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21-Jul-2017Exploration of the utility of CF<inf>3</inf><sup>+</sup> as a reagent for chemical ionisation reaction mass spectrometryBlake, Robert S.; Ouheda, Saleh A.; Alwedi, Embarek F.; Monks, Paul S.Journal Article
5-Jul-2017Quantifying primary and secondary source contributions to ultrafine particles in the UK urban backgroundHama, S. M. L.; Cordell, R. L.; Monks, P. S.Journal Article
5-Mar-2016The IGBP Synthesis: Celebrating three decades of Earth system scienceMonks, Paul S.; Melamed, Megan; Seitzinger, SybilJournal Article
30-Jun-2014Observations of the release of non-methane hydrocarbons from fractured shale.Sommariva, Roberto; Blake, Robert S.; Cuss, Robert J.; Cordell, Rebecca L.; Harrington, Jon F.; White, Iain R.; Monks, Paul S.Journal Article
20-Apr-2016Ultrafine particles in four European urban environments: Results from a new continuous long-term monitoring networkHofman, J.; Staelens, J.; Cordell, R.; Stroobants, C.; Zikova, N.; Hama, S. M. L.; Wyche, K. P.; Kos, G. P. A.; Van der Zee, S.; Smallbone, K. L.; Weijers, E. P.; Monks, P. S.; Roekens, E.Journal Article
1-Dec-2016Lung deposited surface area in Leicester urban background site/UK: Sources and contribution of new particle formationHama, S. M. L.; Ma, N.; Cordell, R. L.; Kos, G. P. A.; Wiedensohler, A.; Monks, Paul S.Journal Article
16-Jan-2014The changing oxidizing environment in London – trends in ozone precursors and their contribution to ozone productionvon Schneidemesser, E.; Vieno, M.; Monks, P. S.Journal Article
27-Jun-2016Evaluation of biomass burning across North West Europe and its impact on air qualityCordell, R. L.; Mazet, M.; Dechoux, C.; Hama, S. M. L.; Staelens, J.; Hofman, J.; Stroobants, C.; Roekens, E.; Kos, G. P. A.; Weijers, E. P.; Frumau, K. F. A.; Panteliadis, P.; Delaunay, T.; Wyche, K. P.; Monks, P. S.Journal Article
19-Sep-2016Modelling the effectiveness of urban trees and grass on PM<inf>2.5</inf> reduction via dispersion and deposition at a city scaleJeanjean, Antoine P. R.; Monks, Paul S.; Leigh, Roland J.Journal Article
10-Nov-2015Reward and recognition for university teaching in STEM subjectsGretton, Sarah; Raine, Derek J.Journal Article
1-Aug-2013Ozone photochemistry in boreal biomass burning plumesParrington, M.; Palmer, P. I.; Lewis, A. C.; Lee, J. D.; Rickard, A. R.; Di Carlo, P.; Taylor, J. W.; Hopkins, J. R.; Punjabi, S.; Oram, D. E.; Forster, G.; Aruffo, E.; Moller, S .J.; Bauguitte, S. J-B.; Allan, J. D.; Coe, H.; Leigh, Roland J.Journal Article
6-Jun-2013Observations of peroxyacetyl nitrate (PAN) in the upper troposphere by the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment-Fourier Transform Spectrometer (ACE-FTS)Tereszchuk, K. A.; Moore, David P.; Harrison, J. J.; Boone, C. D.; Park, M.; Remedios, J. J.; Randel, W. J.; Bernath, P. F.Journal Article
2012Molecular dynamics calculation of thermodynamic properties of iron solidificationDong, Hongbiao; Liu, JunJournal Article
19-Feb-2013Methods for the quantification of GHG emissions at the landscape level for developing countries in smallholder contextsMilne, Eleanor; Neufeldt, H.; Rosenstock, T.; Smalligan, M.; Cerri, C. E.; Malin, D.; Easter, M.; Bernoux, M.; Ogle, S.; Casarim, F.; Pearson, T.; Bird, D. N.; Steglich, E.; Ostwald, M.; Denef, K.; Paustian, K.Journal Article
1-Jan-2013Magnetic field induced rearrangement of the vacuum charge in a graphene quantum dot with a mass gapMaksym, Piotr A.; Aoki, H.Journal Article
11-Dec-2013Nominal Coalgebraic Data Types with Applications to Lambda CalculusKurz, Alexander A.; Petrisan, Daniela; Severi, Paula; de Vries, Fer-JanJournal Article
25-Oct-2013Relation lifting, with an application to the many-valued cover modalityBilkova, M.; Kurz, Alexander A.; Petrisan, Daniela; Velebil, J.Journal Article
5-Dec-2013Epistemic Updates on AlgebrasKurz, Alexander A.; Palmigiano, Alessandra A.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 18 of 18