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15-Jun-2018The GEWEX Water Vapor Assessment archive of water vapour products from satellite observations and reanalysesSchröder, Marc; Lockhoff, Maarit; Fell, Frank; Forsythe, John; Trent, Tim; Bennartz, Ralf; Borbas, Eva; Bosilovich, Michael G.; Castelli, Elisa; Hersbach, Hans; Kachi, Misako; Kobayashi, Shinya; Kursinski, E. Robert; Loyola, Diego; Mears, Carl; Preusker, Rene; Rossow, William B.; Saha, SuranjanaJournal Article
27-Apr-2018Intercomparison of aerosol measurements performed with multi-wavelength Raman lidars, automatic lidars and ceilometers in the framework of INTERACT-II campaignMadonna, Fabio; Rosoldi, Marco; Lolli, Simone; Amato, Francesco; Vande Hey, Joshua; Dhillon, Ranvir; Zheng, Yunhui; Brettle, Mike; Pappalardo, GelsominaJournal Article
3-Sep-2018A hexagon in Saturn's northern stratosphere surrounding the emerging summertime polar vortex.Fletcher, L. N.; Orton, G. S.; Sinclair, J. A.; Guerlet, S.; Read, P. L.; Antuñano, A.; Achterberg, R. K.; Flasar, F. M.; Irwin, P. G. J.; Bjoraker, G. L.; Hurley, J.; Hesman, B. E.; Segura, M.; Gorius, N.; Mamoutkine, A.; Calcutt, S. B.Journal Article
26-Jul-2018Jupiter's Mesoscale Waves Observed at 5 mu m by Ground-based Observations and Juno JIRAMFletcher, Leigh N.; Melin, H.; Adriani, A.; Simon, A. A.; Sanchez-Lavega, A.; Donnelly, P. T.; Antuñano, A.; Orton, G. S.; Hueso, R.; Kraaikamp, E.; Wong, M. H.; Barnett, M.; Moriconi, M. L.; Altieri, F.; Sindoni, G.Journal Article
1-Aug-2018Pro-am collaborations improve views of JupiterFletcher, Leigh N.; Rogers, John H.Journal Article
18-May-2018Tidal disruption of dwarf spheroidal galaxies: the strange case of Crater IISanders, Jason L.; Evans, N. W.; Dehnen, W.Journal Article
18-May-2018Warp, Waves, and Wrinkles in the Milky WaySchönrich, Ralph; Dehnen, WalterJournal Article
19-Jul-2017Practical Use of Metal Oxide Semiconductor Gas Sensors for Measuring Nitrogen Dioxide and Ozone in Urban Environments.Peterson, Philip J. D.; Aujla, Amrita; Grant, Kirsty H.; Brundle, Alex G.; Thompson, Martin R.; Vande Hey, Josh; Leigh, Roland J.Journal Article
8-Nov-2017A Precise Measurement of the Orbital Period Parameters of Cygnus X-3Bhargava, Yash; Rao, A. R.; Singh, K. P.; Choudhury, Manojendu; Bhattacharyya, S.; Chandra, S.; Dewangan, G. C.; Mukerjee, K.; Stewart, G. C.; Bhattacharya, D.; Mithun, N. P. S.; Vadawale, S. V.Journal Article
10-Feb-2017The NuSTAR Serendipitous Survey: The 40-month Catalog and the Properties of the Distant High-energy X-Ray Source PopulationLansbury, G. B.; Stern, D.; Aird, J.; Alexander, D. M.; Fuentes, C.; Harrison, F. A.; Treister, E.; Bauer, F. E.; Tomsick, J. A.; Baloković, M.; Del Moro, A.; Gandhi, P.; Ajello, M.; Annuar, A.; Ballantyne, D. R.; Boggs, S. E.; Brandt, W. N.; Brightman, M.; Chen, C-T. J.; Christensen, F. E.; Civano, F.; Comastri, A.; Craig, W. W.; Forster, K.; Grefenstette, B. W.; Hailey, C. J.; Hickox, R. C.; Jiang, B.; Jun, H. D.; Koss, M.; Marchesi, S.; Melo, A. D.; Mullaney, J. R.; Noirot, G.; Schulze, S.; Walton, D. J.; Zappacosta, L.; Zhang, W. W.Journal Article
28-Aug-2017The NuSTAR Serendipitous Survey: Hunting for the Most Extreme Obscured AGN at >10 keVLansbury, G. B.; Alexander, D. M.; Aird, J.; Gandhi, P.; Stern, D.; Koss, M.; Lamperti, I.; Ajello, M.; Annuar, A.; Assef, R. J.; Ballantyne, D. R.; Baloković, M.; Bauer, F. E.; Brandt, W. N.; Brightman, M.; Chen, C-T. J.; Civano, F.; Comastri, A.; Del Moro, A.; Fuentes, C.; Harrison, F. A.; Marchesi, S.; Masini, A.; Mullaney, J. R.; Ricci, C.; Saez, C.; Tomsick, J. A.; Treister, E.; Walton, D. J.; Zappacosta, L.Journal Article
