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15-Feb-2013Endoplasmic reticulum membrane reorganization is regulated by ionic homeostasis.Varadarajan, Shankar; Tanaka, Kayoko; Smalley, Joshua L.; Bampton, Edward T.W.; Pellecchia, Maurizio; Dinsdale, David; Willars, Gary B.; Cohen, Gerald M.Journal Article
21-Oct-2013ER stress in rodent islets of Langerhans is concomitant with obesity and β-cell compensation but not with β-cell dysfunction and diabetesOmikorede, O.; Qi, C.; Gorman, T.; Chapman, P.; Yu, A.; Smith, D.M.; Herbert, Terence P.Journal Article
1-Dec-2013An investigation into the pharmacology and regulation of the M1, M3 and M4 muscarinic acetylcholine receptorsPrihandoko, RudiThesis
1-Dec-2013Ischaemia and neurotransmitters in mature and immature white matterHuria, Tahani Rajeb Almesmary MohamedThesis
9-Oct-2013Oral treatment targeting the unfolded protein response prevents neurodegeneration and clinical disease in prion-infected miceMoreno, Julie A.; Halliday, Mark; Molloy, Colin; Radford, Helois; Verity, Nicholas; Axten, Jeffrey M.; Ortori, Catharine A.; Willis, Anne E.; Fischer, Peter M.; Barrett, David A.; Mallucci, Giovanna R.Journal Article
27-Mar-2013Nitric Oxide Synthesis and cGMP Production Is Important for Neurite Growth and Synapse Remodeling after AxotomyCooke, Ria M.; Mistry, Rajendra; Challiss, R.A. John; Straub, Volko A.Journal Article
1-Jun-2013Nitrergic modulation of voltage-gated calcium channels and neuronal excitabilityTozer, Adam J.B.Thesis
31-Jul-2013The role of GABA, glycine, nicotinic, and adrenergic receptors in developing central white matter ischaemic injury and the features of NG2 expressing cells in this tissueAlghamdi, Badrah Saeed A.Thesis
19-Jul-2013P2X Receptor Chimeras Highlight Roles of the Amino Terminus to Partial Agonist Efficacy, the Carboxyl Terminus to Recovery from Desensitization, and Independent Regulation of Channel TransitionsAllsopp, Rebecca C.; Farmer, Louise K.; Fryatt, Alistair G.; Evans, Richard J.Journal Article
13-Mar-2013Adolescents are more vulnerable to cocaine addiction : behavioral and electrophysiological evidenceWong, Wai Chong; Ford, Kerstin A.; Pagels, Nicole E.; McCutcheon, James E.; Marinelli, MichelaJournal Article