs and regular polar arcsKullen, A.; Fear, R. C.; Milan, Stephen E.; Carter, J. A.; Karlsson, T.Journal Article
1-May-2016Modeling the magnetospheric X-ray emission from solar wind charge exchange with verification from XMM-Newton observationsWhittaker, Ian C.; Sembay, Steve; Carter, Jennifer A.; Read, Andrew M.; Milan, Steve E.; Palmroth, MinnaJournal Article
8-Jun-2016Planets, debris and their host metallicity correlationsFletcher, Mark; Nayakshin, SergeiJournal Article
6-Jul-2016Black holes in stellar-mass binary systems: expiating original spin?King, Andrew; Nixon, Chris J.Journal Article
26-May-2016The panchromatic spectroscopic evolution of the classical CO nova V339 Delphini (Nova Del 2013) until X-ray turnoffShore, S. N.; Mason, E.; Schwarz, G. J.; Teyssier, F. M.; Buil, C.; De Gennaro Aquino, I.; Page, K. L.; Osborne, Julian P.; Scaringi, S.; Starrfield, S.; Van Winckel, H.; Williams, R. E.; Woodward, C. E.Journal Article
14-May-2016Multiradar observations of substorm-driven ULF wavesJames, Matthew K.; Yeoman, T. K.; Mager, P. N.; Klimushkin, D. YuJournal Article
1-May-2016Dynamic effects of restoring footpoint symmetry on closed magnetic field linesReistad, J. P.; Østgaard, N.; Tenfjord, P.; Laundal, K. M.; Snekvik, K.; Haaland, S.; Milan, Stephen Eric; Oksavik, K.; Frey, H. U.; Grocott, A.Journal Article
2-May-2016Modulation of the substorm current wedge by bursty bulk flows: 8 September 2002—RevisitedPalin, L.; Opgenoorth, H. J.; Ågren, K.; Zivkovic, T.; Sergeev, V. A.; Kubyshkina, M. V.; Nikolaev, A.; Kauristie, K.; van de Kamp, M.; Amm, O.; Milan, Stephen Eric; Imber, S. M.; Facskó, G.; Palmroth, M.; Nakamura, R.Journal Article
6-Jun-2016Discovery of Broad Soft X-Ray Absorption Lines from the Quasar Wind in PDS 456Reeves, J. N.; Braito, V.; Nardini, E.; Behar, E.; O'Brien, Paul T.; Tombesi, F.; Turner, T. J.; Costa, M. T.Journal Article
19-May-2016F region ionosphere effects on the mapping accuracy of SuperDARN HF radar echoesChen, X.-C.; Lorentzen, D. A.; Moen, J. I.; Oksavik, K.; Baddeley, L. J.; Lester, MarkJournal Article
15-Mar-2016Exploring the Dynamic X-ray Universe: Scientific Opportunities for the Einstein Probe MissionYuan, Weimin; Osborne, Julian P.; Willingale, Richard; Zhang, ChenJournal Article
20-Jun-2016Key components of data publishing: using current best practices to develop a reference model for data publishingAustin, C. C.; Bloom, T.; Dallmeier-Tiessen, S.; Khodiyar, V. K.; Murphy, F.; Nurnberger, A.; Raymond, L.; Stockhause, M.; Tedds, Jonathan A.; Vardigan, M.; Whyte, A.Journal Article
1-Jan-2003The XMM-Newton serendipitous source catalogueWatson, M. G.; Pye, John P.; Denby, M.; Osborne, J. P.; Barret, D.; Boller, T.; Brunner, H.; Ceballos, M. T.; DellaCeca, R.; Fyfe, D. J.; Lamer, G.; Maccacaro, T.; Michel, L.; Motch, C.; Pietsch, W.; Saxton, R. D.; Schroder, A. C.; Stewart, I. M.; Tedds, Jonathan A.; Webb, N.Conference Paper
22-Dec-2008A multi-wavelength survey of AGN in the XMM-LSS field I. Quasar selection via the KX techniqueNakos, T.; Willis, J. P.; Andreon, S.; Surdej, J.; Riaud, P.; Hatziminaoglou, E.; Garcet, O.; Alloin, D.; Baes, M.; Galaz, G.; Pierre, M.; Quintana, H.; Page, M. J.; Tedds, Jonathan A.; Ceballos, M. T.; Corral, A.; Ebrero, J.; Krumpe, M.; Mateos, S.Journal Article
27-May-2008The cosmological properties of AGN in the XMM-Newton Hard Bright SurveyDella Ceca, R.; Caccianiga, A.; Severgnini, P.; Maccacaro, T.; Brunner, H.; Carrera, F. J.; Cocchia, F.; Mateos, S.; Page, M. J.; Tedds, Jonathan A.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3513
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