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12-Jul-2016Ambient Temperature and Stroke Occurrence: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Wang, X.; Cao, Y.; Hong, D.; Zheng, D.; Richtering, S.; Sandset, E. C.; Leong, T. H.; Arima, H.; Islam, S.; Salam, A.; Anderson, C.; Robinson, Thompson; Hackett, M. L.Journal Article
4-Feb-2016Survey of ankle-brachial pressure index use and its perceived barriers by general practitioners in the UK.Yap Kannan, R.; Dattani, N.; Sayers, R. D.; Bown, M. J.Journal Article
Nov-2015Epicardial adipose tissue in patients with end-stage renal disease on haemodialysis.Graham-Brown, Mathew P. M.; McCann, Gerry P.; Burton, James O.Journal Article
13-Sep-2016Novel cardiac nuclear magnetic resonance method for noninvasive assessment of myocardial fibrosis in hemodialysis patients.Graham-Brown, Matthew P. M.; March, Daniel S.; Churchward, Darren R.; Stensel, D. J.; Singh, Anvesha; Arnold, Ranjit; Burton, James O.; McCann, Gerry P.Journal Article
31-Aug-2016Meta-analysis of Outcomes Following Aneurysm Repair in Patients with Synchronous Intra-abdominal Malignancy.Kumar, R.; Dattani, N.; Asaad, O.; Bown, M. J.; Sayers, R. D.; Saratzis, A.Journal Article
21-Jul-2016Rationale and design of the randomised controlled trial to assess the impact of liraglutide on cardiac function and structure in young adults with type 2 diabetes (the LYDIA study)Htike, Z. Z.; Yates, T.; Brady, E. M.; Webb, D.; Gray, L. J.; Swarbrick, D.; McCann, G. P.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, M. J.Journal Article
17-Dec-2015Characterisation of cardiomyopathy by cardiac and aortic magnetic resonance in patients new to hemodialysis.Odudu, A.; Eldehni, M. T.; McCann, Gerry P.; Horsfield, Mark A.; Breidthardt, T.; McIntyre, C. W.Journal Article
31-May-2016Infarct Size Following Treatment With Second- Versus Third-Generation P2Y12 Antagonists in Patients With Multivessel Coronary Disease at ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction in the CvLPRIT Study.Khan, Jamal N.; Greenwood, J. P.; Nazir, Sheraz A.; Lai, Florence Y.; Dalby, M.; Curzen, N.; Hetherington, S.; Kelly, D. J.; Blackman, D.; Peebles, C.; Wong, J.; Flather, M.; Swanton, H.; Gershlick, Anthony H.; McCann, Gerry P.Journal Article
14-Sep-2016"Lone" Atrial Fibrillation Is Associated With Impaired Left Ventricular Energetics That Persist Despite Successful Catheter Ablation.Wijesurendra, R. S.; Liu, A.; Eichhorn, C.; Ariga, R.; Levelt, E.; Clarke, W. T.; Rodgers, C. T.; Karamitsos, T. D.; Bashir, Y.; Ginks, M.; Rajappan, K.; Betts, T.; Ferreira, V. M.; Neubauer, S.; Casadei, B.Journal Article
8-Sep-2016Change in plasma volume and prognosis in acute decompensated heart failure: an observational cohort studyHudson, Sarah R.; Chan, Daniel; Ng, Leong L.Journal Article
9-Sep-2016Studies on Mean Platelet Volume (MPV) - New Editorial PolicyHarrison, Paul; Goodall, Alison H.Journal Article
3-Nov-2016Baseline characteristics of the 3096 patients recruited into the 'Triple Antiplatelets for Reducing Dependency after Ischemic Stroke' trial.Bath, P. M.; Appleton, J. P.; Beridze, M.; Christensen, H.; Dineen, R. A.; Duley, L.; England, T. J.; Heptinstall, S.; James, M.; Krishnan, K.; Markus, H. S.; Pocock, S.; Ranta, A.; Robinson, Thompson G.; Flaherty, K.; Scutt, P.; Venables, G. S.; Woodhouse, L. J.; Sprigg, N.Journal Article
12-Aug-2016Investigating the effects of 6 months extended duration, in-centre nocturnal versus conventional haemodialysis treatment: a non-randomised, controlled feasibility study.Churchward, Darren R.; Graham-Brown, Matthew P. M.; Preston, Robert; Pickering, Warren; McCann, Gerry P.; Burton, James O.Journal Article
29-Aug-2016Effect of Care Guided by Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy, or NICE Guidelines on Subsequent Unnecessary Angiography Rates: The CE-MARC 2 Randomized Clinical Trial.Greenwood, J. P.; Ripley, D. P.; Berry, C.; McCann, Gerry P.; Plein, S.; Bucciarelli-Ducci, C.; Dall'Armellina, E.; Prasad, A.; Bijsterveld, P.; Foley, J. R.; Mangion, K.; Sculpher, M.; Walker, S.; Everett, C. C.; Cairns, D. A.; Sharples, L. D.; Brown, J. M.; CE-MARC 2 InvestigatorsJournal Article
2-Sep-2016Walking Away from Type 2 diabetes: a cluster randomized controlled trialYates, Thomas E.; Edwardson, C. L.; Henson, J.; Gray, L. J.; Ashra, N. B.; Troughton, J.; Khunti, K.; Davies, M. J.Journal Article
18-Aug-2016Transcatheter Aortic-Valve Replacement.Santarpino, G.; Mariscalco, Giovanni; Pfeiffer, S.Journal Article
12-Aug-2016Basal insulin peglispro versus insulin glargine in insulin-naïve type 2 diabetes: IMAGINE 2 randomized trial.Davies, M. J.; Russell-Jones, D.; Selam, J. L.; Bailey, T. S.; Kerényi, Z.; Luo, J.; Bue-Valleskey, J.; Iványi, T.; Hartman, M. L.; Jacobson, J. G.; Jacober, S. J.; IMAGINE 2 Study InvestigatorsJournal Article
5-Jul-2016Air Pressure, Humidity and Stroke Occurrence: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisCao, Yongjun; Wang, Xia; Zheng, Danni; Robinson, Thompson; Hong, Daqing; Richtering, Sarah; Leong, Tzen Hugh; Salam, Abdul; Anderson, Craig; Hackett, Maree L.Journal Article
29-Sep-2016STEPWISE - STructured lifestyle Education for People WIth SchizophrEnia: a study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.Gossage-Worrall, R.; Holt, R. I.; Barnard, K.; Carey, Marian E.; Davies, Melanie J.; Dickens, C.; Doherty, Yvonne; Edwardson, Charlotte; French, P.; Gaughran, F.; Greenwood, K.; Kalidindi, S.; Hind, D.; Khunti, Kamlesh; McCrone, P.; Mitchell, J.; Pendlebury, J.; Rathod, S.; Shiers, D.; Siddiqi, N.; Swaby, L.; Wright, S.Journal Article
22-Sep-2016Difference in Leukocyte Composition between Women before and after Menopausal Age, and Distinct Sexual Dimorphism.Chen, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Zhao, G.; Chen, C.; Yang, P.; Ye, Shu; Tan, X.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2411
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