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21-Feb-2017Systematic Evaluation of Pleiotropy Identifies 6 Further Loci Associated With Coronary Artery DiseaseWebb, Thomas R.; Erdmann, J.; Stirrups, K. E.; Stitziel, N. O.; Masca, N. G.; Jansen, H.; Kanoni, S.; Nelson, C. P.; Ferrario, P. G.; König, I. R.; Eicher, J. D.; Johnson, A. D.; Hamby, S. E.; Betsholtz, C.; Ruusalepp, A.; Franzén, O.; Schadt, E. E.; Björkegren, J. L.; Weeke, P. E.; Auer, P. L.; Schick, U. M.; Lu, Y.; Zhang, H.; Dube, M. P.; Goel, A.; Farrall, M.; Peloso, G. M.; Won, H. H.; Do, R.; van Iperen, E.; Kruppa, J.; Mahajan, A.; Scott, R. A.; Willenborg, C.; Braund, P. S.; van Capelleveen, J. C.; Doney, A. S.; Donnelly, L. A.; Asselta, R.; Merlini, P. A.; Duga, S.; Marziliano, N.; Denny, J. C.; Shaffer, C.; El-Mokhtari, N. E.; Franke, A.; Heilmann, S.; Hengstenberg, C.; Hoffmann, P.; Holmen, O. L.; Hveem, K.; Jansson, J. H.; Jöckel, K. H.; Kessler, T.; Kriebel, J.; Laugwitz, K. L.; Marouli, E.; Martinelli, N.; McCarthy, M. I.; Van Zuydam, N. R.; Meisinger, C.; Esko, T.; Mihailov, E.; Escher, S. A.; Alver, M.; Moebus, S.; Morris, A. D.; Virtamo, J.; Nikpay, M.; Olivieri, O.; Provost, S.; AlQarawi, A.; Robertson, N. R.; Akinsansya, K. O.; Reilly, D. F.; Vogt, T. F.; Yin, W.; Asselbergs, F. W.; Kooperberg, C.; Jackson, R. D.; Stahl, E.; Müller-Nurasyid, M.; Strauch, K.; Varga, T. V.; Waldenberger, M.; Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium; Zeng, L.; Chowdhury, R.; Salomaa, V.; Ford, I.; Jukema, J. W.; Amouyel, P.; Kontto, J.; MORGAM Investigators; Nordestgaard, B. G.; Ferrières, J.; Saleheen, D.; Sattar, N.; Surendran, P.; Wagner, A.; Young, R.; Howson, J. M.; Butterworth, A. S.; Danesh, J.; Ardissino, D.; Bottinger, E. P.; Erbel, R.; Franks, P. W.; Girelli, D.; Hall, A. S.; Hovingh, G. K.; Kastrati, A.; Lieb, W.; Meitinger, T.; Kraus, W. E.; Shah, S. H.; McPherson, R.; Orho-Melander, M.; Melander, O.; Metspalu, A.; Palmer, C. N.; Peters, A.; Rader, D. J.; Reilly, M. P.; Loos, R. J.; Reiner, A. P.; Roden, D. M.; Tardif, J. C.; Thompson, J. R.; Wareham, N. J.; Watkins, H.; Willer, C. J.; Samani, Nilesh J.; Schunkert, H.; Deloukas, P.; Kathiresan, S.; Myocardial Infarction Genetics and CARDIoGRAM Exome Consortia InvestigatorsJournal Article
2017Non-targeted metabolomics in sport and exercise scienceHeaney, Liam M.; Deighton, Kevin; Suzuki, ToruJournal Article
26-Jan-2017Associations of objectively measured moderate-to-vigorous-intensity physical activity and sedentary time with all-cause mortality in a population of adults at high risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus.Bakrania, Kishan; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Henson, Joseph; Stamatakis, Emmanuel; Hamer, Mark; Davies, Melanie J.; Yates, ThomasJournal Article
13-Feb-2017Comparison of exercise testing and CMR measured myocardial perfusion reserve for predicting outcome in asymptomatic aortic stenosis: the PRognostic Importance of MIcrovascular Dysfunction in Aortic Stenosis (PRIMID AS) Study.Singh, Anvesha; Greenwood, John P.; Berry, Colin; Dawson, Dana K.; Hogrefe, Kai; Kelly, Damian J.; Dhakshinamurthy, Vijay; Lang, Chim C.; Khoo, Jeffrey P.; Sprigings, David; Steeds, Richard P.; Jerosch-Herold, Michael; Neubauer, Stefan; Prendergast, Bernard; Williams, Bryan; Zhang, Ruiqi; Hudson, Ian; Squire, Iain B.; Ford, Ian; Samani, Nilesh J.; McCann, Gerry P.Journal Article
30-Jun-2016Late Survival in Nonoperated Patients with Infrarenal Abdominal Aortic AneurysmScott, S. W. M.; Batchelder, A. J.; Kirkbride, D.; Naylor, A. R.; Thompson, J. P.Journal Article
8-Feb-2017Effects of size at birth, childhood growth patterns and growth hormone treatment on leukocyte telomere lengthSmeets, Carolina C. J.; Codd, Veryan; Denniff, Matthew; Samani, Nilesh J.; Hokken-Koelega, Anita C. S.Journal Article
26-Jan-2017Relative Telomere Repeat Mass in Buccal and Leukocyte-Derived DNA.Finnicum, Casey T.; Dolan, Conor V.; Willemsen, Gonneke; Weber, Zachary M.; Petersen, Jason L.; Beck, Jeffrey J.; Codd, Veryan; Boomsma, Dorret I.; Davies, Gareth E.; Ehli, Erik A.Journal Article
