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Nov-2008C-terminal provasopressin (copeptin) is associated with left ventricular dysfunction, remodeling, and clinical heart failure in survivors of myocardial infarction.Kelly, D; Squire, IB; Khan, SQ; Quinn, P; Struck, J; Morgenthaler, NG; Davies, JE; Ng, LLJournal Article
Apr-2012Low Levels of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor B Predict Left Ventricular Remodeling After Acute Myocardial InfarctionDevaux, Y; Vausort, M; Azuaje, F; Vaillant, M; Lair, M-L; Gayat, E; Lassus, J; Ng, LL; Kelly, D; Wagner, DR; Squire, IBJournal Article
Feb-2009Gender and renal function influence plasma levels of copeptin in healthy individuals.Bhandari, SS; Loke, I; Davies, JE; Squire, IB; Struck, J; Ng, LLJournal Article
Oct-2012Interleukin-21 - A biomarker of importance in predicting myocardial function following acute infarction?Weir, RAP; Miller, AM; McInnes, IB; Petrie, CJ; Clements, S; Steedman, T; Dargie, HJ; McMurray, JJV; Squire, IB; Ng, LLJournal Article
Feb-2008Circulating stromelysin-1 (MMP-3): a novel predictor of LV dysfunction, remodelling and all-cause mortality after acute myocardial infarction.Kelly, D; Khan, S; Cockerill, G; Ng, LL; Thompson, M; Samani, NJ; Squire, IBJournal Article
Sep-2004N-terminal pro-atrial natriuretic peptide (N-ANP) and N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide (N-BNP) in the prediction of death and heart failure in unselected patients following acute myocardial infarction.Squire, IB; O'Brien, RJ; Demme, B; Davies, JE; Ng, LLJournal Article
2002Plasma cardiothrophin-1 following acute myocardial infarction: Relationship with left ventricular systolic dysfunctionTalwar, S; Squire, IB; O'Brien, RJ; Downie, PF; Davies, JE; Ng, LLJournal Article
1-Jun-2009Left ventricular remodeling after acute myocardial infarction: Does eplerenone have an effect?Weir, RAP; Mark, PB; Petrie, CJ; Clements, S; Steedman, T; Ford, I; Ng, LL; Squire, IB; Wagner, GS; McMurray, JJV; Dargie, HJJournal Article
Feb-2010Matrix metalloproteinase-2 predicts mortality in patients with acute coronary syndrome.Dhillon, OS; Khan, SQ; Narayan, HK; Ng, KH; Mohammed, N; Quinn, PA; Squire, IB; Davies, JE; Ng, LLJournal Article
Jul-2006Myeloperoxidase and C-reactive protein augment the specificity of B-type natriuretic peptide in community screening for systolic heart failure.Ng, LL; Pathik, B; Loke, IW; Squire, IB; Davies, JEJournal Article