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Dec-2011cAMP inhibits mammalian target of rapamycin complex-1 and -2 (mTORC1 and 2) by promoting complex dissociation and inhibiting mTOR kinase activity.Xie, J; Ponuwei, GA; Moore, CE; Willars, GB; Tee, AR; Herbert, TPJournal Article
Feb-2011PERK activation at low glucose concentration is mediated by SERCA pump inhibition and confers preemptive cytoprotection to pancreatic β-cells.Moore, CE; Omikorede, O; Gomez, E; Willars, GB; Herbert, TPJournal Article
Oct-2011Residues within the transmembrane domain of the glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor involved in ligand binding and receptor activation: modelling the ligand-bound receptor.Coopman, K; Wallis, R; Robb, G; Brown, AJ; Wilkinson, GF; Timms, D; Willars, GBJournal Article
Jul-1996Ionomycin induced changes in intra cellular free calcium in SH-SY5Y human neuroblastoma cells: Sources of calcium and effects on [H]-noradrenaline releasePurkiss, JR; Willars, GB; Willars, GB; Purkiss, JRJournal Article
Sep-1996Acute regulation of the receptor-mediated phosphoinositide signal transduction pathwayWillars, GB; Challiss, RAJ; Nahorski, SRJournal Article
1996Desensitization of gonadotropin-releasing hormone action in αT3-1 cells due to uncoupling of inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate generation and Ca mobilizationMcArdle, CA; Fowkes, RC; Forrest-Owen, W; Willars, GB; Nahorski, SR; Davidson, JS; McArdle, CAJournal Article
27-Feb-1998Differential regulation of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor-sensitive polyphosphoinositide pools and consequences for signaling in human neuroblastoma cellsWillars, GB; Nahorski, SR; Challiss, RAJJournal Article