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9-Sep-2015Interpreting broad emission-line variations II: Tensions between luminosity, characteristic size and responsivityGoad, Michael R.; Korista, K. T.Journal Article
5-Jun-2015The Mid-Infrared Instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope, II: Design and BuildWright, GS; Wright, D; Goodson, GB; Rieke, GH; Aitink-Kroes, G; Amiaux, J; Aricha-Yanguas, A; Azzollini, R; Banks, K; Barrado-Navascues, D; Belenguer-Davila, T; Bloemmart, JADL; Bouchet, P; Brandl, BR; Colina, L; Detre, O; Diaz-Catala, E; Eccleston, P; Friedman, SD; Garcia-Marin, M; Guedel, M; Glasse, A; Glauser, AM; Greene, TP; Groezinger, U; Grundy, T; Hastings, P; Henning, T; Hofferbert, R; Hunter, F; Jessen, NC; Justtanont, K; Karnik, AR; Khorrami, MA; Krause, O; Labiano, A; Lagage, P-O; Langer, U; Lemke, D; Lim, T; Lorenzo-Alvarez, J; Mazy, E; McGowan, N; Meixner, ME; Morris, N; Morrison, JE; Mueller, F; Rgaard-Nielson, H-UN; Olofsson, G; O'Sullivan, B; Pel, J-W; Penanen, K; Petach, MB; Pye, John P.; Ray, TP; Renotte, E; Renouf, I; Ressler, ME; Samara-Ratna, P; Scheithauer, S; Schneider, A; Shaughnessy, B; Stevenson, T; Sukhatme, K; Swinyard, B; Sykes, J; Thatcher, J; Tikkanen, Tuomo Ville; van Dishoeck, EF; Waelkens, C; Walker, H; Wells, M; Zhender, AJournal Article
24-Jun-2015The Mid-Infrared Instrument for the James Webb Space Telescope, IX: Predicted SensitivityGlasse, A.; Rieke, G. H.; Bauwens, E.; Garcia-Marin, M.; Ressler, M. E.; Rost, S.; Tikkanen, Tuomo Ville; Vandenbussche, B.; Wright, G. S.Journal Article
28-May-2014Dynamic auroral storms on Saturn as observed by the Hubble Space TelescopeNichols, Jonathan D.; Badman, S. V.; Baines, K. H.; Brown, R. H.; Bunce, E. J.; Clarke, J. T.; Cowley, S. W.; Crary, F. J.; Dougherty, M. K.; Gérard, J. C.; Grocott, A.; Grodent, D.; Kurth, W. S.; Melin, H.; Mitchell, D. G.; Pryor, W. R.; Stallard, T. S.Journal Article
6-Apr-2015HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE OBSERVATIONS OF THE NUV TRANSIT OF WASP-12bNichols, Jonathan D.; Wynn, Graham A.; Goad, M.; Alexander, Richard D.; Casewell, Sarah L.; Cowley, Stan W. H.; Burleigh, Matt R.; Clarke, J. T.; Bisikalo, D.Journal Article
21-Jul-2015Lymphoscintigraphic imaging study for quantitative evaluation of a small field of view (SFOV) gamma cameraLees, John Ernest; Alqahtani, M. S.; Bugby, S. L.; Jambi, L. K.; Perkins, A. C.Journal Article
22-Jun-2015Evaluation of XRI-UNO CdTe detector for nuclear medical imagingJambi, Layal K.; Lees, John Ernest; Bugby, S. L.; Tipper, S.; Alqahtani, M. S.; Perkins, A. C.Journal Article
10-Aug-2015Statistical study of auroral fragmentation into patchesHashimoto, A.; Shiokawa, K.; Otsuka, Y.; Oyama, S-I.; Nozawa, S.; Hori, T.; Lester, Mark; Johnsen, M. G.Journal Article
18-Aug-2015A CFD study on the effectiveness of trees to disperse road traffic emissions at a city scaleJeanjean, Antoine P. R.; Hinchliffe, G.; McMullan, W. A.; Monks, Paul S.; Leigh, Roland J.Journal Article
Jun-2015Do the constants of nature couple to strong gravitational fields?Preval, Simon P.; Barstow, Martin A.; Holberg, J. B.; Barrow, J. D.; Berengut, J. C.; Webb, J. K.; Dougan, D.; Hu, J.Journal Article
3-Aug-2015Relationships between photosynthesis and formaldehyde as a probe of isoprene emissionBarkley, Michael P.; Zheng, Y.; Unger, N.; Yue, X.Journal Article
