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Title: A Report on the Workplace Stress of Travel Agent Salespeople in Hong Kong
Authors: Chan, Wai-Mun Marion
Award date: 2011
Abstract: This paper is conducted by reviewing literature to study the major sources of occupational stress of salespeople working in travel agents in Hong Kong, and the associated individual and organizational consequences. Demand-Control-Support (DCS), Effort-Reward-Imbalance (ERI) and Demand-Induced-Strain-Compensation (DISC) models were applied to anaylse the stress process of the targeted population. Wide service scope tends to increase susceptibility to role conflict and ambiguity (Chang & Chang, 2007). Severe competitions for customers that imply job insecurity could be another potential stressor (Sutherland & Cooper, 2000). Work overload and high job demands for cognitive skills to maintain accurate and timely responses under frequent time pressure might be demanding daily hassles too (Piennaar & Willemse, 2008). Serving difficult clients with consistent good service that involves high emotion work could increase exposure to burnout (Zapf, 2002), higher dissatisfaction, and stronger quit intentions (Bozionelos & Kiamou, 2008). More empirical research on the discrepancy between expressed and felt emotions (emotional dissonance; Zapf, 2002) for this workgroup is proposed. Job redesign interventions that enhance job autonomy and participation are recommended to moderate the vulnerability to burnout. The review suggests reference information for stress audit and practical stress management strategies.
Type: Dissertation
Level: Masters
Qualification: MSc
Rights: Copyright © the author, 2011
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