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2-Mar-2017Glycaemic control and hypoglycaemia burden in patients with type 2 diabetes initiating basal insulin in Europe and the USAMauricio, D; Meneghini, L; Seufert, J; Liao, L; Wang, H; Tong, L; Cali, A; Stella, P; Carita, P; Khunti, KJournal Article
28-Nov-2016KLB is associated with alcohol drinking, and its gene product β-Klotho is necessary for FGF21 regulation of alcohol preference.Schumann, G; Liu, C; O'Reilly, P; Gao, H; Song, P; Xu, B; Ruggeri, B; Amin, N; Jia, T; Preis, S; Segura Lepe, M; Akira, S; Barbieri, C; Baumeister, S; Cauchi, S; Clarke, T-K; Enroth, S; Fischer, K; Hällfors, J; Harris, SE; Hieber, S; Hofer, E; Hottenga, J-J; Johansson, Å; Joshi, PK; Kaartinen, N; Laitinen, J; Lemaitre, R; Loukola, A; Luan, J; Lyytikäinen, L-P; Mangino, M; Manichaikul, A; Mbarek, H; Milaneschi, Y; Moayyeri, A; Mukamal, K; Nelson, C; Nettleton, J; Partinen, E; Rawal, R; Robino, A; Rose, L; Sala, C; Satoh, T; Schmidt, R; Schraut, K; Scott, R; Smith, AV; Starr, JM; Teumer, A; Trompet, S; Uitterlinden, AG; Venturini, C; Vergnaud, A-C; Verweij, N; Vitart, V; Vuckovic, D; Wedenoja, J; Yengo, L; Yu, B; Zhang, W; Zhao, JH; Boomsma, DI; Chambers, J; Chasman, DI; Daniela, T; de Geus, E; Deary, I; Eriksson, JG; Esko, T; Eulenburg, V; Franco, OH; Froguel, P; Gieger, C; Grabe, HJ; Gudnason, V; Gyllensten, U; Harris, TB; Hartikainen, A-L; Heath, AC; Hocking, L; Hofman, A; Huth, C; Jarvelin, M-R; Jukema, JW; Kaprio, J; Kooner, JS; Kutalik, Z; Lahti, J; Langenberg, C; Lehtimäki, T; Liu, Y; Madden, PAF; Martin, N; Morrison, A; Penninx, B; Pirastu, N; Psaty, B; Raitakari, O; Ridker, P; Rose, R; Rotter, JI; Samani, NJ; Schmidt, H; Spector, TD; Stott, D; Strachan, D; Tzoulaki, I; van der Harst, P; van Duijn, CM; Marques-Vidal, P; Vollenweider, P; Wareham, NJ; Whitfield, JB; Wilson, J; Wolffenbuttel, B; Bakalkin, G; Evangelou, E; Liu, Y; Rice, KM; Desrivières, S; Kliewer, SA; Mangelsdorf, DJ; Müller, CP; Levy, D; Elliott, PJournal Article
28-Sep-2017Pregabalin-induced first degree atrioventricular block in a young patient treated for pain from extrapulmonary tuberculosisSchiavo, A; Stagnaro, FM; Salzano, A; Marra, AM; Bobbio, E; Valente, P; Grassi, S; Miniero, M; Arcopinto, M; Matarazzo, M; Napoli, R; Cittadini, AJournal Article
8-Oct-2015Screening for non-adherence to antihypertensive treatment as a part of the diagnostic pathway to renal denervation.Patel, P; Gupta, PKC; White, CMJ; Stanley, AG; Williams, B; Tomaszewski, MJournal Article
16-Aug-2019Micro-costing and a cost-consequence analysis of the ‘Girls Active’ programme: A cluster randomised controlled trialCharles, J; Harrington, D; Davies, M; Edwardson, C; Gorely, T; Bodicoat, D; Khunti, K; Sherar, L; Yates, T; Tudor-Edwards, RJournal Article
13-Dec-2017Elevated preoperative heart rate is associated with cardiopulmonary and autonomic impairment in high-risk surgical patientsAbbott, TEF; Minto, G; Lee, AM; Pearse, RM; Ackland, GL; Minto, G; King, A; Pollak, C; Williams, C; Patrick, A; West, C; Vickers, E; Green, R; Clark, M; Whittle, J; Paredes, LG; Stephens, RCM; Jones, A; Otto, J; Lach, A; Del