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Title: Validation of an Assessment Centre
Authors: Toh, Shi Min
Award date: 2011
Abstract: The present study attempted to comprehensively assess the validity of an AC which was designed for the promotional purposes of police officers, conducted in the Asian context. Study included 128 officers of whom criterion data was available for 49 officers. Findings successfully supported the cross-cultural validity of the AC methodology, and were able to demonstrate the presence of criterion-related validity in the absence of construct validity concurrently. The overall AC rating was significantly related to both overall training performance (r = .58, p<.01) and estimated leadership potential data (r = .25, p<.05), both collected two years subsequent to the promotion process. Analyses further supported the situational specificity of the AC design; with particular exercises and performance traits underlying the predictive value of the AC. It further hinted at the incremental validity of the AC methodology over and above personality measures. The study supports the continual usage of the AC methodology across cultural contexts, and the need to re-construe the issue of construct validity in the AC context for practical and developmental uses.
Type: Dissertation
Level: Masters
Qualification: MSc
Rights: Copyright © the author, 2011
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