16-Feb-2017Galactosylation of IgA1 Is Associated with Common Variation in C1GALT1.Gale, Daniel P.; Molyneux, Karen; Wimbury, David; Higgins, Patricia; Levine, Adam P.; Caplin, Ben; Ferlin, Anna; Yin, Peiran; Nelson, Christopher P.; Stanescu, Horia; Samani, Nilesh J.; Kleta, Robert; Yu, Xueqing; Barratt, JonathanJournal Article
2017Spontaneous Coronary Artery DissectionAl-Hussaini, Abtehale; Adlam, DavidJournal Article
21-Feb-2017Cardio-oncology. Editorial on: Management and Outcomes of Patients with Atrial Fibrillation and a History of Cancer: The ORBIT-AF registryAdlam, D.; Peake, M.Journal Article
5-Jan-2017Comparison of global myocardial strain assessed by cardiovascular magnetic resonance tagging and feature tracking to infarct size at predicting remodelling following STEMI.Shetye, Abhishek M.; Nazir, Sheraz A.; Razvi, Naveed A.; Price, Nathan; Khan, Jamal N.; Lai, Florence Y.; Squire, Iain B.; McCann, Gerald P.; Arnold, Jayanth R.Journal Article
14-Jan-2017Reducing sedentary time in adults at risk of type 2 diabetes: process evaluation of the STAND (Sedentary Time ANd Diabetes) RCT.Biddle, Stuart J. H.; Edwardson, Charlotte L.; Gorely, Trish; Wilmot, Emma G.; Yates, Thomas; Nimmo, Myra A.; Khunti, Kamlesh; Davies, Melanie J.Journal Article
1-Jan-2017Cost-effectiveness of a pragmatic structured education intervention for the prevention of type 2 diabetes: economic evaluation of data from the Let's Prevent Diabetes cluster-randomised controlled trial.Leal, J.; Ahrabian, D.; Davies, M. J.; Gray, L. J.; Khunti, K.; Yates, T.; Gray, A. M.Journal Article
1-Jul-2016Impact of Type 1 Diabetes Technology on Family Members/Significant Others of People With Diabetes.Barnard, K.; Crabtree, V.; Adolfsson, P.; Davies, Melanie; Kerr, D.; Kraus, A.; Gianferante, D.; Bevilacqua, E.; Serbedzija, G.Journal Article
12-Feb-2015Antiplatelet treatment compared with anticoagulation treatment for cervical artery dissection (CADISS): a randomised trialThe CADISS trial investigatorsJournal Article
14-Oct-2016Are increasing volumes of children and young people presenting to Emergency Departments due to increasing severity of illness?Roland, Damian; Jones, Sam; Coats, Tim; Davies, FfionJournal Article
2-Nov-2016Early Weight Loss with Liraglutide 3.0 mg Predicts 1-Year Weight Loss and is Associated with Improvements in Clinical Markers.Fujioka, K.; O'Neil, P. M.; Davies, Melanie; Greenway, F.; Lau, D. C. W.; Claudius, B.; Vang Skjøth, T.; Bjørn Jensen, C.; Wilding, J. P. H.Journal Article
17-Oct-2016Development of a lifestyle intervention using the MRC framework for diabetes prevention in people with impaired glucose regulation.Troughton, Jacqui; Chatterjee, Sudesna; Hill, Siân E.; Daly, Heaher; Martin Stacey, Lorraine; Stone, Margaret A.; Patel, Naina; Khunti, Kamlesh; Yates, Thomas; Gray, Laura J.; Davies, Melanie J.Journal Article
15-Aug-2016Benefits of LixiLan, a Titratable Fixed-Ratio Combination of Insulin Glargine Plus Lixisenatide, Versus Insulin Glargine and Lixisenatide Monocomponents in Type 2 Diabetes Inadequately Controlled on Oral Agents: The LixiLan-O Randomized Trial.Rosenstock, J.; Aronson, R.; Grunberger, G.; Hanefeld, M.; Piatti, P.; Serusclat, P.; Cheng, X.; Zhou, T.; Niemoeller, E.; Souhami, E.; Davies, Melanie; LixiLan-O Trial InvestigatorsJournal Article
5-Aug-2015Reliability of measurement of endothelial function across multiple institutions and establishment of reference values in Japanese.Tomiyama, H.; Kohro, T.; Higashi, Y.; Takase, B.; Suzuki, Toru; Ishizu, T.; Ueda, S.; Yamazaki, T.; Furumoto, T.; Kario, K.; Inoue, T.; Koba, S.; Watanabe, K.; Takemoto, Y.; Hano, T.; Sata, M.; Ishibashi, Y.; Node, K.; Maemura, K.; Ohya, Y.; Furukawa, T.; Ito, H.; Ikeda, H.; Yamashina, A.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 2450
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