Arroyo, AG; Toner, A; Williams, A; Owen, T; Pradhu, P; Hull, D; Montague, L; Iqbal, S; Lyness, C; Bodger, P; Reyes, A; Sciusco, A; Cone, S; Karmali, S; Ackland, G; Omar, R; Singer, M; Hamilton, M; Mallett, S; Malago, M; Imber, C; Windsor, A; Hinchliffe, R; Mughal, M; Dawas, K; Mould, T; Cecconi, M; Everingham, K; Pearse, R; Lees, M; Shulman, R; MacDonald, N; Parnell, W; Niebrzegowska, E; Gallego, L; McAlees, E; Januszewska, M; Smith, A; Gillies, M; Antonelli, J; Beattie, C; McCulloch, C; Young, N; Cameron, D; McKeown, D; Walsh, T; Wilson, E; Hope, D; Hay, A; Beatty, M; Parks, R; Lynn, K; Blunt, M; Young, P; Moondi, P; Gibson, J; Carter, J; Watson, B; Hobbinger, H; Abdy, S; Pretorius, R; Shafeek, S; Wong, K; Gent, E; Wolf, R; Wijewardena, G; Young, B; Irvine, M; Elliot, S; Griffiths, K; Beardow, Z; Breen, A; Howell, S; Birch, S; Berridge, J; Mohr, O; Reynolds, T; Fawcett, E; Baytug, B; Hester, NJournal Article
23-Jun-2018Health Promotion and Wellness Initiatives Targeting Chronic Disease Prevention and Management for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Recent Advancements in Type 2 Diabetes.Taggart, L.; Truesdale, M.; Dunkley, A.; House, A.; Russell, A. M.Journal Article
23-Jun-2016Prevention and treatment of peritoneal adhesions in patients affected by vascular diseases following surgery: a review of the literature.Rocca, A; Aprea, G; Surfaro, G; Amato, M; Giuliani, A; Paccone, M; Salzano, A; Russo, A; Tafuri, D; Amato, BJournal Article
17-Jan-2017Growth Hormone Deficiency Is Associated with Worse Cardiac Function, Physical Performance, and Outcome in Chronic Heart Failure: Insights from the T.O.S.CA. GHD Study.Arcopinto, M; Salzano, A; Giallauria, F; Bossone, E; Isgaard, J; Marra, AM; Bobbio, E; Vriz, O; Åberg, DN; Masarone, D; De Paulis, A; Saldamarco, L; Vigorito, C; Formisano, P; Niola, M; Perticone, F; Bonaduce, D; Saccà, L; Colao, A; Cittadini, A; T.O.S.CA. (Trattamento Ormonale Scompenso CArdiaco) InvestigatorsJournal Article
4-Oct-2018Physical Activity after Cardiac EventS (PACES) - a group education programme with subsequent text-message support designed to increase physical activity in individuals with diagnosed coronary heart disease: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial.Herring, LY; Dallosso, H; Chatterjee, S; Bodicoat, D; Schreder, S; Khunti, K; Yates, T; Seidu, S; Hudson, I; Davies, MJJournal Article
6-Jul-2019Statins and risk of thromboembolism: A meta-regression to disentangle the efficacy-to-effectiveness gap using observational and trial evidenceMiksza, J; Zaccardi, F; Kunutsor, S; Seidu, S; Davies, M; Khunti, KJournal Article
14-Sep-2016Contamination-controlled high-throughput whole genome sequencing for influenza A viruses using the MiSeq sequencer.Lee, Hong Kai; Lee, Chun Kiat; Tang, Julian Wei-Tze; Loh, Tze Ping; Koay, Evelyn Siew-ChuanJournal Article
22-Jul-2018Effects of Lipid-Lowering and Antihypertensive Treatments in Addition to Healthy Lifestyles in Primary Prevention: An Analysis of the HOPE-3 Trial.Dagenais, GR; Jung, H; Lonn, E; Bogaty, PM; Dehghan, M; Held, C; Avezum, A; Jansky, P; Keltai, M; Leiter, LA; Lopez-Jaramillo, P; Toff, WD; Bosch, J; Yusuf, SJournal Article
22-Sep-2016Difference in Leukocyte Composition between Women before and after Menopausal Age, and Distinct Sexual DimorphismChen, Yequn; Zhang, Yanhong; Zhao, Guojun; Chen, Chang; Yang, Peixuan; Ye, Shu; Tan, XueruiJournal Article
