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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
2-Apr-2004Saturn's polar ionospheric flows and their relation to the main auroral ovalCowley, S. W. H.; Bunce, E. J.; Prange, R.Journal Article
22-Feb-2017Characterisation of AGN from the XMM-Newton Slew SurveyStarling, R. L. C.; Wildy, C.; Wiersema, K.; Mateos, S.; Saxton, R. D.; Read, A. M.; Mingo, B.Journal Article
2017The Great Cold Spot in Jupiter's upper atmosphereStallard, Tom S.; Melin, Henrik; Miller, Steve; Moore, Luke; O'Donoghue, James; Connerney, John E. P.; Satoh, Takehiko; West, Robert A.; Thayer, Jeffrey P.; Hsu, Vicki W.; Johnson, Rosie E.Journal Article
6-Aug-2016Field-aligned currents in Saturn's magnetosphere: Local time dependence of southern summer currents in the dawn sector between midnight and noonHunt, G. J.; Cowley, Stanley W. H.; Provan, G.; Bunce, E. J.; Alexeev, I. I.; Belenkaya, E. S.; Kalegaev, V. V.; Dougherty, M. K.; Coates, A. J.Journal Article
1-Feb-2017Overview of Solar Wind–Magnetosphere–Ionosphere–Atmosphere Coupling and the Generation of Magnetospheric CurrentsMilan, S. E.; Clausen, L. B. N.; Coxon, J. C.; Carter, J. A.; Walach, M. T.; Laundal, K.; Østgaard, N.; Tenfjord, P.; Reistad, J.; Snekvik, K.; Korth, H.; Anderson, B. J.Journal Article
4-Jan-2017Inauguration and first light of the GCT-M prototype for the Cherenkov telescope arrayWatson, J. J.; De Franco, A.; Abchiche, A.; Allan, D.; Amans, J.-P.; Armstrong, T. P.; Balzer, A.; Berge, D.; Boisson, C.; Bousquet, J. J.; Brown, A. M.; Bryan, M.; Buchholtz, G.; Chadwick, P. M.; Costantini, H.; Cotter, G.; Daniel, M. K.; De Frondat, F.; Dournaux, J. L.; Dumas, D.; Ernenwein, J. P.; Fasola, G.; Funk, S.; Gironnet, J.; Graham, J. A.; Greenshaw, T.; Hervet, O.; Hidaka, N.; Hinton, J. A.; Huet, J. M.; Jegouzo, I.; Jogler, T.; Kraus, M.; Lapington, J. S.; Laporte, P.; Lefaucheur, J.; Markoff, S.; Melse, T.; Mohrmann, L.; Molyneux, P.; Nolan, S. J.; Okumura, A.; Osborne, J. P.; Parsons, R. D.; Rosen, S.; Ross, D.; Rowell, G.; Rulten, C. B.; Sato, Y.; Sayède, F.; Schmoll, J.; Schoorlemmer, H.; Servillat, M.; Sol, H.; Stamatescu, V.; Stephan, M.; Stuik, R.; Sykes, J.; Tajima, H.; Thornhill, J.; Tibaldo, L.; Trichard, C.; Vink, J.; White, R.; Yamane, N.; Zech, A.; Zink, A.; Zorn, J.Conference Paper
1-Feb-2017X-ray orbital modulation of a white dwarf accreting from an L dwarf: The system SDSS J121209.31+013627.7Stelzer, B.; De Martino, D.; Casewell, S. L.; Wynn, G. A.; Roy, M.Journal Article
18-Feb-2017An analysis of magnetic reconnection events and their associated auroral enhancementsCase, N. A.; Grocott, A.; Milan, S. E.; Nagai, T.; Reistad, J. P.Journal Article
20-Dec-2016Model sensitivity studies of the decrease in atmospheric carbon tetrachlorideChipperfield, Martyn P.; Liang, Qing; Rigby, Matthew; Hossaini, Ryan; Montzka, Stephen A.; Dhomse, Sandip; Feng, Wuhu; Prinn, Ronald G.; Weiss, Ray F.; Harth, Christina M.; Salameh, Peter K.; Mühle, Jens; O'Doherty, Simon; Young, Dickon; Simmonds, Peter G.; Krummel, Paul B.; Fraser, Paul J.; Steele, L. Paul; Happell, James D.; Rhew, Robert C.; Butler, James; Yvon-Lewis, Shari A.; Hall, Bradley; Nance, David; Moore, Fred; Miller, Ben R.; Elkins, James W.; Harrison, Jeremy J.; Boone, Chris D.; Atlas, Elliot L.; Mahieu, EmmanuelJournal Article
