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May-2006Molecular determinants of hERG channel blockKamiya, K; Niwa, R; Mitcheson, JS; Sanguinetti, MCJournal Article
25-Sep-2001The S4-S5 linker couples voltage sensing and activation of pacemaker channelsChen, J; Mitcheson, JS; Tristani-Firouzi, M; Lin, M; Sanguinetti, MCJournal Article
1996Action potentials, ion channel currents and transverse tubule density in adult rabbit ventricular myocytes maintained for 6 days in cell cultureMitcheson, JS; Hancox, JC; Levi, AJJournal Article
1997Voltage dependence of the Fura-2 transient in rabbit left atrial myocytes at 37°CMitcheson, JS; Hancox, JC; Levi, AJJournal Article
1997Modulation by mexiletine of action potentials, L-type Ca current and delayed rectifier K current recorded from isolated rabbit atrioventricular nodal myocytesMitcheson, JS; Hancox, JCJournal Article
24-Oct-2000A structural basis for drug-induced long QT syndromeMitcheson, JS; Chen, J; Lin, M; Sanguinetti, MC; Culberson, C; Mitcheson, JS; Sanguinetti, MCJournal Article
17-Nov-2000Functional roles of charged residues in the putative voltage sensor of the HCN2 pacemaker channelChen, J; Mitcheson, JS; Lin, M; Sanguinetti, MCJournal Article
Dec-2003Progress and gaps in understanding the electrophysiological properties of morphologically normal cells from the cardiac atrioventricular nodeHancox, JC; Yuill, KH; Mitcheson, JS; Convery, MKJournal Article
Feb-2006Direct block of human ether-a-go-go-related gene potassium channels by caffeineCockerill, SL; Mitcheson, JS; Mitcheson, JSJournal Article
2002Comparison of Na /Ca exchanger current and of its response to isoproterenol between acutely isolated and short-term cultured adult ventricular myocytesPabbathi, VK; Zhang, YH; Hinde, AK; Perchenet, L; Arberry, LA; Levi, AJ; Hancox, JC; Mitcheson, JSJournal Article