7-Nov-2016The NuSTAR Extragalactic Surveys: The Number Counts of Active Galactic Nuclei and the Resolved Fraction of the Cosmic X-Ray BackgroundHarrison, F. A.; Aird, J.; Civano, F.; Lansbury, G.; Mullaney, J. R.; Ballantyne, D. R.; Alexander, D. M.; Stern, D.; Ajello, M.; Barret, D.; Bauer, F. E.; Baloković, M.; Brandt, W. N.; Brightman, M.; Boggs, S. E.; Christensen, F. E.; Comastri, A.; Craig, W. W.; Del Moro, A.; Forster, K.; Gandhi, P.; Giommi, P.; Grefenstette, B. W.; Hailey, C. J.; Hickox, R. C.; Hornstrup, A.; Kitaguchi, T.; Koglin, J.; Luo, B.; Madsen, K. K.; Mao, P. H.; Miyasaka, H.; Mori, K.; Perri, M.; Pivovaroff, M.; Puccetti, S.; Rana, V.; Treister, E.; Walton, D.; Westergaard, N. J.; Wik, D.; Zappacosta, L.; Zhang, W. W.; Zoglauer, A.Journal Article
31-Oct-2017The NuSTAR Extragalactic Survey: Average Broadband X-Ray Spectral Properties of the NuSTAR-detected AGNsDel Moro, A.; Alexander, D. M.; Aird, J. A.; Bauer, F. E.; Civano, F.; Mullaney, J. R.; Ballantyne, D. R.; Brandt, W. N.; Comastri, A.; Gandhi, P.; Harrison, F. A.; Lansbury, G. B.; Lanz, L.; Luo, B.; Marchesi, S.; Puccetti, S.; Ricci, C.; Saez, C.; Stern, D.; Treister, E.; Zappacosta, L.Journal Article
30-Oct-2017The MOSDEF Survey: The Prevalence and Properties of Galaxy-wide AGN-driven Outflows at z ~ 2Leung, Gene C. K.; Coil, Alison L.; Azadi, Mojegan; Aird, James; Shapley, Alice; Kriek, Mariska; Mobasher, Bahram; Reddy, Naveen; Siana, Brian; Freeman, William R.; Price, Sedona H.; Sanders, Ryan L.; Shivaei, IreneJournal Article
31-May-2018Spatial, Seasonal, and Solar Cycle Variations of the Martian Total Electron Content (TEC): Is the TEC a Good Tracer for Atmospheric Cycles?Sánchez-Cano, Beatriz; Lester, Mark; Witasse, Olivier; Blelly, Pierre‐Louis; Indurain, Mikel; Cartacci, Marco; González-Galindo, Francisco; Vicente-Retortillo, Álvaro; Cicchetti, Andrea; Noschese, RaffaellaJournal Article
8-Sep-2017The MOSDEF Survey: First Measurement of Nebular Oxygen Abundance at z > 4Shapley, Alice E.; Sanders, Ryan L.; Reddy, Naveen A.; Kriek, Mariska; Freeman, William R.; Mobasher, Bahram; Siana, Brian; Coil, Alison L.; Leung, Gene C. K.; deGroot, Laura; Shivaei, Irene; Price, Sedona H.; Azadi, Mojegan; Aird, JamesJournal Article
30-May-2018The second closest gamma-ray burst: sub-luminous GRB 111005A with no supernova in a super-solar metallicity environmentMichałowski, Michał J.; Xu, Dong; Stevens, Jamie; Levan, Andrew; Yang, Jun; Paragi, Zsolt; Kamble, Atish; Tsai, An-Li; Dannerbauer, Helmut; van der Horst, Alexander J.; Shao, Lang; Crosby, David; Gentile, Gianfranco; Stanway, Elizabeth; Wiersema, Klaas; Fynbo, Johan P. U. F; Tanvir, Nial R.; Kamphuis, Peter; Garrett, Michael; Bartczak, PrzemysławJournal Article
23-Mar-2018Solar Influences on the Return Direction of High-Frequency Radar BackscatterBurrell, Angeline G.; Perry, Gareth W.; Yeoman, Timothy K.; Milan, Stephen E. Milan; Stoneback, RussellJournal Article
30-Apr-2018Hubble Space Telescope Observations of Variations in Ganymede's Oxygen Atmosphere and AuroraMolyneux, P. M.; Nichols, J. D.; Bannister, N. P.; Bunce, E. J.; Clarke, J. T.; Cowley, S. W. H.; Gerard, J.-C.; Grodent, D.; Milan, S. E.; Paty, C.Journal Article
21-Oct-2017Observational constraints on the specific accretion-rate distribution of X-ray-selected AGNsGeorgakakis, A.; Aird, J.; Schulze, A.; Dwelly, T.; Salvato, M.; Nandra, K.; Merloni, A.; Schneider, D. P.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 4052
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