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21-Nov-2006Combined hERG channel inhibition and disruption of trafficking in drug-induced long QT syndrome by fluoxetine: A case-study in cardiac safety pharmacologyHancox, JC; Mitcheson, JSJournal Article
Jul-2003Drug binding to HERG channels: Evidence for a 'non-aromatic' binding site for fluvoxamineMitcheson, JSJournal Article
2001Molecular biology of K channels and their role in cardiac arrhythmiasTristani-Firouzi, M; Chen, J; Mitcheson, JS; Sanguinetti, MC; Sanguinetti, MCJournal Article
Apr-2011Resonance assignment and secondary structure prediction of the N-terminal domain of hERG (Kv11.1).Muskett, FW; Mitcheson, JSJournal Article
15-Jul-2008Insight into the mechanism of inactivation and pH sensitivity in potassium channels from molecular dynamics simulationsStansfeld, PJ; Mitcheson, JS; Stansfeld, PJ; Grottesi, A; Sands, ZA; Sansom, MSP; Gedeck, P; Gosling, M; Cox, B; Stanfield, PR; Sutcliffe, MJ; Grottesi, A; Sands, ZAJournal Article
26-Apr-2012Computational design and discovery of "minimally structured" hERG blockersCavalli, A; Buonfiglio, R; Ianni, C; Masetti, M; Ceccarini, L; Roberti, M; Recanatini, M; Cavalli, A; Caves, R; Chang, MWY; Mitcheson, JSJournal Article
1-Aug-2007Drug block of the hERG potassium channel: Insight from modelingStansfeld, PJ; Mitcheson, JS; Gedeck, P; Gosling, M; Cox, B; Sutcliffe, MJ; Sutcliffe, MJ; Sutcliffe, MJJournal Article
Mar-2005Predicting drug-hERG channel interactions that cause acquired long QT syndromeSanguinetti, MC; Mitcheson, JSJournal Article
2-Nov-2007Activation gating of hERG potassium channels: S6 glycines are not required as gating hingesHardman, RM; Dalibalta, S; Mitcheson, JS; Stansfeld, PJ; Sutcliffe, MJJournal Article
2006Molecular mechanisms for drug interactions with hERG that cause long QT syndromeStansfeld, PJ; Mitcheson, JS; Sutcliffe, MJJournal Article