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1-Sep-2016Maternal Administration of Sildenafil Citrate Alters Fetal and Placental Growth and Fetal-Placental Vascular Resistance in the Growth-Restricted Ovine FetusOyston, Charlotte; Stanley, Joanna L.; Oliver, Mark H.; Bloomfield, Frank H.; Baker, Philip N.Journal Article
1-Apr-2016G protein-coupled receptor 30 regulates trophoblast invasion and its deficiency is associated with preeclampsiaTong, Chao; Feng, Xiang; Chen, Jun; Qi, Xingchen; Zhou, Liyuan; Shi, Shuming; Kc, Kamana; Stanley, Joanna L.; Baker, Philip N.; Zhang, HuaJournal Article
26-May-2016Socio-economic status influences the relationship between obesity and antenatal depression: Data from a prospective cohort studyMolyneaux, E.; Pasupathy, D.; Kenny, L. C.; McCowan, L. M.; North, R. A.; Dekker, G. A.; Walker, J. J.; Baker, Philip N.; Poston, L.; Howard, L. M.; SCOPE consortiumJournal Article
7-Jun-2016Maternal Dietary Patterns and Pregnancy OutcomeChen, Xuyang; Zhao, Diqi; Mao, Xun; Xia, Yinyin; Baker, Philip N.; Zhang, HuaJournal Article
1-May-2016Practical Classification Guidelines for Diabetes in patients treated with insulin: a cross-sectional study of the accuracy of diabetes diagnosisHope, Suzy V.; Wienand-Barnett, Sophie; Shepherd, Maggie; King, Sophie M.; Fox, Charles; Khunti, Kamlesh; Oram, Richard A.; Knight, Bea A.; Hattersley, Andrew T.; Jones, Angus G.; Shields, Beverley M.Journal Article
4-May-2016Devices for Self-Monitoring Sedentary Time or Physical Activity: A Scoping ReviewSanders, James P.; Loveday, Adam; Pearson, Natalie; Edwardson, Charlotte; Yates, Thomas; Biddle, Stuart J.H.; Esliger, Dale W.Journal Article
3-Dec-2015Time spent sitting during and outside working hours in bus drivers: A pilot studyVarela-Mato, Veronica; Yates, Thomas; Stensel, David J.; Biddle, Stuart J. H.; Clemes, Stacy A.Journal Article
3-Feb-2016Considerations when using the activPAL monitor in field based research with adult populationsEdwardson, Charlotte L.; Winkler, Elisabeth A.H.; Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Yates, Tom; Davies, Melanie J.; Dunstan, David W.; Healy, Genevieve N.Journal Article
20-Jun-2016Moving Forward with Backward Compatibility: Translating Wrist Accelerometer DataRowlands, Alex V.; Cliff, Dylan P.; Fairclough, Stuart J.; Boddy, Lynne M.; Olds, Tim S.; Parfitt, Gaynor; Noonan, Rob J.; Downs, Samantha J.; Knowles, Zoe R.; Beets, Michael W.Journal Article
21-May-2016Accelerometer wear-site detection: When one site does not suit all, all of the timeRowlands, Alex V.; Olds, Tim S.; Bakrania, Kishan; Stanley, Rebecca M.; Parfitt, Gaynor; Eston, Roger G.; Yates, Thomas; Fraysse, FrancoisJournal Article
17-Feb-2016Self-management of health care behaviors for COPD: a systematic review and meta-analysisJolly, K.; Majothi, S.; Sitch, A. J.; Heneghan, N. R.; Riley, R. D.; Moore, D. J.; Bates, E. J.; Turner, A. M.; Bayliss, S. E.; Price, M. J .; Singh, Sally J.; Adab, P.; Fitzmaurice, D. A.; Jordan, R. E.Journal Article
14-Jan-2016Complete radiotherapy response in rectal cancer: A review of the evidenceCouch, Daniel G.; Hemingway, David M.Journal Article
5-Feb-2016Erratum to: What drives junior doctors to use clinical practice guidelines? A national cross-sectional survey of foundation doctors in England & WalesManikam, L.; Hoy, A.; Fosker, Hannah; Wong, M. H. Y.; Banerjee, Jay; Lakhanpaul, M.; Knight, A.; Littlejohns, P.Journal Article
26-Feb-2016A Multi-Faceted Approach of One Teaching Hospital NHS Trust during the Clostridium difficile Epidemic—Antibiotic Management and BeyondWhite, Helena; Wiselka, Martin; Bell, DavidJournal Article
18-Apr-20166-weekly bevacizumab versus 4-weekly ranibizumab for neovascular age-related macular degeneration: a 2-year outcomeChiam, Patrick J.; Ho, V. W.; Hickley, N. M.; Kotamarthi, V.Journal Article
8-Dec-2014Anion Gap Toxicity in Alloxan Induced Type 2 Diabetic Rats Treated with Antidiabetic Noncytotoxic Bioactive Compounds of Ethanolic Extract of Moringa oleiferaOmabe, M.; Nwudele, C.; Omabe, K. N.; Okorocha, Albert EgwuJournal Article
17-Aug-2014Exposure of Prostate to Lipopolysaccharide and Hypoxia Potentiates Neoplastic Behavior and Risk for Prostate Carcinogenesis In VivoOmabe, M.; Omabe, K.; Okwuegbu, M.; Grace, O.; Okoro, D. U.Journal Article
11-Feb-2016Tilt representation beyond the retinotopic levelParwaga, Sandeep; Buckley, David; Duke, Philip A.Journal Article
27-Jan-2016Protocol for PIT: a phase III trial of prophylactic irradiation of tracts in patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma following invasive chest wall interventionBayman, N.; Ardron, D.; Ashcroft, L.; Baldwin, D. R.; Booton, R.; Darlison, L.; Edwards, J. G.; Lang-Lazdunski, L.; Lester, J. F.; Peake, M.; Rintoul, R. C.; Snee, M.; Taylor, P.; Lunt, C.; Faivre-Finn, C.Journal Article
2016The curious case of an invisible dog: a patient with non-psychiatric visual hallucinationsGulsin, Gaurav Singh; Gali, Swetha; Patel, Prashanth; Gupta, PankajJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 176
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