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22-Feb-2017Seven temperate terrestrial planets around the nearby ultracool dwarf star TRAPPIST-1Gillon, Michaël; Triaud, Amaury H. M. J.; Demory, Brice-Olivier; Jehin, Emmanuël; Agol, Eric; Deck, Katherine M.; Lederer, Susan M.; de Wit, Julien; Burdanov, Artem; Ingalls, James G.; Bolmont, Emeline; Leconte, Jeremy; Raymond, Sean N.; Selsis, Franck; Turbet, Martin; Barkaoui, Khalid; Burgasser, Adam; Burleigh, Matthew R.; Carey, Sean J.; Chaushev, Aleksander; Copperwheat, Chris M.; Delrez, Laetitia; Fernandes, Catarina S.; Holdsworth, Daniel L.; Kotze, Enrico J.; Van Grootel, Valérie; Almleaky, Yaseen; Benkhaldoun, Zouhair; Magain, Pierre; Queloz, DidierJournal Article
2017Time-Series Analysis of Broadband Photometry of Neptune from K2Rowe, Jason F.; Gaulme, Patrick; Lissauer, Jack J.; Marley, Mark S.; Simon, Amy A.; Hammel, Heidi B.; Aguirre, Víctor Silva; Barclay, Thomas; Benomar, Othman; Boumier, Patrick; Caldwell, Douglas A.; Casewell, Sarah L.; Chaplin, William J.; Colón, Knicole D.; Corsaro, Enrico; Davies, G.R.; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Garcia, Rafael A.; Gizis, John E.; Haas, Michael R.; Mosser, Benoît; Schmider, François-XavierJournal Article
25-Jan-2017The host galaxies and explosion sites of long-duration gamma ray bursts: Hubble Space Telescope near-infrared imagingLyman, J. D.; Levan, A. J.; Tanvir, N. R.; Fynbo, J. P. U.; McGuire, J. T. W.; Perley, D. A.; Angus, C. R.; Bloom, J. S.; Conselice, C. J.; Fruchter, A. S.; Hjorth, J.; Jakobsson, P.; Starling, R. L. C.Journal Article
6-Jan-2017The Next Generation Transit Survey - Prototyping PhaseMcCormac, J.; Pollacco, D.; Wheatley, P.; West, R.; Walker, S.; Bento, J.; Skillen, I.; Faedi, F.; Burleigh, M.; Casewell, S.; Chazelas, B.; Genolet, L.; Gibson, N.; Goad, M.; Lawrie, K.; Ryans, R.; Todd, I.; Udry, S.; Watson, C.Journal Article
10-Jan-2017Cerium Neodymium Oxide Solid Solution Synthesis as a Potential Analogue for Substoichiometric AmO2 for Radioisotope Power SystemsWatkinson, E. J.; Ambrosi, R. M.; Williams, H. R.; Sarsfield, M. J.; Stephenson, K.; Weston, D.; Marsh, N.; Haidon, C.Journal Article
31-Jul-2003E-region echo characteristics governed by auroral arc electrodynamicsMilan, S. E.; Sato, N.; Lester, M.; Murata, Y.; Shinkai, Y.; Doi, H.; Frey, H. U.; Saemundsson, T.Journal Article
31-Mar-2003Multi-instrument study of the dynamic cusp during dominant IMF B-y conditionsKhan, H.; Lester, M.; Davies, J. A.; Milan, S. E.; Sandholt, P. E.Journal Article
10-Apr-2003Finland HF and Esrange MST radar observations of polar mesosphere summer echoesOgawa, T.; Arnold, N. F.; Kirkwood, S.; Nishitani, N.; Lester, M.Journal Article
30-Apr-2003IMF control of cusp proton emission intensity and dayside convection: implications for component and anti-parallel reconnectionLockwood, M.; Lanchester, B. S.; Frey, H. U.; Throp, K.; Morley, S. K.; Milan, S. E.; Lester, M.Journal Article
31-Aug-2003Coordinated interhemispheric SuperDARN radar observations of the ionospheric response to flux transfer events observed by the Cluster spacecraft at the high-latitude magnetopauseWild, J. A.; Milan, S. E.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Dunlop, M. W.; Owen, C. J.; Bosqued, J. M.; Taylor, M. G. G. T.; Davies, J. A.; Lester, M.; Sato, N.; Yukimatu, A. S.; Fazakerley, A. N.; Balogh, A.; Rème, H.Journal Article
31-Oct-2003Cusp structures: combining multi-spacecraft observations with ground-based observationsTrattner, K. J.; Fuselier, S. A.; Yeoman, T. K.; Korth, A.; Fraenz, M.; Mouikis, C.; Kucharek, H.; Kistler, L. M.; Escoubet, C. P.; Reme, H.; Dandouras, I.; Sauvaud, J. A.; Bosqued, J. M.; Klecker, B.; Carlson, C.; Phan, T.; McFadden, J. P.; Amata, E.; Eliasson, L.Journal Article
31-Mar-2003A note on the ring current in Saturn's magnetosphere: Comparison of magnetic data obtained during the Pioneer-11 and Voyager-1 and-2 fly-bysBunce, E. J.; Cowley, S. W. H.Journal Article
31-Aug-2003Azimuthal magnetic fields in Saturn's magnetosphere: effects associated with plasma sub-corotation and the magnetopause-tail current systemBunce, E. J.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Wild, J. A.Journal Article
31-Aug-2003Corotation-driven magnetosphere-ionosphere coupling currents in Saturn's magnetosphere and their relation to the aurorasCowley, S. W. H.; Bunce, E. J.Journal Article
30-Sep-2002Nightside studies of coherent HF Radar spectral width behaviourWoodfield, E. E.; Davies, J. A.; Lester, M.; Yeoman, T. K.; Eglitis, P.; Lockwood, M.Conference Paper
31-Oct-2002SuperDARN radar HF propagation and absorption response to the substorm expansion phaseGauld, J. K.; Yeoman, T. K.; Davies, J. A.; Milan, S. E.; Honary, F.Journal Article
31-Aug-2002Statistical characteristics of Doppler spectral width as observed by the conjugate SuperDARN radarsHosokawa, K.; Woodfield, E. E.; Lester, M.; Milan, S. E.; Sato, N.; Yukimatu, A. S.; Iyemori, T.Journal Article
28-Feb-2002A statistical study of the location and motion of the HF radar cuspYeoman, T. K.; Hanlon, P. G.; McWilliams, K. A.Journal Article
31-Dec-2002A multi-instrument approach to mapping the global dayside merging rateProvan, G.; Yeoman, T. K.; Lester, M.; Milan, S. E.Journal Article
31-May-2002Noon ionospheric signatures of a sudden commencement following a solar wind pressure pulseVontrat-Reberac, A.; Cerisier, J. C.; Sato, N.; Lester, M.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3699
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