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11-Aug-2003A role of the fast ATP-gated P2X1 cation channel in thrombosis of small arteries in vivoHechler, Béatrice; Lenain, Nadège; Marchese, Patrizia; Vial, Catherine; Heim, Véronique; Freund, Monique; Cazenave, Jean-Pierre; Cattaneo, Marco; Ruggeri, Zaverio M.; Evans, Richard; Gachet, ChristianJournal Article
14-May-2012Functional significance of M-type potassium channels in nociceptive cutaneous sensory endingsPassmore, G. M.; Reilly, J. M.; Thakur, M.; Keasberry, Vanessa N.; Marsh, S. J.; Dickenson, A. H.; Brown, D. A.Journal Article
Sep-2014Ca2+ influx through P2X1 receptors amplifies P2Y1 receptor-evoked Ca2+ signaling and ADP-evoked platelet aggregationJones, Sarah; Evans, Richard J.; Mahaut-Smith, Martyn P.Journal Article
20-May-2015Intermolecular interactions of thrombospondins drive their accumulation in extracellular matrixKim, D. J.; Christofidou, Elena D.; Keene, D. R.; Milde, M. H.; Adams, J. C.Journal Article
27-Jan-2015An evolutionarily-unique heterodimeric voltage-gated cation channel found in aphidsAmey, J. S.; O'Reilly, A. O.; Burton, Mark J.; Puinean, A. M.; Mellor, I. R.; Duce, I. R.; Field, L. M.; Wallace, B. A.; Williamson, M. S.; Davies, T. G. E.Journal Article
9-Feb-2015HCO3−-independent pH Regulation in Astrocytes in Situ Is Dominated by V-ATPaseHansen, D. B.; Garrido-Comas, Nestor; Salter, M.; Fern, R.Journal Article
8-Dec-2014Anion Gap Toxicity in Alloxan Induced Type 2 Diabetic Rats Treated with Antidiabetic Noncytotoxic Bioactive Compounds of Ethanolic Extract of Moringa oleiferaOmabe, M.; Nwudele, N.; Omabe, Kenneth Nwobini; Okorocha, Albert EgwuJournal Article
15-Jan-2015Ligand-Occupied Integrin Internalization Links Nutrient Signaling to Invasive Migration.Rainero, E.; Howe, J. D.; Caswell, P. T.; Jamieson, N. B.; Anderson, K.; Critchley, David R.; Machesky, L.; Norman, J. C.Journal Article
10-Jun-2014Amplification of human platelet activation by surface pannexin-1 channelsTaylor, K. A.; Wright, J. R.; Vial, C.; Evans, Richard J.; Mahaut-Smith, M. P.Journal Article
7-Oct-2013Connexin40 regulates platelet functionVaiyapuri, S.; Moraes, L. A.; Sage, T.; Ali, M. S.; Lewis, K. R.; Mahaut-Smith, Martyn P.; Oviedo-Orta, E.; Simon, A. M.; Gibbins, J. M.Journal Article
11-Aug-2015hERG potassium channel inhibition by ivabradine requires channel gatingMelgari, D.; Brack, Kieran E.; Zhang, Y.; El Harchi, A.; Mitcheson, John S.; Dempsey, C. E.; Ng, G. André; Hancox, J. C.Journal Article
13-Jul-2015hERG potassium channel inhibition by ivabradine may contribute to QT prolongation and risk of torsades de pointesHancox, J. C.; Melgari, D.; Dempsey, C. E.; Brack, Kieran E.; Mitcheson, John; Ng, G. AndréJournal Article
19-Nov-2014New pyrimido-indole compound CD-160130 preferentially inhibits the KV11.1B isoform and produces antileukemic effects without cardiotoxicityGasparoli, L.; D'Amico, M.; Masselli, M.; Pillozzi, S.; Caves, Rachel; Khuwaileh, Rawan; Tiedke, W.; Mugridge, K.; Pratesi, A.; Mitcheson, John S.; Basso, G.; Becchetti, A.; Arcangeli, A.Journal Article
17-Feb-2015Nitric oxide selectively suppresses IH currents mediated by HCN1 containing channelsKopp-Scheinpflug, C.; Pigott, Beatrice M.; Forsythe, Ian D.Journal Article
4-Sep-2014Inhibition of the SR Protein-Phosphorylating CLK Kinases of Plasmodium falciparum Impairs Blood Stage Replication and Malaria TransmissionKern, S.; Agarwal, S.; Huber, K.; Gehring, A. P.; Strödke, B.; Wirth, C. C.; Brügl, T.; Abodo, L. O.; Dandekar, T.; Doerig, C.; Fischer, R.; Tobin, Andrew B.; Alam, Mahmood M.; Bracher, F.; Pradel, G.Journal Article
21-Mar-2014Malaria Protein Kinase CK2 (PfCK2) Shows Novel Mechanisms of RegulationGraciotti, Michele; Alam, Mahmood; Solyakov, Lev; Schmid, Ralf; Burley, G.; Bottrill, Andrew R.; Doerig, C.; Cullis, Paul; Tobin, Andrew B.Journal Article
17-Dec-2013ERK5 Activation by Gq-Coupled Muscarinic Receptors Is Independent of Receptor Internalization and β-Arrestin RecruitmentSánchez-Fernández, G.; Cabezudo, S.; García-Hoz, C.; Tobin, Andrew B.; Mayor, F.; Ribas, C.Journal Article
17-Jan-2013MicroRNA-22 (miR-22) Overexpression Is Neuroprotective via General Anti-Apoptotic Effects and May also Target Specific Huntington’s Disease-Related MechanismsJovicic, A.; Zaldivar Jolissaint, J. F.; Moser, R.; Silva Santos, Mariana de Fatima Silva; Luthi-Carter, RuthJournal Article
19-Oct-2012Allosteric Modulation of the Activity of the Glucagon-like Peptide-1 (GLP-1) Metabolite GLP-1 9–36 Amide at the GLP-1 ReceptorLi, N.; Lu, J.; Willars, G. B.Journal Article
3-May-2012Acoustic Overexposure Increases the Expression of VGLUT-2 Mediated Projections from the Lateral Vestibular Nucleus to the Dorsal Cochlear NucleusBarker, M.; Solinski, H. J.; Hashimoto, H.; Tagoe, T.; Pilati, N.; Hamann, M.Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 698
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