29-Jul-2015Simultaneous ground-based optical and SuperDARN observations of the shock aurora at MLT noonLiu, Jianjun; Hu, Hongqiao; Han, Desheng; Yang, Huigen; Lester, MarkJournal Article
24-Jul-2015Planetary period oscillations in Saturn’s magnetosphere: Comments on the relation between post-equinox periods determined from magnetic field and SKR emission dataCowley, Stanley W. H.; Provan, GabrielleJournal Article
19-Mar-2015An inefficient dwarf: chemical abundances and the evolution of the Ursa Minor dwarf spheroidal galaxyUral, U.; Cescutti, G.; Koch, A.; Kleyna, J.; Feltzing, S.; Wilkinson, Mark I.Journal Article
2-Jul-2015A low pre-infall mass for the Carina dwarf galaxy from disequilibrium modellingUral, U.; Wilkinson, Mark I.; Read, J. I.; Walker, M. G.Journal Article
12-Jun-2015SPACE TELESCOPE AND OPTICAL REVERBERATION MAPPING PROJECT. II. SWIFT AND HST REVERBERATION MAPPING OF THE ACCRETION DISK OF NGC 5548Edelson, R.; Gelbord, J. M.; Horne, K.; McHardy, I. M.; Peterson, B. M.; Arevalo, P.; Breeveld, A. A.; De Rosa, G.; Evans, P. A.; Goad, Michael R.; Kriss, G. A.; Brandt, W. N.; Gehrels, N.; Grupe, D.; Kennea, J. A.; Kochanek, C. S.; Nousek, J. A.; Papadakis, I.; Siegel, M.; Starkey, D.; Uttley, P.; Vaughan, S.; Young, S.; Barth, A. J.; Bentz, M. C.; Brewer, B. J.; Crenshaw, D. M.; Bonta, E. D.; De Lorenzo-Caceres, A.; Denney, K. D.; Dietrich, M.; Ely, J.; Fausnaugh, M. M.; Grier, C. J.; Hall, P. B.; Kaastra, J.; Kelly, B. C.; Korista, K. T.; Lira, P.; Mathur, S.; Netzer, H.; Pancoast, A.; Pei, L.; Pogge, R. W.; Schimoia, J. S.; Treu, T.; Vestergaard, M.; Villforth, C.; Yan, H.; Zu, Y.Journal Article
28-Feb-2015SDSS J1138+3517: a quasar showing remarkably variable broad absorption linesWildy, C.; Goad, Michael R.; Allen, J. T.Journal Article
12-Jun-2015SPACE TELESCOPE AND OPTICAL REVERBERATION MAPPING PROJECT. I. ULTRAVIOLET OBSERVATIONS OF THE SEYFERT 1 GALAXY NGC 5548 WITH THE COSMIC ORIGINS SPECTROGRAPH ON HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPEDe Rosa, G.; Peterson, B. M.; Ely, J.; Kriss, G. A.; Crenshaw, D. M.; Horne, K.; Korista, K. T.; Netzer, H.; Pogge, R. W.; Arevalo, P.; Barth, A. J.; Bentz, M. C.; Brandt, W. N.; Breeveld, A. A.; Brewer, B. J.; Bonta, E. D.; De Lorenzo-Caceres, A.; Denney, K. D.; Dietrich, M.; Edelson, R.; Evans, P. A.; Fausnaugh, M. M.; Gehrels, N.; Gelbord, J. M.; Goad, Michael R.; Grier, C. J.; Grupe, D.; Hall, P. B.; Kaastra, J.; Kelly, B. C.; Kennea, J. A.; Kochanek, C. S.; Lira, P.; Mathur, S.; McHardy, I. M.; Nousek, J. A.; Pancoast, A.; Papadakis, I.; Pei, L.; Schimoia, J. S.; Siegel, M.; Starkey, D.; Treu, T.; Uttley, P.; Vaughan, S.; Vestergaard, M.; Villforth, C.; Yan, H.; Young, S.; Zu, Y.Journal Article
24-Jul-2015The formation history of massive cluster galaxies as revealed by CARLACooke, E. A.; Hatch, N. A.; Rettura, A.; Wylezalek, D.; Galametz, A.; Stern, D.; Brodwin, M.; Muldrew, S. I.; Almaini, O.; Conselice, C. J.; Eisenhardt, P. R.; Hartley, W. G.; Jarvis, M.; Seymour, N.; Stanford, S. A.Journal Article
24-Jul-2015What are protoclusters? - Defining high-redshift galaxy clusters and protoclustersMuldrew, Stuart I.; Hatch, N. A.; Cooke, E. A.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 3148
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