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Feb-2007Modulation of serotonergic neurotransmission by nitric oxide.Straub, VA; Grant, J; O'Shea, M; Benjamin, PRJournal Article
Jan-2004Heterogeneity of P2X receptors in sympathetic neurons: contribution of neuronal P2X1 receptors revealed using knockout mice.Calvert, JA; Evans, RJJournal Article
Sep-2005Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor activation enhances hippocampal neuron excitability and potentiates synaptically evoked Ca(2+) signals via phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate depletion.Young, KW; Billups, D; Nelson, CP; Johnston, N; Willets, JM; Schell, MJ; Challiss, RA; Nahorski, SRJournal Article
24-Sep-2008Dysregulation of gene expression in primary neuron models of Huntington's disease shows that polyglutamine-related effects on the striatal transcriptome may not be dependent on brain circuitry.Runne, H; Régulier, E; Kuhn, A; Zala, D; Gokce, O; Perrin, V; Sick, B; Aebischer, P; Déglon, N; Luthi-Carter, RJournal Article
Jan-2008Haloperidol protects striatal neurons from dysfunction induced by mutated huntingtin in vivo.Charvin, D; Roze, E; Perrin, V; Deyts, C; Betuing, S; Pagès, C; Régulier, E; Luthi-Carter, R; Brouillet, E; Déglon, N; Caboche, JJournal Article
28-Apr-2004Imaging of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor signaling in hippocampal neurons : evidence for phosphorylation-dependent and -independent regulation by G-protein-coupled receptor kinasesWillets, Jonathon M.; Nash, Mark S.; Challiss, R. A.; Nahorski, Stefan R.Journal Article
23-Apr-2009Short-term striatal gene expression responses to brain-derived neurotrophic factor are dependent on MEK and ERK activation.Gokce, O.; Runne, H.; Kuhn, A.; Luthi-Carter, R.Journal Article