3-Jan-2019Trans-ethnic kidney function association study reveals putative causal genes and effects on kidney-specific disease aetiologies.Morris, AP; Le, TH; Wu, H; Akbarov, A; van der Most, PJ; Hemani, G; Smith, GD; Mahajan, A; Gaulton, KJ; Nadkarni, GN; Valladares-Salgado, A; Wacher-Rodarte, N; Mychaleckyj, JC; Dueker, ND; Guo, X; Hai, Y; Haessler, J; Kamatani, Y; Stilp, AM; Zhu, G; Cook, JP; Ärnlöv, J; Blanton, SH; de Borst, MH; Bottinger, EP; Buchanan, TA; Cechova, S; Charchar, FJ; Chu, P-L; Damman, J; Eales, J; Gharavi, AG; Giedraitis, V; Heath, AC; Ipp, E; Kiryluk, K; Kramer, HJ; Kubo, M; Larsson, A; Lindgren, CM; Lu, Y; Madden, PAF; Montgomery, GW; Papanicolaou, GJ; Raffel, LJ; Sacco, RL; Sanchez, E; Stark, H; Sundstrom, J; Taylor, KD; Xiang, AH; Zivkovic, A; Lind, L; Ingelsson, E; Martin, NG; Whitfield, JB; Cai, J; Laurie, CC; Okada, Y; Matsuda, K; Kooperberg, C; Chen, Y-DI; Rundek, T; Rich, SS; Loos, RJF; Parra, EJ; Cruz, M; Rotter, JI; Snieder, H; Tomaszewski, M; Humphreys, BD; Franceschini, NJournal Article
Nov-2018Structured lifestyle education to support weight loss for people with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder and first episode psychosis: the STEPWISE RCT.Holt, RI; Hind, D; Gossage-Worrall, R; Bradburn, MJ; Saxon, D; McCrone, P; Morris, TA; Etherington, A; Shiers, D; Barnard, K; Swaby, L; Edwardson, C; Carey, ME; Davies, MJ; Dickens, CM; Doherty, Y; French, P; Greenwood, KE; Kalidindi, S; Khunti, K; Laugharne, R; Pendlebury, J; Rathod, S; Siddiqi, N; Wright, S; Waller, G; Gaughran, F; Barnett, J; Northern, AJournal Article
28-Nov-2018Interethnic analyses of blood pressure loci in populations of East Asian and European descent.Takeuchi, F; Akiyama, M; Matoba, N; Katsuya, T; Nakatochi, M; Tabara, Y; Narita, A; Saw, W-Y; Moon, S; Spracklen, CN; Chai, J-F; Kim, Y-J; Zhang, L; Wang, C; Li, H; Li, H; Wu, J-Y; Dorajoo, R; Nierenberg, JL; Wang, YX; He, J; Bennett, DA; Takahashi, A; Momozawa, Y; Hirata, M; Matsuda, K; Rakugi, H; Nakashima, E; Isono, M; Shirota, M; Hozawa, A; Ichihara, S; Matsubara, T; Yamamoto, K; Kohara, K; Igase, M; Han, S; Gordon-Larsen, P; Huang, W; Lee, NR; Adair, LS; Hwang, MY; Lee, J; Chee, ML; Sabanayagam, C; Zhao, W; Liu, J; Reilly, DF; Sun, L; Huo, S; Edwards, TL; Long, J; Chang, L-C; Chen, C-H; Yuan, J-M; Koh, W-P; Friedlander, Y; Kelly, TN; Bin Wei, W; Xu, L; Cai, H; Xiang, Y-B; Lin, K; Clarke, R; Walters, RG; Millwood, IY; Li, L; Chambers, JC; Kooner, JS; Elliott, P; van der Harst, P; International Genomics of Blood Pressure (iGEN-BP) Consortium; Chen, Z; Sasaki, M; Shu, X-O; Jonas, JB; He, J; Heng, C-K; Chen, Y-T; Zheng, W; Lin, X; Teo, Y-Y; Tai, E-S; Cheng, C-Y; Wong, TY; Sim, X; Mohlke, KL; Yamamoto, M; Kim, B-J; Miki, T; Nabika, T; Yokota, M; Kamatani, Y; Kubo, M; Kato, NJournal Article
17-Sep-2018Genetic Susceptibility Loci for Cardiovascular Disease and Their Impact on Atherosclerotic Plaques.van der Laan, SW; Siemelink, MA; Haitjema, S; Foroughi Asl, H; Perisic, L; Mokry, M; van Setten, J; Malik, R; Dichgans, M; Worrall, BB; METASTROKE Collaboration of the International Stroke Genetics Consortium; Samani, NJ; Schunkert, H; Erdmann, J; Hedin, U; Paulsson-Berne, G; Björkegrenn, JLM; de Borst, GJ; Asselbergs, FW; den Ruijter, FW; de Bakker, PIW; Pasterkamp, GJournal Article
29-Nov-2018Sauna bathing is associated with reduced cardiovascular mortality and improves risk prediction in men and women: a prospective cohort study.Laukkanen, T; Kunutsor, SK; Khan, H; Willeit, P; Zaccardi, F; Laukkanen, JAJournal Article
20-Sep-2018Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR) expert consensus for CMR imaging endpoints in clinical research: part I - analytical validation and clinical qualification.Puntmann, VO; Valbuena, S; Hinojar, R; Petersen, SE; Greenwood, JP; Kramer, CM; Kwong, RY; McCann, GP; Berry, C; Nagel, E; SCMR Clinical Trial Writing GroupJournal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2933
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