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Title: gemini pollen 2, a male and female gametophytic cytokinesis defective mutation
Authors: Park, Soon Ki
Rahman, Daisy
Oh, Sung-Aeong
Twell, David
First Published: 26-May-2004
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Sexual Plant Reproduction, 2004, 17, pp.63-70
Abstract: Gametophytic cytokinesis is essential for the development and function of the male and female gametophytes. We have previously described the isolation and characterisation of the gemini pollen 1 (gem1) that acts gametophytically to disturb asymmetric division and cytokinesis at pollen mitosis I in Arabidopsis. Here we describe the genetic and cytological analysis of an independent gametophytic mutant, gem2, with similar characteristics to gem1, but which maps to a different genetic locus. gem2 shows reduced genetic transmission through both male and female gametes and leads to the production of divided or twin-celled pollen. Developmental analysis revealed that gem2 does not affect karyokinesis at pollen mitosis I, but leads to repositioning of the cell plate and partial or complete failure of cytokinesis, resulting in symmetrical divisions or binucleate pollen grains respectively. Symmetrical divisions lead to altered pollen cell fate with both sister cells displaying vegetative cell fate. Moreover, we demonstrate that the predominant female defect in gem2 is a lack of cellularization of the embryo sac during megagametogenesis. GEM2 therefore defines an independent genetic locus that is involved in the correct specification of both male and female gametophytic cytokinesis.
DOI Link: 10.1007/s00497-004-0216-x
Type: Article
Description: This is the authors' final version of a paper published as Sexual Plant Reproduction, 2004, 17, pp.63-70. The author manuscript is also available in UK PubMed Central, PMCID PMC1855439. The original publication is available at
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