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23-Apr-2009Short-term striatal gene expression responses to brain-derived neurotrophic factor are dependent on MEK and ERK activation.Gokce, O.; Runne, H.; Kuhn, A.; Luthi-Carter, R.Journal Article
19-Nov-2014New pyrimido-indole compound CD-160130 preferentially inhibits the KV11.1B isoform and produces antileukemic effects without cardiotoxicityGasparoli, L.; D'Amico, M.; Masselli, M.; Pillozzi, S.; Caves, Rachel; Khuwaileh, Rawan; Tiedke, W.; Mugridge, K.; Pratesi, A.; Mitcheson, John S.; Basso, G.; Becchetti, A.; Arcangeli, A.Journal Article
7-Oct-2013Connexin40 regulates platelet functionVaiyapuri, S.; Moraes, L. A.; Sage, T.; Ali, M. S.; Lewis, K. R.; Mahaut-Smith, Martyn P.; Oviedo-Orta, E.; Simon, A. M.; Gibbins, J. M.Journal Article
20-Jan-2009A P2X receptor from the tardigrade species Hypsibius dujardini with fast kinetics and sensitivity to zinc and copper.Bavan, Selvan; Straub, Volko A.; Blaxter, M.L.; Ennion, S.J.Journal Article
15-Feb-2010Expression analysis of novel striatal-enriched genes in Huntington disease.Mazarei, G.; Neal, S. J.; Becanovic, K.; Luthi-Carter, R.; Simpson, E. M.; Leavitt, B. R.Journal Article
16-Jan-2015Use of chimeras, point mutants, and molecular modeling to map the antagonist-binding site of 4,4',4″,4‴-(carbonylbis-(imino-5,1,3-benzenetriylbis(carbonylimino)))tetrakisbenzene-1,3-disulfonic acid (NF449) at P2X1 receptors for ATP.Farmer, Louise K.; Schmid, Ralf; Evans, Richard J.Journal Article
21-Dec-2010Contribution of the intracellular C terminal domain to regulation of human P2X1 receptors for ATP by phorbol ester and Gq coupled mGlu(1α) receptors.Wen, H; Evans, RJJournal Article
11-Aug-2003A role of the fast ATP-gated P2X1 cation channel in thrombosis of small arteries in vivoHechler, Béatrice; Lenain, Nadège; Marchese, Patrizia; Vial, Catherine; Heim, Véronique; Freund, Monique; Cazenave, Jean-Pierre; Cattaneo, Marco; Ruggeri, Zaverio M.; Evans, Richard; Gachet, ChristianJournal Article
1-May-2010Kv1.3 is the exclusive voltage-gated K+ channel of platelets and megakaryocytes: roles in membrane potential, Ca2+ signalling and platelet count.McCloskey, Conor; Jones, Sarah; Amisten, S.; Snowden, Roger T.; Kaczmarek, L. K.; Erlinge, D.; Goodall, Alison H.; Forsythe, Ian D.; Mahaut-Smith, Martyn P.Journal Article