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1-Sep-2017Radiocarbon Dating And Bayesian Modelling Of The Late Iron Age Cremation Burial Cemetery At Westhampnett, West Sussex, GBHaselgrove, Colin C.Journal Article
22-May-2017Mapping liminality: Critical frameworks for the GIS-based modelling of visibilityGillings, MarkJournal Article
2016Central Italian Coin with “Dionysus / Panther” Types from Hispania UlteriorStannard, Clive; Sinner, Alejandro G.Journal Article
2017Review of: Queyrel, Francois (2016), La Sculpture Hellenistique, 1: Formes, themes et fonctions. Paris: PicardMasseglia, Jane Elizabeth AnnJournal Article
2017Future World: Anticipatory archaeology, materially-affective capacities and the late human legacyHarris, O.; Dawney, L.; Sorensen, T. F.Journal Article
19-Oct-2016A Survey Of Greek Art and Architecture: A review of Stansbury-O'Donnell (M.D.), A History of Greek Art (Wiley Blackwell, 2015)Masseglia, Jane Elizabeth AnnJournal Article
27-Aug-2016Isotopic reconstruction of human diet at the Roman site (1st-4th c. AD) of Carrer Ample 1, Barcelona, SpainRissech, Carme; Pujol, Aniol; Christie, Neil; Lloveras, Lluis; Richards, Michael P.; Fuller, Benjamin T.Journal Article
17-Aug-2015An osteobiography of a 19th-century dog from Toronto, CanadaTourigny, E.; Thomas, R.; Guiry, E.; Earp, R.; Allen, A.; Rothenburger, J. L.; Lawler, D.Journal Article
9-Jul-2016Differential diagnosis of vertebral spinous process deviations in archaeological and modern domestic dogsLawler, Dennis F.; Widga, Chris; Rubin, David A.; Reetz, Jennifer A.; Evans, Richard H.; Tangredi, Basil P.; Thomas, Richard M.; Martin, Terrence J.; Hildebolt, Charles; Smith, Kirk; Leib, Daniel; Sackman, Jill E.; Avery, James G.; Smith, Gail K.Journal Article
10-Jun-2016The role of small prey in human subsistence strategies from Early Upper Palaeolithic sites in Iberia: the rabbits from the Evolved Aurignacian level of Arbreda CaveLloveras, Lluís; Maroto, Julià; Soler, Joaquim; Thomas, Richard; Moreno-García, Marta; Nadal, Jordi; Soler, NarcísJournal Article
1-Jul-2017Review of Pettegrew, The Isthmus of CorinthStewart, Daniel R.Journal Article
2013Introduction: Charting and Interpreting the Impact of New Religious Traditions on Civic SpaceChristie, NeilJournal Article
31-Oct-2016Sticky Notes: Some Thoughts on the Use of Clay in the Neolithic Deposits within the Avebury Megalithic ComplexBanfield, EmilyJournal Article
1-Dec-2016Quantifying the impact of human visitation in two cave chambers on Mona Island (Puerto Rico): Implications for archaeological site conservationVieten, R.-M.; Winter, A.; SAMSON, Alice V. M.; Cooper, J.; Wrapson, L. J.; Kambesis, P. N.; Lace, M. J.; Nieves, M. A.Journal Article
21-Jan-2014Can dung beetles from the palaeoecological and archaeological record indicate herd concentration and the identity of herbivores?Smith, D.; Nayyar, K.; Schreve, D.; Thomas, Richard; Whitehouse, N.Journal Article
16-Aug-2014Multi-isotope analysis demonstrates significant lifestyle changes in King Richard IIILamb, A. L.; Evans, J. E.; Buckley, Richard; Appleby, JoJournal Article
13-Jan-2017The identification of poultry processing in archaeological ceramic vessels using in-situ isotope references for organic residue analysisColonese, A. C.; Lucquin, A.; Guedes, E. P.; Thomas, R. M.; Best, J.; Fothergill, B. T.; Sykes, N.; Foster, A.; Miller, H.; Poole, K.; Maltby, M.; Von Tersch, M.; Craig, O. E.Journal Article
6-Jun-2001Placing Individuals: Pompeian Epigraphy in ContextAllison, Penelope M.Journal Article
2013Fortified farms and defended villages of Late Roman and Late Antique AfricaMattingly, David; Sterry, Martin; Leitch, VictoriaJournal Article
2014A central italian coin with Dyonysus/Panther types, and contacts between Central Italy and Spain in the 2nd and 1rst centuries BCStannard, Clive; Sinner, A. G.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 311
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