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First PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Type
24-Mar-2010Investigating the characteristics of drug binding to the inner cavity of hERG potassium channelsChang, Michael Woun YeinThesis
Jan-2012Neuroprotective role of Sirt1 in mammalian models of Huntington's disease through activation of multiple Sirt1 targetsJiang, M; Wang, J; Fu, J; Xiang, L; Peng, Q; Arbez, N; Zhu, S; Sommers, K; Qian, J; Ross, CA; Duan, W; Wang, J; Du, L; Cichewicz, RH; Jeong, H; Krainc, D; West, T; Holtzman, DM; Hou, Z; Zhang, J; Mori, S; Cai, H; Martin, B; Seredenina, T; Luthi-Carter, R; Yang, XW; Tamashiro, KLK; Moran, TH; Aja, S; Maudsley, S; Mattson, MP; Ross, CA; Ross, CA; Ross, CA; Ross, CA; Duan, WJournal Article
15-Jan-2010Novel NMDA receptor splice variantsDe Jesus Domingues, António MiguelThesis
2010Investigating Allosteric Activation of the M1 Muscarinic Acetylcholine ReceptorThomas, RachelThesis
18-Dec-2011Deficiency of regulatory heme causes an early synaptic failure in cultured neuronsChernova, T; Steinert, JR; Richards, P; Mistry, R; Challiss, RAJ; Smith, AG; Forsythe, IDJournal Article
7-Jul-2010Assessment of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Psychoactive Drugs using Brain MicrodialysisSood, PoojaThesis
1-Jan-2015Determining the role of NMDA receptors and ATP receptors in the pathological damage following strokeTrotman, Melissa ElizabethThesis
8-Oct-2014Kinetics of conformational changes revealed by voltage-clamp fluorometry give insight to desensitization at ATP-gated human P2X1 receptors.Fryatt, Alistair G.; Evans, Richard J.Journal Article
17-Jun-2011A brain-permeable small molecule reduces neuronal cholesterol by inhibiting activity of sirtuin 2 deacetylase.Taylor, DM; Balabadra, U; Xiang, Z; Woodman, B; Meade, S; Amore, A; Maxwell, MM; Reeves, S; Bates, GP; Luthi-Carter, R; Lowden, PA; Kazantsev, AGJournal Article
27-Apr-2010SIRT2 inhibition achieves neuroprotection by decreasing sterol biosynthesis.Luthi-Carter, R; Taylor, DM; Pallos, J; Lambert, E; Amore, A; Parker, A; Moffitt, H; Smith, DL; Runne, H; Gokce, O; Kuhn, A; Xiang, Z; Maxwell, MM; Reeves, SA; Bates, GP; Neri, C; Thompson, LM; Marsh, JL; Kazantsev, AGJournal Article