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2004Synaptic activity augments muscarinic acetylcholine receptor-stimulated inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate production to facilitate Ca2+ release in hippocampal neuronsNash, M.S.; Willets, J.M.; Billups, Brian; Challiss, R.A.J.; Nahorski, S.R.Article
2005Tissue plasminogen activator and plasminogen mediate stress-induced decline of neuronal and cognitive functions in the mouse hippocampusPawlak, R.; Shankaranarayana, R.B.S.; Melchor, J.P.; Chattarji, S.; McEwen, Bruce S.; Strickland, S.Article
2004Tissue plasminogen activator promotes the effects of corticotropin-releasing factor on the amygdala and anxiety-like behaviorMatys, Tomasz; Pawlak, R.; Matys, Elzbieta; Pavlides, C.; McEwen, Bruce S.; Strickland, S.Article
2004Structural determinants of HERG channel block by clofilium and ibutilide.Perry, M.; de Groot, M.J.; Helliwell, R.; Leishman, D.; Tristani-Firouzi, M.; Sanguinetti, M.C.; Mitcheson, John S.Article
2003Stimulation of Kv1.3 potassium channels by death receptors during Apotosis in Jurkat T lymphocytesStorey, N.M.; Gómez-Angelats, M.; Bortner, C.D.; Armstrong, D.L.; Cidlowski, J.A.Article
2003Tissue-plasminogen activator in the amygdala is critical for anxiety-like behaviorPawlak, R.; Magarinos, A.M.; Melchor, J.P.; McEwen, Bruce S.; Strickland, S.Article
2005Interplay between P2Y1, P2Y12, and P2X1 receptors in the activation of megakaryocyte cation influx currents by ADP: Evidence that the primary megakaryocyte represents a fully functional model of platelet P2 receptor signalingTolhurst, G.; Vial, C.; Léon, Catherine; Gachet, C.; Evans, Richard J.; Mahaut-Smith, M.P.Article
2004The low-potency, voltage-dependent HERG blocker propafenone--molecular determinants and drug trappingWitchel, H.J.; Dempsey, C.E.; Sessions, R.B.; Perry, M.; Milnes, J.T.; Hancox, J.C.; Mitcheson, John S.Article
2003Lack of evidence for functional ADP-activated human P2X1 receptors supports a role for ATP during hemostasis and thrombosis.Vial, C.; Pitt, S.J.; Roberts, Jonathan A.; Rolf, Michael G.; Mahaut-Smith, M.P.; Evans, Richard J.Article
2004Glucose-stimulated protein synthesis in pancreatic beta-cells parallels an increase in the availability of the translational ternary complex (elF2-GTP.Met-tRNAi) and the dephosphorylation of elF2alphaGomez, E.; Powell, M.L.; Greenman, I.C.; Herbert, Terence P.Article