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4-May-2015Multiple scattering in observations of the GPM dual-frequency precipitation radar: Evidence and impact on retrievalsBattaglia, A; Tanelli, S.; Mroz, K.; Tridon, F.Journal Article
10-Dec-2014A small field of view camera for hybrid gamma and optical imagingLees, J. E.; Bugby, S. L.; Bhatia, B. S.; Jambi, L. K.; Alqahtani, M. S.; McKnight, W. R.; Ng, A. H.; Perkins, A. C.Journal Article
17-Dec-2014Space-compatible strain gauges as an integration aid for the James Webb Space Telescope Mid-Infrared InstrumentSamara-Ratna, Piyal; Sykes, Jon; Bicknell, Chris; Pye, John; Jessen, N. C.; Nøgaard-Nielsen, H. U.Journal Article
13-Nov-2014A scheme for assessing the performance characteristics of small field-of-view gamma cameras.Bhatia, B. S.; Bugby, S. L.; Lees, J. E.; Perkins, A. C.Journal Article
27-Jan-2015Development and characterisation of a state-of-the-art GOME-2 formaldehyde air-mass factor algorithmHewson, W.; Barkley, M. P.; Gonzalez Abad, G.; Bösch, H.; Kurosu, T.; Spurr, R.Journal Article
1-Apr-2013X-ray absorption evolution in gamma-ray bursts: intergalactic medium or evolutionary signature of their host galaxiesStarling, R. L. C.; Willingale, R.; Tanvir, N. R.; Scott, A. E.; Wiersema, K.; O'Brien, P. T.; Levan, A. J.; Stewart, G. C.Journal Article
10-Dec-2014Detailed afterglow modelling and host galaxy properties of the dark GRB 111215Avan der Horst, A. J.; Levan, A. J.; Pooley, G. G.; Wiersema, K.; Kruhler, T.; Perley, D. A.; Starling, R. L. C.; Curran, P. A.; Tanvir, N. R.; Wijers, R. A. M. J.; Strom, R. G.; Kouveliotou, C.; Hartoog, O. E.; Xu, D.; Fynbo, J. P. U.; Jakobsson, P.Journal Article
1-Jul-2014Diversity of gamma-ray burst energetics vs. supernova homogeneity: SN 2013cq associated with GRB 130427AMelandri, A; Pian, E; D'Elia, V; D'Avanzo, P; Della Valle, M; Mazzali, PA; Tagliaferri, G; Cano, Z; Levan, AJ; Moller, P; Amati, L; Bernardini, MG; Bersier, D; bufano, F; Campana, S; Castro-Tirado, AJ; Covino, S; Ghirlanda, G; Hurley, K; Malesani, D; Masetti, N; Palazzi, E; Piranmonte, S; Rossi, A; Salvaterra, R; Starling, RLC; Tanaka, M; Tanvir, NR; Vergani, SDJournal Article
30-Dec-2013A NEW POPULATION OF ULTRA-LONG DURATION GAMMA-RAY BURSTSLevan, A. J.; Tanvir, N. R.; Starling, R. L. C.; Wiersema, K.; Page, K. L.; Perley, D. A.; Schulze, S.; Wynn, G. A.; Chornock, R.; Hjorth, J.; Cenko, S. B.; Fruchter, A. S.; O'Brien, P. T.; Brown, G. C.; Tunnicliffe, R. L.; Malesani, D.; Jakobsson, P.; Watson, D.; Berger, E.; Bersier, D.; Cobb, B. E.; Covino, S.; Cucchiara, A.; de Ugarte Postigo., A.; Fox, D. B.; Gal-Yam, A.; Goldoni, P.; Gorosabel, J.; Kaper, L.; Kruehler, T.; Karjalainen, R.; Osborne, J. P.; Pian, E.; Sanchez-Ramirez, R.; Schmidt, B.; Skillen, I.; Tagliaferri, G.; Thoene, C.; Vaduvescu, O.; Wijers, R. A. M. J.; Zauderer, B. A.Journal Article
6-Dec-2013The story of Seyfert galaxy RE J2248−511: from intriguingly ultrasoft to unremarkably averageStarling, R. L. C.; Done, C.; Jin, C.; Romero-Colmenero, E.; Potter, S. B.; Wiersema, K.; Page, K. L.; Page, M. J.; Breeveld, A. A.; Lobban, A. P.Journal Article
