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Jan-2005The interpretation of current-clamp recordings in the cell-attached patch-clamp configurationMason, MJ; Simpson, AK; Mahaut-Smith, MP; Robinson, HPC; Mason, MJJournal Article
2006Temperature dependence of human ether-à-go-go-related gene K currentsVandenberg, JI; Vandenberg, JI; Bursill, JA; Varghese, A; Lu, Y; Mahaut-Smith, MP; Huang, CL-H; Vandenberg, JIJournal Article
21-Sep-2012Heat Shock Protein 90 Inhibitors Reduce Trafficking of ATP-gated P2X1 Receptors and Human Platelet Responsiveness.Lalo, U; Jones, S; Roberts, JA; Mahaut-Smith, MP; Evans, RJJournal Article
Sep-2000ADP is not an agonist at P2X(1) receptors: evidence for separate receptors stimulated by ATP and ADP on human platelets.Mahaut-Smith, MP; Ennion, SJ; Rolf, MG; Evans, RJJournal Article
Jan-2009P2X(1) receptor inhibition and soluble CD39 administration as novel approaches to widen the cardiovascular therapeutic window.Fung, CY; Marcus, AJ; Broekman, MJ; Mahaut-Smith, MPJournal Article
Jul-2005A major role for P2X receptors in the early collagen-evoked intracellular Ca responses of human plateletsFung, CYE; Mahaut-Smith, MP; Farndale, RW; Brearley, CAJournal Article
Aug-2008A role for membrane potential in regulating GPCRs?Mahaut-Smith, MP; Martinez-Pinna, J; Gurung, ISJournal Article
May-2010Kv1.3 is the exclusive voltage-gated K channel of platelets and megakaryocytes: Roles in membrane potential, Ca signalling and platelet countMcCloskey, C; Jones, S; Mahaut-Smith, MP; Goodall, AH; Snowden, RT; Forsythe, ID; Kaczmarek, LK; Erlinge, D; Amisten, SJournal Article
2012Purification of native bone marrow megakaryocytes for studies of gene expressionTolhurst, G; Carter, RN; Miller, N; Mahaut-Smith, MPJournal Article
15-Aug-2003Mutant MiRP1 subunits modulate HERG K channel gating: A mechanism for pro-arrhythmia in long QT syndrome type 6Lu, Y; Mahaut-Smith, MP; Huang, CL-H; Lu, Y; Vandenberg, JI; Vandenberg, JIJournal Article