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23-Apr-2018Responses to the Selective Bruton's Tyrosine Kinase (BTK) Inhibitor Tirabrutinib (ONO/GS-4059) in Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphoma Cell Lines.Kozaki, Ryohei; Vogler, Meike; Walter, Harriet S.; Jayne, Sandrine; Dinsdale, David; Siebert, Reiner; Dyer, Martin J.S.; Yoshizawa, ToshioJournal Article
12-May-2017Impact of hypoglycaemia on patient-reported outcomes from a global, 24-country study of 27,585 people with type 1 and insulin-treated type 2 diabetes.Khunti, Kamlesh; Alsifri, S.; Aronson, R.; Cigrovski Berković, M.; Enters-Weijnen, C.; Forsén, T.; Galstyan, G.; Geelhoed-Duijvestijn, P.; Goldfracht, M.; Gydesen, H.; Kapur, R.; Lalic, N.; Ludvik, B.; Moberg, E.; Pedersen-Bjergaard, U.; Ramachandran, A.; HAT Investigator GroupJournal Article
19-Oct-2016The TeaM (Therapeutic Mammaplasty) study: Protocol for a prospective multi-centre cohort study to evaluate the practice and outcomes of therapeutic mammaplastyBaker, E.; Kim, B.; Rattay, Tim; Williams, K.; Ives, C.; Remoundos, D.; Holcombe, C.; Gardiner, M. D.; Jain, A.; Sutton, R.; Achuthan, R.; Turton, P.; Fairbrother, P.; Brock, L.; Aggarwal, S.; Basu, N.; Murphy, J.; Trickey, A.; Macmillan, R. D.; Potter, S.Journal Article
5-Apr-2017Towards an improved global understanding of treatment and outcomes in people with type 2 diabetes: Rationale and methods of the DISCOVER observational study program.Ji, L.; Bonnet, F.; Charbonnel, B.; Gomes, M. B.; Kosiborod, M.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Nicolucci, A.; Pocock, S.; Rathmann, W.; Shestakova, M. V.; Shimomura, I.; Watada, H.; Fenici, P.; Hammar, N.; Hashigami, K.; Macaraeg, G.; Surmont, F.; Medina, J.Journal Article
16-Jan-2017Baseline results from the UK SIGNIFY study: a whole-body MRI screening study in TP53 mutation carriers and matched controlsSaya, S.; Killick, E.; Thomas, S.; Taylor, N.; Bancroft, E. K.; Rothwell, J.; Benafif, S.; Dias, A.; Mikropoulos, C.; Pope, J.; Chamberlain, A.; Gunapala, R.; Izatt, L.; Side, L.; Walker, L.; Tomkins, S.; Cook, J.; Barwell, Julian; Wiles, V.; Limb, L.; Eccles, D.; Leach, M.O.; Shanley, S.; Gilbert, F. J.; Hanson, H.; Gallagher, D.; Rajashanker, B.; Whitehouse, R. W.; Koh, D-M.; Sohaib, S. A.; Evans, D. G.; Eeles, R. A.Journal Article
28-Jun-2017Therapeutic inertia in patients treated with two or more antidiabetics in primary care: Factors predicting intensification of treatment.Mata-Cases, Manel; Franch-Nadal, Josep; Real, Jordi; Gratacòs, Mònica; López-Simarro, Flora; Khunti, Kamlesh; Mauricio, DídacJournal Article
8-Feb-2017Triethylenetetramine Synergizes with Pharmacologic Ascorbic Acid in Hydrogen Peroxide Mediated Selective Toxicity to Breast Cancer CellWang, L.; Luo, X.; Li, C.; Huang, Y.; Xu, P.; Lloyd-Davies, Laetitia H.; Delplancke, T.; Peng, C.; Gao, R.; Qi, H.; Tong, C.; Baker, PhilipJournal Article
30-Apr-2018Converting between estimates of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity derived from raw accelerations measured at the wrist and from ActiGraph counts measured at the hip: the Rosetta StoneBrazendale, K.; Beets, M. W.; Rowlands, Alexander. V.; Chandler, J. L.; Fairclough, S. J.; Boddy, L. M.; Olds, T. S.; Parfitt, G.; Noonan, R. J.; Downs, S. J.; Cliff, D. P.Journal Article
6-Dec-2017The SWI/SNF subunit Bcl7a contributes to motor coordination and Purkinje cell function.Wischhof, L.; Maida, S.; Piazzesi, A.; Gioran, A.; Barragan Sanz, K.; Irsen, S.; Beyer, M.; Schultze, J. L.; Dyer, Martin J.; Salomoni, P.; Ehninger, D.; Nicotera, P.; Bano, D.Journal Article