30-Apr-2014Circular polarization in the optical afterglow of GRB 121024A.Wiersema, K.; Covino, S.; Toma, K.; van der Horst, A. J.; Varela, K.; Min, M.; Greiner, J.; Starling, R. L.; Tanvir, N. R.; Wijers, R. A.; Campana, S.; Curran, P. A.; Fan, Y.; Fynbo, J. P.; Gorosabel, J.; Gomboc, A.; Götz, D.; Hjorth, J.; Jin, Z. P.; Kobayashi, S.; Kouveliotou, C.; Mundell, C.; O'Brien, P. T.; Pian, E.; Rowlinson, A.; Russell, D. M.; Salvaterra, R.; di Serego Alighieri, S.; Tagliaferri, G.; Vergani, S. D.; Elliott, J.; Fariña, C. G.; Hartoog, O. E.; Karjalainen, R.; Klose, S.; Knust, F.; Levan, A. J.; Schady, P.; Sudilovsky, V.; Willingale, R.Journal Article
12-Mar-2015Are steady magnetospheric convection events prolonged substorms?Walach, M-T.; Milan, Stephen A.Journal Article
26-Feb-2015Swift follow-up of IceCube triggers, and implications for the Advanced-LIGO eraEvans, P. A.; Osborne, J. P.; Kennea, J. A.; Smith, M.; Palmer, D. M.; Gehrels, N.; Gelbord, J. M.; Homeier, A.; Voge, M.; Strotjohann, N. L.; Cowen, D. F.; Boeser, S.; Kowalski, M.; Stasik, A.Journal Article
2015Cassini VIMS observations of H3+ emission on the nightside of JupiterStallard, Tom S.; Melin, Henrik; Miller, S.; Badman, S. V.; Baines, K. H.; Brown, R. H.; Blake, James S. D.; O'Donoghue, J.; Johnson, Rosie E.; Bools, Bethany; Pilkington, N. M.; East, Oliver T. L.; Fletcher, MarkJournal Article
26-Mar-2015Galaxy Cluster Mass Reconstruction Project: II. Quantifying scatter and bias using contrasting mock cataloguesOld, L.; Wojtak, R.; Mamon, G. A.; Skibba, R. A.; Pearce, F. R.; Croton, D.; Bamford, S.; Behroozi, P.; de Carvalho, R.; Muñoz-Cuartas, J. C.; Gifford, D.; Gray, M. E.; von der Linden, A.; Merrifield, M. R.; Muldrew, Stuart I.; Müller, V.; Pearson, R. J.; Ponman, T. J.; Rozo, E.; Rykoff, E.; Saro, A.; Sepp, T.; Sifón, C.; Tempel, E.Journal Article
16-Apr-2015The role of feedback in accretion on Low Luminosity AGN : Sgr A* case studyCuadra, Jorge; Nayakshin, Sergei; Wang, Q. DanielJournal Article
12-Nov-2014Metal loading of giant gas planetsNayakshin, SergeiJournal Article
4-Jan-2015Positive metallicity correlation for coreless giant planetsNayakshin, SergeiJournal Article
4-Mar-2015Accessing the population of high redshift gamma ray burstsGhirlanda, G.; Salvaterra, R.; Ghisellini, G.; Mereghetti, S.; Tagliaferri, G.; Campana, S.; Osborne, J. P.; O'Brien, PT; Tanvir, N.; Willingale, D.; Amati, L.; Basa, S.; Bernardini, M. G.; Burlon, D.; Covino, S.; D'Avanzo, P.; Frontera, F.; Gotz, D.; Melandra, A.; Nava, L.; Prio, L.; Vergani, S. D.Journal Article
1-May-2013Simultaneous conjugate observations of small-scale structures in Saturn's dayside ultraviolet auroras: Implications for physical originsMeredith, C. J.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Hansen, K. C.; Nichols, J. D.; Yeoman, T. K.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3094
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