7-Sep-2004Temporal-spatial structure of magnetic merging at the magnetopause inferred from 557.7-nm all-sky imagesMaynard, N. C.; Moen, J.; Burke, W. J.; Lester, M.; Ober, D. M.; Scudder, J. D.; Siebert, K. D.; Weimer, D. R.; Russe, C. T.; Balogh, A.Journal Article
31-Oct-2003Comparison of D-region Doppler drift winds measured by the SuperDARN Finland HF radar over an annual cycle using the Kiruna VHF meteor radarArnold, N. F.; Cook, P. A.; Robinson, T. R.; Lester, M.; Chapman, P. J.; Mitchell, N.Journal Article
31-Aug-2003Mesoscale structure of a morning sector ionospheric shear flow region determined by conjugate Cluster II and MIRACLE ground-based observationsAmm, O.; Aikio, A.; Bosqued, J. M.; Dunlop, M.; Fazakerley, A.; Janhunen, P.; Kauristie, K.; Lester, M.; Sillanpaa, I.; Taylor, M. G. G. T.; Vontrat-Reberac, A.; Mursula, K.; Andre, M.Journal Article
28-Feb-2003High-latitude observations of impulse-driven ULF pulsations in the ionosphere and on the groundMenk, F. W.; Yeoman, T. K.; Wright, D. M.; Lester, M.; Honary, F.Journal Article
28-Feb-2003Multi-site observations of the association between aurora and plasma convection in the cusp/polar cap during a southeastward (B-y similar or equal to vertical bar B-z vertical bar) IMF orientationSandholt, P. E.; Moen, J.; Farrugia, C. J.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Lester, M.; Milan, S. E.; Valladares, C.; Denig, W. F.; Eriksson, S.Journal Article
31-Mar-2003Multi-frequency observations of E-region HF radar auroraMilan, S. E.; Lester, M.; Sato, N.Journal Article
31-Jul-2003Interhemispheric comparison of spectral width boundary as observed by SuperDARN radarsHosokawa, K.; Woodfield, E. E.; Lester, M.; Milan, S. E.; Sato, N.; Yukimatu, A. S.; Iyemori, T.Journal Article
10-Feb-2017Dayside and nightside magnetic field responses at 780 km altitude to dayside reconnectionSnekvik, K; Østgaard, N; Tenfjord, P; Reistad, JP; Laundal, KM; Milan, SE; Haaland, SEJournal Article
4-Nov-2016Evidence for transient, local ion foreshocks caused by dayside magnetopause reconnectionPfau-Kempf, Yann; Hietala, Heli; Milan, Steve E.; Juusola, Liisa; Hoilijoki, Sanni; Ganse, Urs; von Alfthan, Sebastian; Palmroth, MinnaJournal Article
21-Jan-2017Magnetospheric response and reconfiguration times following IMF B<inf>y</inf> reversalsTenfjord, P.; Østgaard, N.; Strangeway, R.; Haaland, S.; Snekvik, K.; Laundal, K. M.; Reistad, J. P.; Milan, S. E.Journal Article
7-Mar-2017Structural uncertainty in air mass factor calculation for NO2 and HCHO satellite retrievalsLorente, Alba; Boersma, K. Folkert; Yu, Huan; Dörner, Steffen; Hilboll, Andreas; Richter, Andreas; Liu, Mengyao; Lamsal, Lok N.; Barkley, Michael; De Smedt, Isabelle; Van Roozendael, Michel; Wang, Yang; Wagner, Thomas; Beirle, Steffen; Lin, Jin-Tai; Kroktov, Nickolay; Stammes, Piet; Wang, Ping; Eskes, Henk J.; Krol, MaartenJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3721
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