30-Nov-2017The association between depressive symptoms and insulin resistance, inflammation and adiposity in men and women.Webb, M’Balu; Davies, Melanie; Ashra, Nuzhat; Bodicoat, Danielle; Brady, Emer; Webb, David; Moulton, Calum; Ismail, Khalida; Khunti, KamleshJournal Article
8-Nov-2017Study design and protocol for a mixed methods evaluation of an intervention to reduce and break up sitting time in primary school classrooms in the UK: The CLASS PAL (Physically Active Learning) Programme.Routen, A. C.; Biddle, S. J. H.; Bodicoat, Danielle H.; Cale, L.; Clemes, S.; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Glazebrook, C.; Harrington, Deirdre M.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Pearson, N.; Salmon, J.; Sherar, L. B.Journal Article
16-May-2017Socioeconomic status and dietary patterns in children from around the world: different associations by levels of country human development?Manyanga, T.; Tremblay, M. S.; Chaput, J-P.; Katzmarzyk, P. T.; Fogelholm, M.; Hu, G.; Kuriyan, R.; Kurpad, A.; Lambert, E. V.; Maher, C.; Maia, J.; Matsudo, V.; Olds, T.; Onywera, V.; Sarmiento, O. L.; Standage, M.; Tudor-Locke, C.; Zhao, P.; Mikkila, V.; Broyles, S. T.; ISCOLE Research Group; Harrington, DeirdreJournal Article
7-Aug-2017Short stretches of rare codons regulate translation of the transcription factor ZEB2 in cancer cells.Wan Makhtar, W. R.; Browne, G.; Karountzos, A.; Stevens, C.; Alghamdi, Y.; Bottrill, A. R.; Mistry, S.; Smith, E.; Bushel, M.; Pringle, James H.; Sayan, A. E.; Tulchinsky, E.Journal Article
17-Jul-2017Serum C-reactive protein increases the risk of venous thromboembolism: a prospective study and meta-analysis of published prospective evidence.Kunutsor, Setor K.; Seidu, Samuel; Blom, Ashley W.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Laukkanen, Jari A.Journal Article
13-Dec-2017Relevance of positive cardiovascular outcome trial results in clinical practice: perspectives from the Academy for Cardiovascular Risk, Outcomes and Safety Studies in Type 2 Diabetes (ACROSS T2D).Schernthaner, Guntram; Khunti, Kamlesh; Lotan, Chaim; Burnier, Michel; Drexel, Heinz; Prázný, MartinJournal Article
11-Aug-2017Quality of Care of the Initial Patient Cohort of the Diabetes Collaborative Registry®.Arnold, S. V.; Goyal, A.; Inzucchi, S. E.; McGuire, D. K.; Tang, F.; Mehta, S. N.; Sperling, L. S.; Maddox, T. M.; Einhorn, D.; Wong, N. D.; Hammar, N.; Fenici, P.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Lam, C. S. P.; Kosiborod, M.Journal Article
9-May-2018An HPLC-UV method for the simultaneous quantification of curcumin and its metabolites in plasma and lung tissue: potential for preclinical applications.Howells, Lynne M.; Mahale, Jagdish; Britton, Robert G.; Singh, Rajinder; Cai, Hong; Brown, KarenJournal Article
23-Apr-2018A mouse model of pre-pregnancy maternal obesity combined with offspring exposure to a high-fat diet resulted in cognitive impairment in male offspringZhu, Chen; Han, Ting-Li; Zhao, Yalan; Zhou, Xiaobo; Mao, Xun; Qi, Hongbo; Baker, Philip N.; Zhang, HuaJournal Article
14-Aug-2017Profiling tumour heterogeneity through circulating tumour DNA in patients with pancreatic cancer.Adamo, Patricia; Cowley, Caroline M.; Neal, Christopher P.; Mistry, Vilas; Page, Karen; Dennison, Ashley R.; Isherwood, John; Hastings, Robert; Luo, JinLi; Moore, David A.; Pringle, J. Howard; Martins, L. Miguel; Pritchard, Catrin; Manson, Margaret; Shaw, Jacqui A.Journal Article
6-Apr-2018Human Placental Growth Hormone Variant in Pathological PregnanciesLiao, Shutan; Vickers, Mark H.; Stanley, Joanna L; Baker, Philip N.; Perry, Jo K.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 340
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