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Mar-2007Does cigarette smoking increase plasma urotensin II concentrations?Gold, SJ; Thompson, JP; Williams, JP; Helm, EE; Sadler, J; Song, W; Ng, LL; Lambert, DGJournal Article
Nov-2008C-terminal provasopressin (copeptin) is associated with left ventricular dysfunction, remodeling, and clinical heart failure in survivors of myocardial infarction.Kelly, D; Squire, IB; Khan, SQ; Quinn, P; Struck, J; Morgenthaler, NG; Davies, JE; Ng, LLJournal Article
Feb-2004Diagnosis of heart failure using urinary natriuretic peptides.Ng, LL; Geeranavar, S; Jennings, SC; Loke, I; O'Brien, RJJournal Article
Feb-2009Gender and renal function influence plasma levels of copeptin in healthy individuals.Bhandari, SS; Loke, I; Davies, JE; Squire, IB; Struck, J; Ng, LLJournal Article
2002Non-competitive immunochemiluminometric assay for cardiotrophin-I detects elevated plasma levels in human heart failureNg, LL; O'Brien, RJ; Demme, B; Jennings, SJournal Article
May-2007Acute management of pregnancy associated cardiomyopathy with cardiac resynchronisation therapy.Kelly, D; Hickey, PM; Davies, J; Ng, LL; Chin, DJournal Article
Aug-2007Improving the diagnostic accuracy of N-terminal B-type natriuretic peptide in human systolic heart failure by plasma profiling using mass spectrometry.Jones, DJ; Willingale, R; Quinn, PA; Lamb, JH; Farmer, PB; Davies, JE; Ng, LLJournal Article
Sep-2005Exercise duration and peak systolic blood pressure are predictive of mortality in ambulatory patients with mild-moderate chronic heart failureWilliams, SG; Jackson, M; Patwala, A; Ng, LL; Barker, D; Tan, L-B; Williams, SGJournal Article
May-2004Brain naturetic peptide (BNP) and diabetes mellitus.Ng, LLJournal Article
Aug-2007Cardiotropin-1 and myocardial strain change heterogeneously in cardiomyopathy.Potter, DD; Araoz, PA; Ng, LL; Kruger, DG; Thompson, JL; Hamner, CE; Rysavy, JA; Mandrekar, JN; Sundt, TMJournal Article